Arguments Don't Always Have Happy Endings

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The minute the lights dim, and the countdown ends the whole stadium goes silent. Not one whisper can be heard. My heartbeat speeds up for some reason. I've been to a One Direction before. In fact, I attended one on Friday and today is Monday, so not a lot of time has passed. So I have no idea why the heck my heart is slamming against my rib-cage and my palms are sweaty. This time, One Direction begin with 'Little Black Dress.' The minute Harry steps onstage, his eyes meet mine and he smiles at me. My heart skips a beat. The things that this guy can do to my heart. I feel so special right now, because even though Harry's in front of hundreds of people, he chose to look at me. Me!
"Having fun?" Someone says from behind me. I turn around to find a man around my age standing behind me, arms crossed across his chest, eyes glued to the stage.
"Hell, yeah!" I say, enthusiasm and excitement dripping from my voice.
"A Directioner, huh?" The man says, taking a step forward, so he's standing beside me.
"Well, I know everything about each of the boys - Zayn included - I have robbed half of the One Direction stores all over the world, and I know the lyrics to each and every song. Does that answer your question?" The man chuckles and nods his head.
"For sure, yeah. I'm a fan, but not a Directioner." He turns to face me and holds out his right hand. "I'm Travis."
"I'm Mus, nice meeting you." I say, shaking his hand.
"Never heard your name before," Travis says.
"It means smile. Almost nobody has heard my name. At least not in America, and Canada." I shrug my shoulders, and turn my gaze back to the four boys onstage to find one of them glaring at Travis and I. I raise an eyebrow questioningly at Harry and smile at him. He doesn't remove his hardened, green eyes from Travis and I. Niall comes over to Harry and nudges him. Finally, Harry diverts his gaze from us, but I know that he's watching us from the corner of his eye.
"So, where are you from?" Travis asks me, oblivious to what just happened.
"India. I lived there till I was thirteen." I reply, still confused at why Harry was glaring at us.
"Nice," Travis says. "I visited Mumbai with my family. Great place."
"Yeah," I murmur. Harry's eyes have landed back on us, and now his brows are furrowed. What is wrong with him? 'Don't Forget Where You Belong,' ends and Liam starts speaking to the crowd. Harry grabs this opportunity and walks toward us. When he reaches us, Harry bends down and grabs a water bottle from the crate. While unscrewing the cap, his eyes never leave mine and I can tell that he's mad at me. What for, I don't know.
"Mus, why don't you watch the show from the other side of the stage?" Harry says, closing the bottle's lid.
"Other side, what do you mean?" I ask him.
"Well, you're on the left side of the stage. So why don't you watch it from the right? I bet the experience will be much better," Harry explains.
"No thanks, I'm fine here."
"No, come on, I insist." Harry takes hold of my arm, but I tug it from his grip.
"Harry, honest, I'm fine. Go and enjoy the show," I insist. Saying Harry looks ticked off, is an understatement. He looks ticked off, frustrated, angry, disappointed and...challenged. Harry wants to argue with me and win this argument, I realize.
"You're coming with me," Harry says. He grabs my arm again. I try tugging it away from him. However, his grip is firmer than before.
"Harry, let me go, you're hurting me." I say, through clenched teeth, as I try my best to free myself from Harry's hold. He shakes his head and starts to tug me toward the stage. But then, another hand clamps down on my right hand. I turn around to find Travis staring Harry right in the eye.
"Let the girl go," Travis says. His tone is firm and intimidating. However, it doesn't affect Harry.
"Girl?" Harry scoffs. "She's my friend and I can take her wherever I want."
"Not where she doesn't want to go."
"Of course, she does!" Harry looks at me. "You want to come with me, right Mus?" I open my mouth and then shut it. I really don't want to go to the other side, especially by crossing the stage. I'm fine where I am. Plus, I hate people telling me what to do and in this case, Harry's ordering me. He's got a problem of being dominating and ordering people around and I will not obey him like a slave.
"No, I don't." I say and take a step back. Harry drops my arm and it thuds against my side. "I'm fine where I am. Please go and enjoy your show." Hurt flashes across Harry's eyes, but then he straightens his back, nods his head and marches back onstage.
"Okay," Travis says. He leaves my arm, and we're both left there in awkward silence, as I watch Harry take his place near the side of the stage. He looks defeated and hurt. But then, he straightens his composure and draws a smile on his face. The man's bipolar. "I'm assuming you know him well."
"Yeah," I sigh. "Not too well, though."
"Doesn't seem like a great guy," Travis murmurs.
"He's a great guy. But like any other human being, Harry has his lows." I defend my friend. "Just...cut the guy some slack."
"Sure, whatever you say Mus." Travis doesn't sound convinced, but at least he's not arguing and I'm grateful for that. For the next half hour, Harry keeps glancing at us subtly. However, I notice his glances because I have been staring at Harry and noticing everything about him since I was ten. Today is no exception, so I notice each and every glance that he spares toward us and these glances do come our way pretty often.

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