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(Carli's dress at the media bar)

Chapter 39: Homecoming, And A Lot More

Whoever said that destiny doesn't play a role in love is nothing short of a pessimist. The fact is, love is simply a product of connected stars, meetings beyond coincidences, chance encounters, unavoidable fates. It's destiny at work. An actual proof that some invisible yet powerful force is out there knitting up the pieces of an incredible love story for each and every one of us. An evidence that if something is meant to be, it will be, regardless the odds.

At least that's what I thought regarding everything that's happened to me and Chase.

We met at an early age, developed youthful infatuation for each other, but were separated by time and certain circumstances.

But after several years, we crossed paths once again, and here we are now, perfectly in love.

I'm inclined to believe that what happened to us was destiny. It may be too early to say that but in my heart, I know that it's the truth and maybe more. We may grow apart inevitably, but I'm quite sure that we'll still find each other's way, no matter what, no matter where, no matter when.


"Carli, dear, come down. Someone's looking for you."

Hurriedly, upon hearing Mom's voice, I rushed down the stairs, curious as to who it was. When I reached the door however, I saw a delivery guy holding a package in his hands. "Yes?"

"Are you Ms. Carli Davidson, ma'am? Someone sent this for you." He held out the rectangular box to me and had me sign a receiving slip.

I thanked him afterwards and closed the door, then went straight to the living room where Mom was lounging casually, her eyes directed at the package I was holding. "What's that?"

I shook my head, not knowing the answer myself. Plopping down on the space beside her, I carefully placed the box on the table, and flipped open the card that was attached to it.

Hey, beautiful. Can't wait to see you later. ♥ - C

Without forcing it to happen, a smile made its way on my face,not escaping Mom's eyes.

"Hmm, from the smile on your face, I can already perfectly guess who the sender is."

I didn't say anything, except offered her a smile in response.

When I told her all about Chase's homecoming proposal, she surprisingly teared up, saying she can't believe something as grand and fairytale-like like that could happen to me. I can't blame her, really. Even I myself am still hung up on what happened yesterday. Everything was just so surreal. And to think that it was simply for homecoming. Not prom or even marriage but homecoming.

Money can really make a massive difference. And no, that wasn't meant to be satirical but merely a point for factual considerations. I mean, Chase had to make a massive donation to the school just so he could convince Principal Harrison to allow him the use of the gym and disrupt the classes at the same time. He had to fly to NYC and spend a lot of money to get The Cab to join his plan. He had to oblige his friends to help him carry out the whole thing. Most importantly, he had to expose his secret talent and sing in front of everyone.

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