Chapter 19: Someone Forgot To Tell Me This Was A Reunion

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Chapter 19: Someone Forgot To Tell Me This Was A Reunion

Seconds became minutes, minutes became hours, hours became days, and days became weeks.

It’s funny how time flies so fast. It felt like it was only yesterday when we moved here. I seriously can’t believe it’s term exams already.

“Oh my God,” Gwen said, sounding utterly exhausted as she plopped down on the couch next to mine. “I think my brain cells have died and could no longer function.”

“You’re definitely the biggest exaggerator I know,” I told her, smiling. “Well, figuratively anyway.”

She glared at me jokingly before picking up the menu card from the table. The two of us were currently at a coffee shop near school. We figured we needed a caffeine boost to restore the energy we lost after taking those excruciating, energy-draining, life-sucking, hell-of-a-tests.

“I think I’m gonna go order a caramel frappe,” she said, standing up from her seat.

“Sound good,” I said back. “Kindly order me one too.”

She just nodded absentmindedly and sluggishly walked towards the counter.

At that exact moment, my phone vibrated in my pocket so I hurriedly fished it out. Instantly swiping the lock screen, I saw a message from Zach.

Hey, just finished my exams. Off to basketball practice now. I’m really sorry I can’t go with you. See you later, ‘kay? :*

Without bothering to reply, I heaved a deep sigh and pocketed my phone. Zach and I had been dating for a while now but we rarely see each other. He was always too busy preparing for their big game against Cross High’s rival school and I understand that winning really means a lot to him. I mean, he is team captain after all.

I figured I will just have to be the supportive girlfriend he needs.

A minute later, Gwen came back with our drinks and immediately handed me one as soon as she was seated.

“Hey, what’s with the glum look?” she suddenly asked me.


“You look upset,” she clarified. “I saw you reading something on your phone earlier and bam, that face suddenly appeared.

Oh, very observant, this girl.

“Nothing, it was just Zach explaining why he can’t go with us.”

“Let me guess, hmm, basketball practice?”

I nodded glumly.

Gwen took a sip from her frappe before saying, “that boyfriend of yours is definitely working his butt off.”

“Well, he is team captain,” I stated matter-of-factly.

“Yeah sure,” she said. “But Kingsley won’t stand a chance anyway.”

“Maybe he’s just making sure that they really win,” I said in Zach’s defence.

“Even if it means losing you?”

I legitimately frowned at that. “What are you talking about? What does that have to do with me?”

“Duh,” she said, rolling her eyes. “You barely have time for each other. A relationship like that isn’t healthy.”

“Don’t say that,” I said defensively. “It’s not like this is gonna go on forever. Game’s in a month. We’re gonna catch up.”

Gwen didn’t look convinced. “Whatever you say.”

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