“Holy moley! Did you just say that Zach Matthews just asked you to be his girlfriend?”

My hands instantly shot up to cover my ears as Gwen let out a series of ear-splitting shrieks. I took a glance around the diner only to find some people throwing menacing glares at us. Everyone have stopped eating to clearly emphasize their annoyance .

I glared at Gwen before apologizing to the people around us. I should've known better than spilling the deets to her in public.

“Hold up, no need to make a scene, okay?” I said in a hushed tone.

She rolled her eyes before speaking again. “You can’t expect less of a reaction after the fact that you just dropped a bomb on me, you know? That’s like, the greatest news ever.”

Well, she had a point at that. But still.

“Well yeah,” I said, resting back on my seat. “Just control the shrieks, okay? These people around us might be plotting on wiping out our existence for all we know. Especially since we just obviously ruined their mornings.”

“Whatever Carli,” she said before cupping her face with both her rolled fists. She looked like she was about to go on another round of a swooning fit so before she could get the two of us kicked out of the diner, I shot her a warning glare. Fortunately it worked. “Why can’t I fangirl over you and Zach? My gosh, this is like Brangelina 2.0. I so cannot control my feels.”

“Because this is not the perfect time and place to do it,” I explained to her. “And believe me, I really, really want to scream right now. I admit, even I myself still couldn’t get over that fact.” I smiled at her.

Gwen took a sip from her drink and gave me a knowing smile. “Ooh, pretty little Carli is lovestruck…” she cooed.

“I am not!” I protested. “And last time I checked, I wasn’t the little one between the two of us.”

Upon realizing what I just said, her eyes narrowed. “Let’s just not go there, okay? And stop changing the subject! You cannot just let me hang up on the details. My heart is bursting with excitement right now.” She shook my shoulders as she spoke, “Carli, I need the details!”

A laugh escaped my lips. “Okay, okay,” I told her. “But it will take up all night I guess,” I added jokingly.

“I’m up for that,” she said, smiling. “So, what do you think of a sleepover?”

**           **           **

As opposed to what I said, the ‘talk’ didn’t actually take a whole night. Because by the time I finished ( with Gwen squealing nonstop ), it was only five in the afternoon, adding another thing to our plan: movie night.

Luckily, Mom was out of town to visit an old friend and wasn’t gonna come back sooner or later, allowing us to do any crazy thing we had in our minds. In short, we had the house to ourselves.

Gwen suggested we watch some classic films from our DVD collection and decided to make some homemade treats for snacks. But what got me so excited was the fact that Zach (cue the swoons ) was coming over. It was the first time we’ll be seeing each other since we made everything between us official so you can’t actually blame me for acting so jumpy. And of course, Ken was gonna come too. Gwen wouldn’t be happy without the love of her life.

Stepping into the living room, I was greeted by a very displeasing sight: Chase jumping up and down the couch, looking like a hyperactive baboon as he cheered on some game he was watching on TV.

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