God, What Is She Doing?

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Harry's POV
I hate myself for saying what I just did to Mus, but I had to. She needs to see a mirror and I'm the only one, aside from Kate, who can show her one. I also know she hates being belittled.
"How's she doing?" Kate asks, taking a seat on the bench that's placed outside of Mus' room.
"She's awake and pissed," I say.
"Yeah, I could tell from your expression that you two had a fight." Kate sighs. "It's funny, really. You two argue so much, and are ready to tear each other's hair out at any second. Yet you can't get enough of each other."
"You've no idea just how screwed up we are," I huff. "How're the boys?" I take a seat beside Kate.
"Good. Louis' going to fly to LA for Freddie's birthday after Christmas. And as always, he's going to throw a small birthday party for himself." I frown.
"Yeah, things have never been the same since Johannah passed away. He hasn't celebrated his birthday properly since."
"Liam told me that yesterday Louis told him that even though years have passed since she...left us all, the pain just seems to grow, instead of decreasing." Kate says, fiddling with her hands. "I understand him on so many levels. I, too, lost my father and I get what he's been going through." As awkward as this may feel, I wrap an arm around Kate's shoulders comfortingly. She tenses up for a second, but then relaxes and smiles.
"The pain of losing a loved one never leaves a person," I agree. Kate sniffs and then stands up.
"Oh, don't get me all emotional, Harry. We're enemies, remember?" Kate laughs and points towards Mus' room door. "I'm going to go in and check up on her. You'll be fine, right?"
"Yeah, of course." I nod my head. Kate enters Mus' door and shuts it with a bang behind her. I chuckle to myself; where there's Kate, there's noise and chaos.
"Yes, just send it as soon as possible!" Carter's annoyed voice drifts through the hallway. He comes into view, balancing a laptop with his right arm and his phone with his left shoulder. He marches toward where I'm sitting and plops himself down beside me with a huff, as if the whole world's weight is on his shoulders.
"Is she awake, yet?" Carter asks, throwing his phone on the chair beside him, and typing something into his laptop.
"Yeah, but the doc said that only one person could meet her at a time. Kate's in there with her right now," I say. Bullshit! The doctor said no such thing, but I want to keep Carter away from Mus for as long as I can.
"How's she doing?" Carter's eyebrows are furrowed, as he reads something on his laptop screen.
"Good. That's another matter altogether that she wouldn't be here had it not been for you." Carter's head snaps toward me, his eyes filled with rage.
"I didn't mean to hurt her." He says through gritted teeth. "Had you not sneaked into her bed early in the morning, she wouldn't be here in the first place."
"Maybe if you hadn't entered her room and interrupted our morning, she wouldn't be here." My tone keeps rising, and Carter's pushing me towards the edge, yet again. I've already been pushed enough and I've already gotten one foot over the edge; he doesn't want to make this situation any worse. Carter glares at me for a couple of seconds and then diverts his gaze back to his laptop screen. Good choice.
"Why're you doing it?" I ask Carter, after a minute or so. He frowns and looks at me, confused.
"Marrying, Mus, I mean." I clarify. "Why? Anyone can see that she's madly in love with me and the feeling's mutual, so why?" Carter smiles and shakes his head.
"Because I love her too."
"Bullshit," I murmur.
"Honest to God, man! I remember when she arrived here, and I saw her - boom! I felt it!" I cringe, and look at Carter, pity filling my system. Does this man actually think that that's love? God, I feel sorry for him. I actually feel sorry for him because he's not even come close to what love is. His voice doesn't even sound like he's in love. I know how a man's voice sounds when he falls in love - true, long lasting love.
"Mus is sleeping now." Kate announces, exiting Bump's room.
"Good," I say. "Hey, did you ask the docs when we can take her home?"
"Okay, good. Do you wanna go somewhere and grab some lunch?" I ask, getting up.
"Sure," Kate says. "Sounds good." She gives Carter one last glare, before strutting down the hall. Kate and her style - chuckling, I follow her.
"Do you want to maybe stop somewhere for coffee, or lunch?" I ask Mus, as I stare at her through the rear view mirror. She's staring out of the window, pouting.
"No, I'm good. But you can grab something, if you'd like," she says.
"Great, cause I'm starving." Mus chuckles.
"Haz, when're you not in need of food. Niall and you...made from the same soil."
"Hey, the stomach wants what it wants!" We're both laughing, as I pull into the parking lot of a coffee shop. "I just want to sit in while I eat a sandwich, or something. Care to join me?" I unbuckle myself and wait for Bumper's response.
"Sure," Bump says. She unbuckles herself and gets out. I follow, staying close beside her, ready to catch her if she loses her balance. The doctors said that the effects of the drugs haven't fully worn off and that we should be careful - always have someone to accompany her to the bathroom, or in her room. At least for the next couple of days. I, of course, am happy to oblige. We both enter the coffee shop and the smell of freshly brewed coffee hits me in the face. Ah, the best thing about coffee shops!
"You go grab a table and I'll get us something to eat," I say. Mus nods her head and moves toward the back of the shop, in search of an empty table. Once I've placed my order, and moved to the side, I look around the shop trying to find Mus. She's seated towards the far end of the shop, right next to the window. Every time we used to go out, Mus used to always request the waiter to place us next to the window. I don't know why she enjoys those seats so much. Well, pretty much everything she does beats me, so who am I to try and figure this one out? Once my order's ready, I take the tray, grab a couple of napkins and straws and make my way toward Mus. She smiles when she sees me approaching.
"Freshly baked chocolate fudge brownie, two caramel frappucinos - your favorite - and a grilled chicken sandwich." I announce, as I set the tray on the table. Mus opens her mouth to say something, but I know exactly what she's going to say. So before she gets a word in, I do. "I know what you're going to say, so just cut it and eat." Mus lets out a bark of laughter and grabs one of the frappucino's.
"Thanks," Bump says.
"No prob," I murmur. We both devour the sandwich in silence, and keep taking sips of our drinks. As always, it's not the awkward silence, just a very comfortable, mutual silence. It's like we're having a silent conversation.
"When's the engagement?" I finally have the courage to ask.
"Next week," Mus answers. "I'll send you an e-invite."
"Not needed," I snap. I don't know why I sound so rude, I didn't want it to sound so brash. "I'm sorry," I mumble. "We're anyway in the same house." Mus looks at me with an inquiring gaze, as if she's trying to figure out what I'm thinking.
"Yeah," Mus chuckles nervously. "You'll find out anyway."
"So have you picked out the dress and all?" Mus shakes her head.
"I haven't really felt into the whole thing recently." She sighs, and rubs her upper arms. "I've been waiting for the hour that I'll get up and feel this surge of excitement that'll push me to go shopping and supervise the decorations and all. But so far...nothing." Bumper shrugs as if she's done with everything. "You know, I feel like I'll learn to love Carter. I mean, that's what happens in movies and books, right? The heroine ends up falling in love with the hero and just adjusts somehow." Her eyes have this dreamy look about them, as if she's not with me anymore. But in another world. "But maybe we're not the main characters in the movie - maybe I'm not the heroine and he's not the hero." Mus looks up at me, and a gasp escapes her lips, as if she forgot for a moment where she was, and who she was with. "Look at me rambling," Mus laughs. "Guess I'm still high on the drugs. I'll wait for you outside." She gets up, grabs her drink and marches toward the exit. I turn my body around to watch her leave. God, what is she doing? Ruining herself, that's what!

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