You What?!

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"Girl, what happened between you and Harry?" Kate asks me, entering my room with a tub of ice-cream tucked between her arm and stomach.
"What?" I say, looking up from the laptop.
"Do you think we're stupid? It's pretty clear that you and Harry aren't talking." Kate sits down beside me. "First fight?"
"No," I mumble. "Kate, I'm tired. Can we please talk tomorrow?"
"No, because I don't care if you're tired or not. I want to talk, so we will talk." I hate this about Kate. She tends to get her way a lot. "Tell me what happened, or else..."
"Or else, what?" I narrow my eyes at her. She can't really do anything.
"I'm going to go and scold Harry, for fighting with you. Since you both have had a fight, he will think that you put me up to it, and...well, you'll seem like a tattle-tale."
"He will not!" I sit up, and glare at Kate. "We didn't fight. I broke up with Harry." Kate's eyes widen, and she drops the ice-cream tub onto the bed. Hastily, I straighten it. Thankfully there's no damage.
"You what!?" Kate screeches. "B-But, how? Why? When?" I roll my eyes, and take a deep breath. I don't want to go over this, but I need to in order to get Kate off my back.
"I broke up with him. Because I don't think he's right for me. Tonight," I answer.
"Right for you? Mus, have you completely lost it?! I knew that you are insane, but not so much." Kate gets off the bed, and yanks at the roots of her hair. "You can try to make this work, right? Harry will take you back because he's obviously in love with you."
"I don't want him to." I answer simply. "Kate, just because he's a famous actor and singer, I will not fake a relationship with him, if I think it's going nowhere." Tonight I will go through hell because of Kate. She will yell and yell, throw one fit after another, until I concede. But I will not. This is my life, not hers.
"Y-You," Kate stutters. "Mus, why?" She cries out.
"Just because, okay? Now if you're going to pester me, and scold me for doing nothing wrong, then please leave. Otherwise, stay and watch Netflix with me." Kate purses her lips.
"You're impossible." Huffing, Kate throws her hands into air and lands them against her thighs with a thud. "Fine, let's watch something and not talk about a huge mistake that you've made."
"Fine," I mumble. There's a knock at the door, just as I'm about to shut my laptop.
"Come in!" Kate yells. The door creaks open a bit, and Liam's head pops into my room.
"Can we talk?" Liam asks, looking at me. I nod my head, and he enters, shutting the door behind him.
"What's up?" Kate says, casually.
"Is it okay to talk in front of her?" Liam's eyes travel toward Kate and I nod my head.
"Of course," I say. "She knows everything about me, whether I like it or not." Kate laughs and I allow myself to crack a smile. Liam sits down on the small couch in the corner of my room, crossing his right leg over the left.
"I know this is none of my business, and I'm sorry for interfering, but what's up with you and Harry?" Liam says, looking down at his shoes. Kate turns to face me with a 'told-you-so,' expression and raises her eyebrow.
"Is it really that obvious?" I ask them, my eyes meeting Liam's, then Kate's and landing back on his.
"Yeah, it is." Kate says, matter-of-factly. "You're like glue, or magnets. Today, however, instead of attraction, there's friction and resistance."
"So?" Liam questions. "What has happened?"
"I broke up with Harry," I answer simply. "We didn't work out, big deal." Liam's eyes become the same size as Kate's, when I broke the news to her.
"You what!?" Liam yells, as well. I cringe.
"It's not that big of a deal, so stop making it one." Why are they bothered so much? By behaving in this manner, Liam and Kate, are making me feel worse than I already do.
"You're blind, Mus. You're blind," Liam states. "Can't you see the way Harry looks at you? Can't you see how he can't stay away from you? We all had the option of taking today's flight to Europe, but Harry faked a headache and stomachache today morning, due to which we couldn't go. Mus, the guy's clearly in love." I scoff and shake my head.
"Love? Liam, love doesn't just happen in a matter of days. It takes years and even then, I don't think love happens, I think infatuation happens."
"Just because you don't seem to believe that Harry's in love, doesn't mean he isn't." Liam looks at me like I'm stupid. Heck, in his eyes I must be.
"Liam, you can't be sure of it. You know what? We're wasting our breath and time talking about something that cannot be reversed. Please, just leave. Both of you," I say.
"You're making a big mistake and I'll prove it to you," Liam says. He gets up and jerks his chin toward the door, looking at Kate. She nods her head and follows him out of my room.
"Night." Kate says, leaving the door open. I can hear both of their shoes descending the stairs.
"Goddammit!" Harry's voice enters my ears.
"I hate you." I mumble, turning over. "I hate that I love you."
"Fuck this shit!" He yells again. "Okay, okay! I love her, happy?" My eyes fly open and I sit up in bed. Who does he love? See, he got over me so quickly. "I love Mus, okay?" My eyes widen and I think I'm smiling. I must be smiling. I get off the bed and run toward the door of my room, which thanks to Kate, is still open. Instead of rushing down the stairs, I fly down the stairs. When I descend the last step and turn toward the lounge, my eyes land on Harry, Liam, Kate, Louis and Niall. A very flustered Harry, a very happy Liam and Kate, a frowning Louis and a smiling, plus shell-shocked Niall.
"Y-You what?" I say, raising an eyebrow. This is not how I planned to confront Harry, after what I just heard. However, right now, my mind isn't working.
"You're awake," Harry says. His gaze travels to Liam and he grimaces. "Good morning." I place my hands on my hips and stare at Harry.
"You love me?" I question. He shrugs his shoulders, smiling at me sheepishly.
"Y-Yeah, sure," Harry murmurs.
"Yeah sure? Yeah sure? Is that all you have to say?" I take a step toward Harry and shove him backwards. Harry stumbles backwards, but catches himself before he lands on his butt. I take another step toward him and shove him again. "That's a bombshell! Why're you so casual about this matter?!"
"You're upset about me being casual? Not about the fact that I love you?" Harry asks, confused. I nod my head and shove him again. One more push and Harry will hit the wall. Nef comes out from somewhere and starts to bark at Harry. She always barks whenever I'm touching someone. Bottom line, I'm allowed to touch no one and no one's allowed to touch me.
"How dare you act so casually?!" I yell, shoving him again. This time, Harry's back hits the wall. However, there's no anger in his eyes, or body language. "Fuck you!"
"Love you," Harry says. "I love you." Grabbing the back of my neck, Harry envelopes my lips with his.

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