Chapter 10: How He Could Act So Sweet and Annoying Remains An Enigma

The room suddenly felt cold as soon as Chase walked out the door. I tried to keep my mind away from thoughts that concerned and involved him but I just couldn't – no matter how I tried.

It felt like he was everywhere – his taunting smile, his alluring green eyes, his luscious lips - every part of him was messing with my head.

“I will keep you safe.”

His words reverberated inside my head, like a cheesy line from a sappy love song that tends to get stuck in my head after listening to it for hours.

“I won't let anyone hurt you.”

I groaned as I close my eyes. I know I shouldn't really take his words seriously but the way he said them – it seemed like he really meant every single word. Like he was actually serious when he said that he'll keep me safe, no matter what.

Before I could decide if I should believe Chase or not, the door swung open, revealing a frantic Zach. His breathing was rough and heavy as he leaned onto the door frame, gasping for air. As soon as his eyes found mine, relief immediately crossed his face as he rushed towards me, pulling me into a tight hug.

“Goodness, I've been looking everywhere for you!” he whispered frantically as he rubbed my back gently. “I was worried sick when you didn't come back immediately. I thought something wrong has already happened to you. I was so close to losing my sanity,” he added, his grip on me tightening like he's afraid I'll be gone once he loosens his hold.

Guilt surged through me all of a sudden. I was too distracted that I've forgotten about Zach. It slipped my mind that I have promised about coming back soon after I've gathered myself up. Instead of holding on to that, all I did was get myself drunk, almost landing me in big trouble if it only wasn't for Chase who thankfully saved my sorry ass.

Eugh. Chase again? Not helping, brain.

Seeing Zach right now, looking so worried and frantic made the guilt and self-reproach a thousand times heavier to bear.

But... why was he so worried? He couldn't possibly...

Oh shut up, my subconscious cut me off. You're concluding things right away. Of course he has to worry about you. It's his party and you're his responsibility since he personally invited you, duh. Stop being so presumptuous.

“I'm sorry,” I finally managed to say, my voice muffled since my face was practically buried in Zach's chest. “I was enjoying the party, so, it sort of slipped my mind,” I lied.

“No, it's alright,” he responded, gradually loosening his grip on me. “What matters most is that you're safe.” He smiled, his blue eyes looking kindly into my own. “By the way, I saw Chase coming out of here...” he trailed off, his tone less cheerful and suddenly serious.

“Uh yeah,” I replied nervously. “He was, uh, he uhm, accompanied me here because I suddenly felt dizzy earlier.”

Lie. Lie. Lie.

“Good thing he was there with me, or else I might've passed out already,” I added.

He looked at me warily before an expression of relief crossed his face. “Oh, that's nice of him,” he said. “So, are you feeling alright now?”

I felt guilty as I realized how horrible of a person I am. Here I am, with probably the sweetest and most caring guy in the world, lying my butt off to save myself from shame. Zach definitely does not deserve any of this, but I had no choice.

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