"Mom, I don't wanna go outside," I said, stomping my foot, like the bratty twelve year-old that I was.

I crossed my arms in an attempt to look tough. Mom only frowned as she towered over me, her eyes staring into my own.

"Carli, those are important people. They're my bosses," she tried to explain. "It's only polite that you go out there and greet them."

"But Mom!" I protested, stomping my feet once again. "I. Don't. Want. To."

"You have to!" She said. "Or else, you're grounded for the rest of the week."

I let out a gasp. She can't do that! I can't be grounded. Kayla's sleepover party is in two days and I've already promised that I'll go. I pursed my lips and narrowed my eyes at my mother. She really knows how to convince me.

"Fine," I grumbled. "But I'll only say hi and go."

"No can do, young lady." She waved her finger at me. "You have to join us for a snack."

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever, Mom."

With heavy steps, I followed my mom to the living room where a couple was seated on our sofa, while sipping on the cups of tea my mom served them. They wore really nice clothes and I could already tell that they were very rich people.

"This is Carli, my twelve year-old daughter," my mom said.

The couple smiled at me and I reciprocated with a sweet smile of my own. "Hello, nice to meet you."

"You're so pretty," the woman told me.  "You really take after your mother."

Flustered at the comment, I could only mumble, "Thanks."

At that very moment, a kid walked in the living room, a bored look on his face that represented my inner thoughts clearly visible. He looked to be my age.

"Mom, aren't we going yet?"

"Nicholas," the man reprimanded softly. "Please be patient."

"Why is it taking so long?" he continued to whine. "You said it will only take a minute."

I rolled my eyes. What a brat.

As if it was only then he realized that I was in the area, his eyes flitted to my direction, and for a second, I thought he blushed.

"By the way," his mom said, "this is Carli, Julie's only daughter. She's the same age as you."

The kid only looked at me without saying anything.

"Nicholas, say hi."

The kid still didn't move so I took it upon myself to make the introductions first. Taking a few steps forward, I extended my hand to him. "Hi there, my name's Carli. Nice to meet you."

For some reason, the kid just continued to stare at me. I wanted to tell him off but the adults were looking and I didn't wanna come off as bratty and rude.

I was about to retract my hand when all of a sudden, the kid reached for it, to my surprise.

"H-hi," he said, looking down. "I'm Nic- oh, um." Clearing his throat, he looked me in the eye and flashed me a smile. That's when I realized how cute he was. My twelve year-old self was immediately flustered. "Hi. I'm Chase."


wow, this gift is long overdue but i hope you like it. it's also intentionally short, hehe.

btw, i'm curious, do you guys like kpop? if so, who's your fave group and who's your bias? :) i'm gonna write a [short] kpop fanfic soon.

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