Chapter 2: You Didn't Just Quote A Carly Rae Jepsen Song

When I said that he was the most gorgeous guy I have ever laid eyes on - ever since I learned the function of breathing, that is - I wasn't lying. I was completely telling the truth - no sugar coats and exaggeration included.

I couldn't quite remember him from the times we met but man, did he grow up so hot.

Believe me. Like every part of his house, he was also breathtaking.

And that was saying something since I normally refuse to blatantly fancy guys. Sometimes,  you just have to make an exception. Especially if the guy is as attractive as him.

My eyes darted from his head to toe, examining his best features - which, to tell you guys honestly - were actually everything about him.

Yes. Everything.

His brown tousled hair made me want to run my hands through them. His eyes were a lovely shade of green with  lashes any girl would kill to have. And his lips, damn, were the hottest pair I have ever seen in my entire life. They looked soft - and maybe even tasted softer, who knows - and very enticing it took the best of me to fight the urge of tackling him to the ground and kiss him until we both run out of oxygen.

And - oh my queen of holy unicorns, what was I thinking? I mentally smacked myself in shame after realizing that I - a decent, young lady, completely inexperienced in the field of romance and hot species of men - was basically eye-raping a guy who I just met ( again after a very long time). Lovely.

After what seemed like forever, I drifted away from my thoughts and snapped back to reality. Blinking my eyes several times, I came face to face with the Hayden son,who was looking dangerously hot -  sans the pink pajamas he was currently wearing - and whose shoulders were indignantly tucked in his arms whilst giving me a menacing look.

I swallowed.

"Is that very hard to answer?" He spoke, his voice deeper than the Pacific.

I blinked again - quicker this time -  after realizing that he was actually talking to me. The guy arched an eyebrow, giving away an I-think-this-girl-is-crazy look.


Great way to make an impression Carli, I scoffed.

"I'm so sorry, what were you saying?" I asked, finally coming back to my senses.

The guy smirked, causing me to turn into a deep shade of red. "Wow, really. I can't believe I was actually talking to myself for a minute there," he huffed.

I lowered my head in humiliation and mumbled an apology. Usually, I would've made some sassy remark but the guy was literally scaring the shit out of me.

He just stood there, not responding at all, giving me a leeway of checking his cute pajamas out. And he didn't even seem bothered by the fact that a girl— a stranger for that matter— was seeing him in that condition. He looked perfectly comfortable in his PJ's like wearing them was his second nature or something. So, seeing no problem with it since he looked adorably hot in them, I dropped the matter off. It's not like it was a big deal or something, right?


After a few seconds, he spoke again, snapping me out of my trance. "That's alright. So, for the thousandth time, can you now please tell me what the hell you're doing here in my room?" he stated, emphasizing the 'my'. Yes, he's clearly marking his territory.

I swallowed  and looked him straight in the eyes. I was beginning to notice how beautiful they were. "U-uh, about that. I'm so sorry for entering your room without permission. It's just that dinner's ready and I'm here under the order of getting you downstairs," I explained.

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