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Chapter 27: A Twinge Of Something Foreign

This day had been rather eventful it was overwhelming.

It was late at night and I should've been asleep already but instead, I was wide awake, restlessly recounting today's events.


It was still hard to believe that everything between us was now over. It was almost unreal considering how happy we were until Sarah.


Sarah, who I thought was sweet and innocent turned out to be the opposite of what I've expected her to be. I had given her the benefit of the doubt and I was still mulling over the fact that she completely broke my trust.

And Chase.

Chase freaking Hayden. I'd been thinking about him nonstop especially after what he said at lunch. For some strange reason, he's been very nice to me lately, constantly looking after me and all that jazz.

And I had to admit, this 180 degree change in his attitude towards me wasn't helping the fact that I'm starting to feel aware of his presence. Unlike before, when my only focus was Zach, I was beginning to notice him and the way I feel whenever I'm around him.

I've tried keeping my feelings at bay but my heart was being stubborn.

I try to see him as the cocky, self-obsessed jerk that always annoys me and tried detaching him from the current Chase who's making me feel weird things.

Of course, I didn't want to get my hopes up. There's a huge possibility that I may have just misinterpreted his actions but a weird, tiny part of me was hoping that I've understood the signals correctly.

But - what am I even thinking? There's no way in hell that Chase would harbor any romantic feelings for me. He was after all, Chase Hayden, and I'm just pathetic Carli Davidson.

We were no match for each other.

All I ever wanted  was for everything to just come back to normal. I didn't want to change the status quo. Most importantly,  I didn't want to admit that my past affection for Chase is being rekindled.

Especially since my first heartbreak was still fresh in memory.

Heaving a tired sigh, I pushed the covers and decided to go downstairs to clear my mind. Maybe a glass of milk would help.

However, instead of achieving clarity, my thoughts were jumbled even more when I saw him - the subject of my thoughts - leaning against the kitchen counter, the faint glow of the moonlight peeking through the window illuminating his features.

My heart pounded against my chest when he suddenly looked up, our eyes meeting amidst the darkness.

"U-uh hey," I said, walking over to him, not bothering to flick on the lights. "You couldn't sleep too?"

"Yeah," he answered, his voice like a combination of gravel and butter. "You could say that." He gave out a little awkward cough. "You could turn the lights on if you want to."

I shook my head as if he could see it. "No, it's alright. I'll just go back to bed. Good night."

I've only taken a few steps forward when something warm grips my hand. I turn around to see Chase looking at me. "Don't. Please stay." I was thankful that the lights weren't on because I was sure as hell that my cheeks were flaming red. "I mean, don't go up yet. If you uh, want."

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