Caesars Palace

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"Are you sure Harry said he'll be here?" I ask Kate over the phone, as I make my way down the escalator.
"Yes, he did, Mus. If you just looked around the arrival hall, you'll see him. How hard is Harry to spot? A tall, handsome hunk, with a bunch of guys surrounding him for security. Not that hard," Kate says.
"Haha, very funny." I roll my eyes, and look around the escalators. No sign of Harry. "I'll talk to you later, bye." I end the call and place my phone in my back pocket.
"Bumper!" My head jerks to the left, and my eyes land on Harry. He's running toward me, his white shirt flying up from his stomach, revealing his chest and hipbone tattoos. My breath turns shallow and my palms sweaty. At the same time, a grin breaks loose across my face. God, I've been dying to see him. Before I can take another step, I'm swept off my feet, my hands leaving the handle of my trolley bag.
"Only I know how much I've missed you." Harry says, kissing me. Our kiss is filled with passion and an urgency that I haven't felt before in any of our kisses.
"Me too," I murmur. Someone clears their throat from beside us, making Harry and I realize where we are. I clear my throat, and start to chew on the inside of my cheek, furiously. I'm still in Harry's arms, and I think a man from his security team is staring at us, looking as embarrassed as I feel.
"Yeah, Rob?" Harry says, looking unaffected by the fact that this man and the rest of the people in this terminal have witnessed our...kiss. Well, it doesn't seem that bad, but I know it isn't that simple.
"Harry, we better get going. Reporters are already gathering outside and some people have gathered around us." Rob says, nodding his chin toward the right. Sure enough, a group of people, not many, has gathered around us.
"Okay, yeah, you're right." Harry says, glancing around us. "Can you get her bag?"
"That's okay, Harry, I'll take it." I say, wiggling in his arms. He shakes his head, smirking.
"Oh no, I'm not keeping you down." Harry says, giving me a quick kiss. "Rob will get your bag, and you're going to come with me."
"I don't have much of a choice, do I?" I raise an eyebrow and Harry's smirk turns into a full fledged grin.
"No, Bumper, you don't." Groaning, I throw my head back, as Harry turns around and begins to walk toward the exit. He shifts me, so that I'm now in his arms bridal style. I wrap my arms around his neck. I like this. I just wish that we weren't in public. The minute we step outside, flashes blind me, and the yelling of reporters and the squealing of fans makes me deaf. Harry's arms tighten around my body, as he's guided by his security team through the tight web of reporters and fans. I'm not a big fan of crowds. I don't like a place where there are a lot of people, especially if they're yelling. These people are shouting at the top of their lungs. I can barely make out a word in the sea of people and shouts. Harry's guided toward a black Range Rover, and a man opens the backdoor for us.
"Thank you!" Harry shouts, ducking down and entering the car. Even now, Harry doesn't leave me. Instead, he situates me on his lap.
"Bumper, are you all right?" Harry asks, and I look up from my lap to a very concerned looking Harry. My eyes fall on the window and I realize that we've pulled out of the airport.
"Yeah, sorry," I say. "That was even crazier than the other day." I mean the day of the concert.
"You'll get used to it." Harry says, passing his hand over the side of my face. His touch sends tingles down my body.
"I don't think I will," I murmur.
"Bumper, don't get scared. Please." There's a look of panic and desperation in his eyes.
"I'm not going to run away from you just because of something as trivial as media attention. It won't affect us, I promise." I assure him, placing my hands on either side of his face.
"Good," Harry exhales a sigh of relief. A weak smile lights up his face. "Well, you're birthday's day after tomorrow, and tomorrow we need to attend...a party."
"A party? What kind of a party?" I question, raising an eyebrow.
"An..." The rest I don't catch because Harry murmurs the sentence.
"An what?"
"An..." He murmurs again. I huff in irritation.
"Mr. Styles, you better answer me-"
"An award show." Harry says hastily. My eyes widen and I'm shaking my head, before I even know it. "Oh, come on, Bump! It's just the Billboard Music Awards, you'll be fine."
"Billboard Music Awards? That's a small deal? You've lost it," I say. "I knew you were mental, but not this mental. But now I know that I was clearly wrong. I'm definitely not accompanying you to the awards, no way." Harry pouts.
"Bumper, please." Harry whines, as the car jerks to a stop. Instinctively, Harry's arms tighten themselves around my body, preventing me from hitting the back part of the driver's seat. "Are you guys okay?" He calls to the people in front.
"Yes, we're fine." The driver says, looking at us in the rear view mirror. "This jerk in front just slammed on the brakes."
"Asshole." Harry murmurs, underneath his breath. "So, Bump, did you think about it?"
"Harry, there's no place for thinking. I've decided the fact that I'm not coming," I say firmly.
"We'll see about that." Harry drops the topic, but I know that I haven't gotten this off my back for good.
"So, where're you staying?" I ask, my eyes taking in the scene outside of the windows.
"The Caesars Palace, or something." Harry says, trailing feather-light kisses down my jaw. "What can I do to convince you, Bumper?"
"Is this your way of convincing me? Torturing me with kisses," I say.
"Well, yeah, unless you want me to work harder. I can do that, too." Harry's lips hover on the corner of mine.
"We're here, Harry." The driver says, stopping the car in front of a fountain. I was so lost in Harry's kisses that I didn't even realize we'd arrived. Clearing my throat, I slide off his lap to the other side of the car. I open the door and get out.
"Bumper, we were getting to the good part. Don't you want to finish what we started?" Harry says, getting out as well. I shake my head, smiling.
"I want to see where I'm staying." I look around my surroundings. There's a huge fountain made of marble in the center with a statue situated in the water. There's no limit to the greenery in here. Strong arms wrap themselves around my waist from behind.
"Like it?" Harry asks, kissing my head.
"It looks pretty good from out here," I compliment. There's a valet service near the parking lot, and people are milling around, enjoying the lovely Las Vegas weather.
"The bedroom's even better," Harry whispers seductively. My breath gets stuck in my throat, and I close my eyes, trying to focus.
"No, Harry," I murmur. "Just...can we go inside?"
"Sure, Bump." I open my eyes and suddenly I can hear people talking, the steady flow of the fountain water and car horns honking. God, the affect this man has on me. We both make our way toward the entrance of the hotel, our hands entwined. "The boys are so eager to meet you." I scoff and divert my gaze to Harry.
"Well, we know there's an exception to that." I say, matter-of-factly.
"Louis likes you! He's just...he's crazy." Harry says, as we head past the reception desk toward the elevators.
"Yeah, you all are." I roll my eyes. Some people pass disgusted looks our way and some give us amused looks. Nice ladies even smile at me.
"Guilty as charged."

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