Chapter 5: This Isn't A Cheesy Chick Flick, This Is Real life

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Chapter 5: This Isn't A Cheesy Chick Flick, This Is Real life

The rest of the day passed by in a normal fashion - thankfully- and didn't end up the way I formidably imagined it would. Nothing weird or extraordinary happened, to my relief, and the fact that I was still in one piece was beyond fantastic.

Successfully getting through my first day in Cross High without embarrassing myself was kind of an achievement from me, and that's actually saying something.

As soon as the bell rang, signifying the end of last period classes, I immediately set off towards the parking lot, feeling a bit excited about the idea of finally going home. I quickened my pace; carefully dodging the bodies of sweaty people swarming towards the exit. I guess I was too absorbed in my thoughts that I didn't notice a guy abruptly turning towards my direction, knocking me down to the floor as soon as our bodies collided with each other. A startled gasp escaped my lips as my books were scattered across the solid ground, creating a loud thump sound as they came in contact with the floor. I instantly fell to my knees to pick them up but the stranger has swiftly scooped them up in his arm before I could even touch them. He handed it to me in a gentlemanly way, our hands coming in contact during the process.

Overly cliché? Hell no. I was just too much of a klutz that I didn't see the whole scene coming- literally.

This isn't a cheesy chick flick, people. I'm telling you, this is real life.

"Thank you," I mumbled shyly. "And sorry for bumping into you. I didn't mean to-"

"Hey, it's okay," the guy cut me off, letting loose a soft chuckle in the process. And oh my gosh it was so freaking sexy that I wasn't able to help myself from lifting my gaze to take a look at him.

Sweet freaking niblets. He's hot. Hotter than hot. The moment our gazes met - it was so dramatic that I absolutely felt like I was in an actual chick flick scene-there was just a brief feeling of connection between us that I couldn't accurately decipher. If you think the situation is striking, wait until you hear how the guy looks like.

He was your typical All-American Boy- sexy blond hair, baby blue eyes and definitely your next door jock (judging by the red letterman jacket he was wearing plus his athletic physique). He looked about my age.

For a second, I thought I was in love.

Just kidding, of course.

The blue-eyed hottie regarded me with amusement as he observed my obvious hey-I'm-checking-you-out look. He then smiled, showing a set of pearly white teeth causing all the butterflies in my stomach to flutter crazily.

"Hi," he said, breaking the awkward silence between us.

"Err, h-hello," I stammered, earning an amused chuckle from him. My cheeks blazed all of a sudden.

Dammit, Carli Davidson. Grow some balls and stop stuttering!

"Sorry for knocking you down. It was completely my fault, I wasn't watching my way." He scratched his head bashfully and gave me a small apologetic smile. "I hope you're okay," he added; his voice deeper than the Pacific. (LOL on that one.)

"No, it's not your fault. And I'm completely fine, don't worry," I rambled and returned his smile while fidgeting.

Is it just me? Or my social ineptitude just seemed to show more around testosterones?

Damn it. I'm a hopeless case.

"That's good to hear," he answered back, grinning. "I'm Zach Matthews by the way," he held out his hand which I slightly shook.

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