Chapter 17: Browsing Through My Diaper Days Wasn’t Part of the Plan

As soon as Gwen caught sight of Ashley, her face turned into a mask of horror, – which was kind of funny and scary at the same time – looking like she just ate a sock of two and couldn’t digest it. I mean, come to think of it. What normal person would be able to digest a sock?

What the – Carli, what is that girl doing in here?” she asked in a hushed tone, pulling me aside.

I forced a slightly animated shrug. “Chase invited her, duh.”

“What?” she hissed, a mortified expression on her face. “Oh my gosh, I want to kill Chase right now.”

Surprised to hear something negative about Chase for the first time from Gwen, I looked at her and beamed. “Can I join you? I could use a stab or two.”

“Stop being funny! This is serious”, she chastised, giving me a pointed look.

I rolled my eyes. “Come on, I know Ashley could be annoying – “

Gwen arched an eyebrow.

“Okay. Okay. Very annoying and makes me want to smash my head sometimes. But we can’t just kick her out of the house, right? I mean, she’s already here, there’s nothing we can do. We might as well get over it and just ignore her, okay?”

Gwen just stared at me then heaved a deep sigh. “Oh, alright. You know what; I hate it when you’re being nice in the most inappropriate situations.”

“I’m not being nice, not to Ashley anyway,” I told her. “I just don’t want to think of things that might ruin this night.”

Finally, Gwen just let it go.

Our conversation was cut short when the doorbell rang once again. After sending Gwen off, I made a run to the door and immediately opened it.

It was Zach.

My heart momentarily – but literally – stopped.

“Hey,” he said and immediately pulled me into a hug. A few seconds after, he released me then placed a sweet kiss on my lips. Being my usual odd self, my cheeks heated up.

A few kisses after, I beckoned for him to enter and we made our way to the living room, holding hands.

Little did I realize that I haven’t exactly told everyone about me and Zach yet.  I only thought about it when a stunned silence ensued as everyone’s gaze landed on our entwined hands. Feeling uncomfortable by their stares, I cleared my throat and started saying something, when Chase interrupted.

“Whoa,” he exclaimed disbelievingly looking us over. “Are you guys like together or something?”

It was Zach who answered. “Yeah, we are.”

“Wow,” he said, inadvertently shaking his head. “Weird.”

“Yeah, totally weird,” Ashley butted in agreement.

I ignored them and just pulled Zach to the cushions on the free spaces on the floor. After settling in, I spoke up, “So, what are we gonna watch? Have you decided yet?”

“Um, not yet,” Gwen said. “But we have already laid out the best options. We were just waiting for you so we can decide as a group.”

“Oh. Well now that we’re here, let’s – “

Before I could finish, Chase interrupted me. Again.

“I want something scary and gooey – “

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