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Harry marches out of the room seconds later, looking highly disturbed. He grabs my hand and pulls me behind him, into the room.
"What happened, Harry?" I question, alarmed. "I just got a call from Xavi. What's wrong?" Harry makes me sit on the bed, and then takes a seat in front of my legs, on the floor. My hands are still cupped between his, keeping my nerves in check.
"This is no amateur blackmailer, or bad guy." Harry says, frowning. "He means business."
"What happened? You're scaring me!"
"Kate was blindfolded and punched a few times. Then the person who hurt her told Kate to make sure you stay away from me."
"God, is she okay?!" I yell, getting ready to grab my phone. Harry squeezes my hands, motioning for me to keep sitting. "Harry-"
"She's fine, Bump. Gregg's there and Liam..." Harry's eyes widen as if he's revealed a big secret. "Never mind," he mumbles.
"But I want to call her!" I insist. God, I can't believe that thanks to me, Kate's suffering.
"Bumper, calm down, she's honestly fine." Harry says, tightening his grip around my hands. "Everyone there with her, will take care of her. Please don't stress yourself." Harry looks at me with concern.
"I'll be back." Hastily, I get up and run out of the room, toward the balcony. I take out my phone from my back pocket and call Kate. She doesn't pick up, so I call her again. Even then she doesn't pick up. Frustrated, I sit down on the floor and place my head in my hands. Whoever this person is, we need to find out. Abusing my best friend is no way of threatening me, even though it's working. Harry and I cannot live happily together, while endangering the lives of the people around us. But...why am I so selfish? I don't want to break up with him. I cannot! The sliding door of the balcony opens and Harry steps out. He sighs and takes a seat beside me on the floor.
"You are the stubbornest person I know," Harry says. "No matter how many times I told you not to call her, you still did."
"Harry, she's my best friend-"
"Yeah, I understand." We both stare out at the city's skyline. "But she's fine, and you need to remain fine, too. Please don't get too worked up regarding this and ruin your health."
"I won't," I assure him. "But, Harry, the search for this person needs to end soon. He can't just go around harming the ones we love, just to break us up."
"Yeah, I know and the police are doing their best to catch this person. However, he's not an amateur, as we thought." Harry smiles, calming my nerves. "But I won't let him harm you for sure."
"Sadly, it's not only a matter of us. It's the matter of who's around us," I smile back at him. "But don't worry, you're right. The police will catch the culprit soon enough."
"Worst day ever," I murmur to myself. Annoyed, I step into yet another puddle, spoiling my new boots. "These aren't new anymore." Today, is One Direction's last show, and then they're off for a week. This means, that tomorrow I'm flying with Harry to meet his family. The idea itself scares the shit out of me. When one half of a couple goes to meet the other person's family, it usually means things are dead serious. Such a meeting, is often followed by a proposal, which I've already received and then come the wedding bells. I want none of the above. Meeting Harry's family is not an issue, but the issues that will follow are what worry me.
"Shit." I curse, as the umbrella slips from my hands and rolls across the ground, into an alley. Hastily, I run after it, not wanting to get any wetter than I already am. "Come back here," I whisper. The multi-colored umbrella, that I've borrowed from Harry, hits the back wall of the alley and stops. Huffing, I bend down and grab hold of it. I'm yanked backwards, and my head is slammed into a wall. I hiss in pain, as I feel a punch being delivered to my stomach. Trying to focus through the pain that's in my head, and stomach, I kick my attacker in the stomach. Black dots blur my vision, and I realize that my glasses have fallen off. Therefore, I cannot see the person's face, as they fumble to get off the wet floor of the alley. I hate being without glasses, as I feel so insecure. I fumble around in my jeans, desperately searching for my phone. However, it's not there. I'm yanked forwards, and thrown on the ground. My cheek hits the hard ground, and I know my skin has torn. A boot comes in contact with the back of my neck, cutting off my oxygen. I struggle under the attacker's boot. However, my efforts are in vain.
"Stay the fuck away from Styles," my attacker growls. "How many fucking times do I have to warn you? Next time, you won't leave my clutches breathing." The boot is lifted off, making me inhale a huge gulp of air. I turn my head to see a retreating back. My vision's too weak to make out any further features. Heck, I'm blind without my glasses, or lenses. After a few seconds, I lift myself off the ground, with the help of the heels of my hands. I move towards where I'm presuming my glasses are. After a few minutes of fumbling around in muddy water, my right hand encloses around the frames of my glasses. Inhaling a sigh of relief, I put them on. I can't see clearly due to the water droplets, however, it's better than seeing everything in a blur form. The next thing that I see is my phone. It's immersed in water, lying near the wall where the person hit my head. There's a small patch of blood on the wall and I realize that it's mine. I'm bleeding from the cheek and the head. Luckily, my phone's still working.
"Hello," Harry says, after three rings.
"Harry," I say, relieved. "I'm...I need your help."
"What happened?" Harry asks, concerned. I can imagine him sitting up, or if he's standing, I bet his composure just straightened up, alert.
"Can you please come to Ocean Mall? I don't know where the nearest hospital is, and you're familiar with the roads. So please-"
"What happened?!" Harry yells, and I hear something clatter in the background.
"I think the same person who threatened me, attacked me today." I place my free hand behind my head and then remove it. My hand's coated in blood. "Fuck," I hiss.
"What the fuck?! Are you okay? Did he harm you?"
"Just a bit. Please come fast," I murmur. Suddenly, I bend over and empty the contents of my breakfast onto the ground. My knees buckle from underneath me, and I hit the pavement.

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