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Chapter 33.5: No More Annoying Chase In The House

"Is this all?" I asked Chase as I helped him pack his stuff. His room was now almost empty and it honestly kind of bothered me. Truth be told, I've grown used to his presence around the house and it would be slightly sad seeing him leave. Especially after the recent developments between us.

"Yeah, I guess." Hands on his hips, he looked around and at his things and nodded. "I didn't actually brought that much, anyway."

We stood there for a while before Mom's voice echoed through the house. She was already here when we got home and my initial plan of telling her about Chase and I immediately vanished into thin air upon seeing her face. I figured it wasn't the perfect timing and I didn't want things to get awkward especially on Chase's last day.

"Chase, honey, your Mom's here to pick you up," she called out.

"Alright, thanks Mrs. D.," he answered back before turning to face me. "Pick me up? What am I, a kid?"

I let out a chuckle and playfully slapped his arm. "Silly. Maybe your Mom just misses her little munchkin," I teased him.

"Funny," he answered sarcastically. "Good thing you're cute, it covers up for your lack of humour." I narrowed my eyes at him. "And it's not like this doesn't happen on a regular basis, I've grown used to this setup. "

I frowned despite the fuzzy feeling in my chest. "Whatever," I told him, breaking the record for the most boring counter-remark ever. "Why don't we just go downstairs and greet your Mom?"

Immediately, I exited the room and walked downstairs, Chase in tow. When we reached the living room, my Mom and Mrs. Hayden both looked up, smiling.

"Hello Mrs. Hayden, it's nice to see you again," I greeted politely, smiling back at the lovely woman. I admit, I was kind of nervous talking to her given the fact that I was now dating her son.

She smiled and walked over to give me a hug which I politely returned. "Good to see you too Carli, dear. You're lovelier than ever."

"Thank you Mrs. Hayden," I said, despite the fact that I was feeling flustered. "You too."

She took a peek behind me before saying, "So, has my son given you any trouble?"

Not the bad kind , I almost blurted out. Gosh, shame on you Carli!

"Mom!" I heard Chase whining. "Seriously?"

His reaction earned a chuckle from all of us. "Don't give me that look Nicholas, we all know what you're capable of."

"But I behaved like what I promised you," he told his Mom. "Right, Carli?" He waggled his eyebrows for effect, the look of mischief never leaving his face.

Knowing exactly what he was trying to insinuate, I blushed. "Uh, y-yeah, Chase has been nothing but nice, Mrs. Hayden. No worries."

"See?" Chase enthused, his face lighting up. "In fact, Carli and I have gotten along pretty well."

Not wanting to make things a little more obvious, I didn't respond but instead, simply smiled in return.

"Well, if you say so," Mrs. Hayden cheerily said but with a tone of finality.

A few guys, who probably worked for them, immediately entered the house and went to Chase's room after a few instructions. They were all holding boxes containing his stuff as they went downstairs one by one. I stared at each of them longingly as it dawned on me that Chase really was leaving. Not trying to sound overly dramatic, I know that we will still see each other when we go to school, but having him this near was entirely different. Too bad life didn't always work my way.

"Coffee, everyone?" Mom suddenly chimed in. Chase politely declined and so did I, since I fully know I wouldn't be able to drink it peacefully what with the anxiety I was currently having.

"Thank you for the offer Julie, but it's okay. We wouldn't be staying for long, anyway," Mrs. Hayden politely refused.

When the last of Chase's belongings were brought outside, she immediately stood from her seat, signifying an end to her visit. "I seriously couldn't thank you enough for this huge favor you've done for us, I wish I can return it in any way."

"It's no problem, Catherine. Chase is like family to us, it was actually nice having him around."

Chase walked over and wrapped my Mom in a hug. "Thank you for everything, Mrs. D. I will seriously miss your delicious cooking."

Mom laughed at this. "Don't worry, you can come here anytime you want. Treat this as your second home."

"Gladly," he answered, smiling cheekily. "Especially since I now have more reasons to come here."

I blushed at his straightforwardness and almost smacked him, if only his Mom wasn't there to witness the assault I'm about to commit involving her son. Good thing the two didn't see through his explicit hints, or else it would've been too awkward.

Chase Hayden could really be unbelievably careless sometimes.

"Nevertheless, I would forever be thankful and grateful for your kindness. Hopefully someday, we could return the favor."

Their conversation then ended as Mom and I led them outside the house where two cars were waiting for them. Mom and Mrs. Hayden were too busy saying their goodbyes giving Chase and me the chance to have our own little moment.

"I'll miss you. Noone's gonna annoy me now," I teased him.

Chase chuckled. "I'll definitely miss annoying you, too."

"I guess I'll see you at school then?"

"What? No."

My smile vanished. "What do you mean?"

"What I mean is, why wait for school when I can come here first thing in the morning to pick you up? I definitely don't want to miss the opportunity of seeing your lovely face before everyone else can."

His statement was selfishly possessive in a way but it made my heart beat faster for some strange reason. "Silly. But okay, if that makes you happy."

Before I could blink, his lips met mine for a brief kiss. Panicking, I looked at Mom and Mrs. Hayden and almost drowned in relief when I realized they didn't see a thing. "Why the hell did you do that? They could've seen us!"

Grinning, he said, "But they didn't."

Ugh. "Just be more careful next time, okay? Let's just wait for the perfect time for us to tell them about us."

"As you wish, my love."

Giving my hand a final squeeze, he entered his own car and next thing I knew, they were already gone.


Geez, this chapter sucks balls, I'm terribly sorry. Anyway, this was supposed to be lengthy but I figured the rest didn't quite work out so I'm planning on including it on the next chapter instead. This is just a filler anyway. And also for those who keep asking why the haydens stayed that long in china, it is because their company has a big branch there and in the real world, it really does happen. Trust me. Anyhoo, I'm sorry for making you wait. Enjoy this crappy chap ily always ♥

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