Chapter 11.5: He's More Annoying Than Those Ads On YouTube

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Chapter 11.5: He's More Annoying Than Those Ads On YouTube

"Oh my gosh, have you seen Laura Scoffey's dress today? She looks 18 going 50 in it."

"Yeah, that was like, so totes inappropes! I mean, are polka dots still a thing?"

"Totally. She looks like a walking travesty."

"Yeah, even my grandma wouldn't wear that kind of outfit!"

An eruption of giggles coming from the cheerleading squad followed suit.   These girls were unbelievably shallow. That remark wasn't even hilarious to say the least.

Man, they would definitely give the stars of Mean Girls a run for their money. They make fun of other people like it's the most normal thing to do. It's kind of weird and unnerving to think how they find absolute pleasure in making other people's lives miserable.

My hunch was right: sitting with them wasn't a good idea. Every second was dreadful. It seemed like hours had passed when in fact, 30 minutes had only been spent.

I looked around the table and it seemed like I was the only one who wasn't enjoying every bits of lunch period. Man,even Gwen was having the time of her life, what with Ken beside her.

I absentmindedly picked on my burger as the cheerful talking continued. My mind was bugged with confusion on how almost every other student here badly wants to sit with this crew. They were just snotty rich kids who were all about superficiality anyways. Nothing special.

"You wanna come over tonight? My parents are out of town," a low flirty voice caught my attention. I quickly realized it was Ashley Evans, who, by great luck (note my massive sarcasm) was seated beside me, talking to Chase Hayden.

"I'll think about it," was Chase's response. I almost let out a snicker. Poor Ashley. Chase sure as hell sounded very... uninterested.

"Oh come on, please?" Ashley whispered again. "I bought new thongs just for tonight," she added sounding a little desperate. I held back a snort. I have to say, that was a bit low, even for her.

"Hmm," Chase seemed to reconsider. "I'd like to see those."

Ashley giggled excitedly, like she's just been given a Nobel Prize for Sluttiness. "Ooh, I'm pretty sure you'll love them! They're very sexy," she said, prolonging the last part so it almost sounded like sex-eeh. Uh, gross much?

I could see Chase smirk in my periphery, like the idea seemed to appeal to him. Such a man-slut, this guy. "You never fail to amaze me," he told Ashley flirtatiously. I couldn't hold back my annoyance so I made an exasperated eyeroll. These two are very effective in making me sick. How they could carelessly talk about their sleeping arrangements in public, I have no idea.

To my absolute horror, the two began making out beside me, causing the awkwardness I felt rise to a level one thousand. I suddenly felt like a third-wheeler. The puckering and kissing sounds they were making made my stomach churn. I resisted the urge to run to the nearest trash bin and throw up the remnants of my lunch.

I looked at Zach, hoping to get some conversation or anything that could just get me out of this awkward position. But he was too busy laughing along with his mates, talking about basketball and other guy things I can't relate to. Knowing I had no possible way out, I rested my back on my seat and just tried to hopefully ignore the disturbance taking place beside me.

The two of them pulled away at last - thank God - after an eternity, making me heave a long sigh of relief. I doubted I could still hold my lunch for a minute there.

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