Since Friday Or Monday?

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Kate nudges me with her elbow and I lift my head an inch off my textbook.
"What?" I murmur.
"If you won't lift your head up and focus on the lecture, you'll be drooling all over your textbook." Kate says, her eyes never leaving the professor.
"I don't care." Last night, Harry and I talked till three in the morning and then I woke up at six because of the alarm that was blaring in my ear. So, all in all, I go three hours of sleep. That's why, I really don't care if I drool all over my textbook, or fall asleep. Keeping my eyes open is a very difficult task right now.
"Ms. Leila!" The professor calls out.
"Yeah," Kate says.
"Can you explain-" He's cut short by the bell. Saved by the bell, thank God. I lift my head up to find the professor writing something regarding our homework assignment on the board. This guy loves homework, I know it. Though I don't know why because homework should not be part of our schooling. We come to school to study and by giving homework the teachers are proving to our parents that they're not capable of getting all of the work done during college and school hours. However, our naive parents don't get the message. Kate loops her arm through mine, as we make our way out of the room and into the crowded hallways. That was our last period, so now we're free to go home and eat.
"Before I drop you home, we'll go to the mall and buy a new pair of jeans." Kate says, and I nod my head. Maybe a coffee will help keep me awake till we leave the mall. As we're heading toward the doors that will lead to our freedom, my eyes land on a huge crowd that's gathered near the exit.
"Is there some event today?" I ask Kate, furrowing my brows. She shakes her head and pushes through the crowd of people, tugging me behind her.
"Move it people! Move it or lose it!" Kate yells, elbowing people, until we're finally at the front of the crowd. Standing in the parking lot is Harry. He's leaning against his motorbike, as girls and boys crowd him, either for autographs or photos or both.
"What's he doing here?" I whisper in Kate's ear. She shrugs her shoulders, looking as puzzled as I feel.
"Should we approach him?" Kate asks me. I shrug my shoulders and watch the show. Harry smiles and chats with whoever places their hand on his shoulder, or says hi to him. I feel a twinge of jealousy as I watch girls crowd around him and lean their bodies against his. He's mine, I want to yell. However, I don't. I just watch the show, silent as death. Finally, Kate's had enough and she wants to show off the fact that she knows Harry Styles. So she untangles our arms and cat-walks toward Harry.
"Harry, dear!" Kate exclaims, a little too loudly than necessary. "How have you been?" She practically swats away the girls that are crowded around Harry like flies - for which I have to thank her later - and hugs him, kissing both his cheeks like ladies who go to fancy lunches. I can see her whisper something into Harry's ear and his gaze travels across the people who are standing near the exit, until it lands on me. A smile lights up his face and Harry jogs over to me.
"Hey, babe!" Harry greets me, taking my hands in his and connecting our lips. Gasps and hoots travel through the crowds, making me smile against his lips.
"What're you doing here?" I murmur, pulling back.
"I've come to pick you up, Bump." Harry says, matter-of-factly.
"Oh," I murmur. "Of course you have."
"Shall me, m'lady?" Another set of gasps sound off, as Harry places his hand on the small of my back and guides me toward his motorbike. He rubs slow, sensual circles that are making my hormones go out of control.
"Stop that," I say.
"What?" Harry asks me innocently, even though I know that he knows what I'm talking about. I take my hand to where his is making circles on my back, and remove it.
"Sure thing, Bumper." I control the urge to slap him. My hand's literally itching because I want to slap him.
"You call me that one more time and I won't care about the crowd, or what they'll do to me after I knock you unconscious." Harry chuckles and kisses my cheek.
"You're the cutest, Bump."
"Either you don't understand English, or I'm not speaking it right."
"H-Harry, where are you going?" A girl - Thea, I think - asks him.
"I'm taking my girl home." Harry says, wrapping his arm around my waist. My girl, I'm his girl. Snap out of it! A loud voice yells. I've never acted this girly and I don't want to begin now. I lean into Harry's side, smiling at the girl.
"Oh," she murmurs. "You b-both are going out?"
"Yeah." Harry answers simply and smoothly, eradicating any doubt and confusion from my mind. Though his answer does take me by surprise. I honestly didn't think that we are dating.
"Since when?" The girl's tone is accusatory. Harry seems to catch on because I feel a change in his body language. However, he plays cool and keeps that gorgeous smile on his face.
"Since Friday." That's a lie. "I'm sorry guys, I'd love to chat, but Mus and I have plans for the afternoon." Harry looks at me for support and I nod my head.
"Yeah, so we better hurry, babe." I say, biting my lip to suppress the grin that's dying to break out on my face.
"Harry, dinner with me and Mus tonight?" Kate says, as Harry gets on the bike. I get on behind him, and wrap my arms around his waist, without hesitation this time.
"Sure thing," Harry says. He starts the bike, and moves forward with a jerk. My front gets pressed to his back, and my grip around his waist tightens.
"You did that on purpose," I accuse Harry. He grins and I know that I'm right.
"Maybe I did, but don't act like you didn't like it." Harry says, as we set off out of the parking lot.
"I didn't." I say in a firm tone to make myself sound believable. "Oh and since when have we been dating?" I place my head on Harry's shoulder and angle my head so that I can see his face.
"Since yesterday?" Harry's tone is questioning, as if he's not sure himself.
"I thought it was from Friday. At least that's what you told the girl."
"Hey, in my head I've been dating you since Friday. So what I said isn't a lie," Harry defends himself. My heart flutters and I can't argue, or protest any further because I don't want to. The truth is, I like the fact that Harry lied to that girl.
"So where are we headed for the afternoon?" I ask Harry.
"I was thinking of going to a strippers club, would you like to tag along?" I laugh and shake my head.
"Definitely not!"
"Then, what about going for a nice lunch?"
"Now we're talking."
"Then it's decided, Bumper."

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