Chapter 29: Love Notes And New Admirers

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Chapter 29: Love Notes And New Admirers

If only you'd given me the chance, I would love to be the one who makes you happy.

I smiled as I folded the note and slipped it in the pocket of my jeans. This love note thing has been going on for about two weeks yet I still haven't discovered the identity of the sender. I've tried catching him by spying on my locker in between classes but the guy's clandestine skills were almost unreal.

"Whoever is making you those notes is definitely in love with you," Gwen uttered, smiling at me.

"I don't know," I answered her truthfully. "I'm beginning to think all of this is just some big joke."

It was true. Everyday, I would receive several notes saying how lovely I looked or how someone is madly in love with me. It was all too good to be true.

Gwen shook her head at me. "Of course not, silly. Who knows, maybe it's simply someone you know."

"What? That's ridiculous." I frowned at what she said. Any guy I know is either taken or obviously uninterested.

"Everything's possible, I'll let you know."

I simply shrugged in response. We were walking down the hallway where numerous homecoming posters were plastered. I didn't realize that the dance was already coming closer. I still have nothing to wear and no one to come with.

"Has anyone discovered who Chase is asking yet?" I asked, all of a sudden.

Gwen gave me a teasing look after hearing what I just said. "Why, aren't you interested to know."

"Hey, stop giving me that look. I was just curious,  that's all."

I looked away so she wouldn't see the blush that has surfaced on my cheeks.

"Whatever floats your boat," she teased. "And to answer your question, I still have no idea about that. Or does anyone from this school. Chase has been very evasive about it, or at least that's what I heard."

I simply nodded in answer. Even at home, Chase doesn't mention a thing about 'the girl'.

He was being strangely mysterious about it for reasons that were beyond me.

"Are you excited?" I asked Gwen. "For homecoming, I mean."

Her gray eyes twinkled, an indication that she was, in fact, excited. "Of course! For the first time, I'm going with someone I truly like. That's definitely one for the books."

I was really jealous of Gwen and Ken's relationship. They're really in love with each other, anyone could see it.

"I'm happy for you," I told her truthfully. "Ken is definitely lucky to have you."

"Aw," she gushed. "Thanks Carli. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure you'll find your Prince Charming soon."

I crossed my arms and frowned like a little kid. "But when is that time?" I whined jokingly.

Weirdly, Gwen's eyes suddenly glinted with amusement as she placed her hands on my shoulders and carefully turned my body. "Let's see. How about.. now?"

Realizing what she was planning to do, my cheeks burned. When I looked up, I saw Chase coming towards us, a grin on his face. I see his face 24/7 but every time I lay eyes on him, it always feel like the first time.

It's funny how the plot of my storyline started having incredible twists all of a sudden. The guy whose face used to annoy me was now the guy whose face I look forward to seeing every day.

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