Chapter 21: Welcome To The Tragic Universe That Is My Life

I had no idea that the Zach-Sarah tandem used to be very popular at school. From what information Gwen had sufficiently provided me with, they were considered the "golden couple" being the it girl and popular jock and all, back when they were dating.

I guess that's why people seemed to be very blatant about their disapproval of my relationship with Zach. It was very obvious who the frontrunner was, and it was clearly Sarah.

As what Gwen has said, she used to be very actively involved in all of Cross High's academic and extracurricular activities and other awesome stuff like that. She was cheerleading captain but was very good at class, too. Suffice to say, I was obviously a loser compared to her.

I mean, besides being extremely mediocre and bone-idle, there was nothing else I was terribly good at.

Welcome to the tragic universe that is Carli Davidson's life, everybody.


It was lunch time and Gwen and I were looking for empty seats in the cafeteria when Chase's voice cut through the loud noise engulfing the place. "Carli, over here!"

I turned around and saw him waving at me from the popular kids' table. I raised an eyebrow at him but he kept on motioning us over so reluctantly, I moved my feet and walked towards him, Gwen in tow.

"What is it?" I asked him once we reached their table.

He just patted the bench where he was sitting, making the jock sitting next to him move further, allowing two free spaces, and said, "I just want to invite you and Gwen to sit with us."

Looking around the table, I spotted some familiar faces, both friendly and unfriendly ones and nearly refused but Gwen answered ahead of me. Like what she always does.

"Thank you," she politely answered, proceeding to sit next to the jock. That left me no choice so I sidled next to Chase, placing my tray on the table as I did so.

Unfortunately, Ken wasn't able to go to school because of some headache Gwen told me about and Zach was still in class, explaining why the two of us were on our own at that moment.

I've only one experience sitting with this troop and it wasn't exactly very pleasant that's why I'm not really comfortable being here again.

The girls, who were lead by Ashley Evans, were all eyeing the food on my tray which consisted of two slices of pizza, a cheeseburger and a can of coke.

"Are you seriously gonna eat all that?" A girl who I remembered as Gemma asked me, her nose all scrunched up in displeasure. She was Ashley's second-in-command but the two of them were equally mean and snotty.

"Yeah," I casually answered. "Why?"

"Uh, duh. That's like, a lot of carbs."

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Uh duh, like I care? "I'm a growing teenager, I need all the food I can get," I told her, taking a large bite of my pizza.

The girls dramatically gasped at the same time, like what I did was enough for my soul to be burned in hell.

The guys, however, all looked amused. "You eat a lot but you're still hot, how do you do that?" A guy named Dave asked, making me blush.

Straightforward, much?

Gwen snickered beside me so I kicked her leg shutting her up. "Uh, thanks? That was an awkward thing to say, but I don't really know the reason why."

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