Chapter 12.5: The Hottest Guy In America Just Offered To Read Me A Bedtime Story

The whole moment seemed like a complete joke. I just stood there in shock, looking like a confused idiot trying to grasp the whole situation.

I seriously expected Ashton Kutcher or some random person to come out from the bushes and yell “You got punk'd!”.

But alas, the whole thing was really happening.

“Seriously?” I exclaimed in disbelief, my voice coming out ridiculously squeaky. The mere fact that Chase freaking Hayden will be living with us for a while was enough to trigger the shock nerves in my system and leave me utterly horrified as I thought of the awful amount of time I'd have to endure having his annoying presence lingering around me.

To say the least, I wasn't pleased.

“Uh-huh. Aren't you thrilled?” Chase replied smugly, his ever-obnoxious smirk teasing me.

I shook my head in disbelief. This was so not happening. I'm sure Mom has some explanation for this horrendous mista –

“Chase dear, you're finally here!” A high-pitched voice interrupted me, mid-thought. Speaking of the she-devil. My Mom brushed past me as she gave Chase one of her famous asphyxiating hugs.

“Thank you for this, uh, very warm welcome Mrs. Davidson,” Chase managed to say in a very polite manner even though he looked like he was about to pass out any minute.  I stifled a snort as I stared at him. Poor kid.

“Oh, you can call me Julie!” Mom said in a sing-song voice as she finally loosened her grip on the poor thing. (Yes, I am too stubborn to acknowledge the fact that this douchebag was actually of the same species as me.)

“That's too informal. I'd rather call you Ms D.”

Mom grinned, obviously pleased with the idea. “Whatever you want, it's alright!” After finally realizing that we were awkwardly stuffed in the doorway, she grinned sheepishly and gestured for Chase to come in. “Oh, I'm so sorry. Come in dear, dinner's ready.”

*        *        *

The three of us were sat comfortably in the dining table, with Chase (unfortunately) situated across me.

As Mom has explained, he was going to stay with us until his parents are back from an important business trip to China. To put it in the most euphemistic way, the guy wasn't very good enough to be trusted with their house, alone. And hence, the living arrangements.

Lovely, right? Oh hell, no.

“So Chase, dear,” Mom chimed in, breaking the silence. Damn, does she have to mention that sick endearment every time she talks to Chase? It was so sweet that it made me feel sick. “How's senior year going for you so far?”

Wow. No wonder where I got my very unintelligent conversational skills.

“It's going well,” Chase answered confidently. “Very smooth.”

I resisted the urge to snort at that.

“Are you sharing the same classes with Carli here?” Mom asked suddenly. My ears perked up upon hearing my name.

“Yes I do. In fact, we have several classes together that we have been very acquainted with each other already,” Chase answered very diplomatically. I never thought he could actually sound so civilized.

“Aw, that's very nice!” Mom exclaimed. I rolled my eyes and focused on my steak instead. “I was beginning to worry she won't be making any friends.”

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