Chapter 34: He Brings Out My Flirty Side

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Chapter 34: He Brings Out My Flirty Side

I woke up the next day feeling light and extremely excited for someone who has just woken up on a Monday morning. Today was completely different though. Chase was going to pick me up in a few hours. Yeah sure, he's picked me up and gave me rides before but this was entirely different. He's here to pick me up as my boyfriend and not just because he feels obliged to do so. The thought was ridiculously exhilarating.

After having a shower, I stood in front of my dresser, carefully searching through my clothes for the perfect outfit to wear. I wanted to look good. I wanted to try my best for Chase. I know that whatever I'm going to wear won't measure my feelings for him but I just felt the need to do it. It's not everyday something like this happens.

It's not everyday you get to have a Chase Hayden for a boyfriend.

Hastily throwing on some ripped skinny jeans and a black and white tank top, I grabbed my bag and  hurried downstairs where Mom was busy drinking coffee. Her eyebrows were scrunched in confusion when she saw me, probably wondering why on earth was I up so early in the morning.

"Good morning, Mom."

"Good morning honey," she greeted back, still looking confused. "Um, is there anything special about this day that has gotten you so early?"

"Uh I-I," I stuttered for a bit, feeling flustered. Was I that obvious? Did I look too excited? After having an internal deliberation whether I should tell Mom or not, I decided against it.

Today isn't the perfect time.

"I forgot to do some homework that's due today so I figured I'll just be early and do it at the library. Yeah," I lied, hoping I somehow sounded convincing.

"Oh, is that so? I see." Mom nodded. "Well, I'll just get the keys so I can drive you to school."

"U-uh, no Mom, it's okay."

"Huh? But Chase isn't here to give you a ride. And you can't just walk to school, it'll take you a long time to get there."

The brief mention of Chase's name sent my heart into overdrive. "Uh, actually Mom, speaking of Chase -" a loud beep from outside interrupted me mid-sentence. I smiled, completely knowing who it was. "He's here now."

Almost immediately, I ran to the door and opened it, a smiling Chase greeting me from his car window.

"Good morning Carli," he said, smiling so gorgeously. "And good morning to you too, Mrs. D." I turned my head and sure enough, there was Mom peeking from behind me.

"Good morning Chase," my Mom greeted back. "We miss you here already."

"I miss you too, Mrs. D. If only I could live here forever."

Mom smiled. The charisma of this guy is simply undeniable. "So, you're here to pick Carli up?"

That's where I decided to take part in the conversation. "Uh, yeah Mom. I forgot to say that Chase and I are partners for this school work. We kind of divided the task but I forgot to do mine, so he's helping me. Yeah."

"Yeah, that's right."

"Hmm, okay," Mom said. "Better hurry then, time's running."

"Yeah, you're right, Mom. We better go." After giving her a kiss on the cheek, I immediately went to Chase's car, with him opening the door for me.

So unusual yet so romantic, I thought.

"Okay then, you two keep safe. Chase, I hope you can visit anytime soon. You're always welcome in here."

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