Hi guys, Trixie here! I've got some news for you:

Charli and Chase's journey is going to continue in a brand new book: Chase & Carli.

After some extremely serious deliberation with myself (lol), I've decided to write a sequel that will tackle their relationship as they go through college and all that stuff.

This will be a lot more mature than TBBIP but I promise to make it as enjoyable as possible.

First chapter will be up soon!!!

So yeah, more of Chase and Carli and the rest of the gang. I hope you're gonna support it as much as you did TBBIP! :)

I'm still going to finish Good Luck, Charli.. don't you worry ;)

Also, please check out my latest book, The Comparison Trap. I'm sure you'll like it.

Thank you and remember that I love love love each and every single one of you.❤

xoxo Trixie

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