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"You okay?" Gemma asks, placing her hand on my shoulder. I turn around, and wipe my face with the heels of my hands.
"Yeah." I say, putting on a fake smile on my face. Gemma's eyes scan my face, and then her eyes fill up with...shame?
"I'm sorry," she whispers.
"For what?" I ask, confused.
"For what my brother's going to do. If you know him well, then so do I. His eyes can tell a lot." I sniff, forcing the second round of tears to stay in my traitorous eyes. "Don't blame him for what he'll do."
"I won't," I promise. "Family matters. A lot. I understand his decision." Gemma pulls me into a tight hug.
"I'm sorry," she whispers again. Someone clears their throat from behind her. I pull back, my eyes meeting Harry's over Gemma's shoulder. "I'll go check up on Mum." Gemma turns around and heads toward the door. Before stepping out though, she pats Harry's upper arm, as if in a condolence. I take a seat on the window seat behind me, knowing full well that I won't be able to take what's coming next standing up. Harry's eyes roam all over the room, but they don't meet mine.
"Let's just get over with it," I say. Finally, those green orbs meet my eyes.
"How do you know what I'm going to say, even before I voice my thoughts?" Harry questions. I'm taken aback by his tone; it's filled with despair. I feel as if he's put a voice - a sound - to my pain. It makes me realize that this moment is as hard for him, as it is for me. I stand up, unable to just sit there.
"Like Gemma said, your eyes speak volumes." I say, wrapping my arms around my chest, and moving my hands up and down my arms. It's cold, and I'm not wearing a jacket. Immediately, Harry takes off his woolen, grey sweater and hands it to me. I shake my head. "I'm fine." He shakes it persistently.
"Take it. Don't want you catching a cold, now do we?" Harry manages to crack a barely visible smile, as I take the sweater from his outstretched hand.
"Thanks," I mumble, as I wear it. Harry grins.
"Bump, you look amazing in all of my clothes." Harry says, taking a step toward me. Instinctively, I take one back. I shake my head, holding up my palms, as if to tell him to stay back.
"Don't make this harder than it already is." I say, looking at my sock-clad feet.
"You know I don't want to do this." I lift my gaze up to meet Harry's. His eyes are filled with alarm. Maybe at the way I just reacted.
"I know, but the choice is not in our hands anymore. We have no choice," I say. "This person is adamant on separating us and he's reached his goal now because we can't be together when everyone around is hurting." I take a deep breath, holding back the gates of the dam. "We should've ended this," I wave my hand between Harry and my body. "After Kate got attacked. But we didn't."
"At that time we didn't know he'd attack our family." Fury burns within me, and I scoff.
"Kate's family to me, Harry." My tone is harsh and it startles both of us. Harry takes another step toward me, his arm outstretched. However, I hold my palms up, and take two steps back. He gets the message - loud and clear. "I told you let's end this then," I wave between our bodies. "But you weren't ready then and now...Now, I'm not ready. But it doesn't really." I don't know why I'm mad, or who I'm mad at because it sure as hell isn't Harry. I understand his decision, and stand by it, then why am I acting like this? Why am I getting so furious that he's breaking up with me? I think I blame Harry for dragging us on. For not letting me break up with him when I wanted to. For pulling me in so deep that now I have nothing to hold onto for support. Nothing to keep me afloat. I blame him for all of that, but not this. Not today. Suddenly, Harry steps forward - swift as a cat - and hugs me. He buries his face in my hair, and just holds me. Holds me tightly, comfortingly. I inhale his scent, knowing full well that soon I'll only be left with memories.
"I swear to God, Bump, I'm going to find a way soon. I'll destroy this person and take our revenge. Just hold on for now. Please," Harry whispers the last word. My shoulder feels wet all of a sudden and I realize that Harry's crying. Just like that, I let go of all of the self control that I had, and the sobs begin to escape from my lips. Harry grips me tighter, and I do the same. We're just standing there - holding on to each other - for what feels like forever, and yet it doesn't feel like enough time has passed by. My eyes shut on their own accord, and Harry begins to hum a soothing tune. "I'm still in this relationship with all that I've got. So don't look out for articles about me and a model." And once again, Styles has made me laugh through my tears.
"After dating me, you won't be able to enjoy another girl's company." I say, the thought oddly pleasing.
"No, I won't and I never hope to."
"Harry, I'm taking Mum to a clinic, so that I can get some medicine for her injuries." Gemma says, entering the lounge, her eyes trained on her phone. She looks up and pouts. "I'm sorry." Hastily, Gemma exits and a few seconds later, we hear the front door slam shut. Sighing, I pull back and gaze into Harry's eyes.
"Friends?" I say, holding out my hand.
"Friends." Harry confirms, taking it and giving it a firm shake.

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