Out Of Line

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"You saved our asses today!" Liam says, as we all take a seat. Harry seats himself beside me, immediately taking my hand in his.
"Yeah, she did." Harry agrees, rubbing his thumb along the back of my hand. Every time he takes my hand in his, I've noticed that Harry's thumb automatically starts moving along the back of my hand. I don't think he does it consciously. I smile up at him, and he tilts my chin backwards with his free hand, connecting our lips into a slow and languid kiss.
"Disgusting, get a room." Louis says dryly. I move back, and take my lower lip into my teeth. Honestly, if I could bottle up the taste that Harry leaves on my lips after he kisses me, I would. However, I can't do that. Heck, even explaining that Harry and my kiss tastes sounds crazy.
"Thanks for interrupting," Harry says. Underneath the table, I hit my shoe against his and when he faces me, I shake my head. Louis is a grumpy person. However, that doesn't mean Harry should insult him, or scold him in front of everyone. I pick up the menu, having a hard time holding it up and scrolling through the items with one hand.
"Bump, where are we headed after this?" Harry asks me.
"You're going to drop me home and you will head back to the hotel." I reply, not lifting my gaze from the menu in hand.
"Oh," Harry murmurs. He sounds pretty disappointed. I ignore the nagging feeling that I have in the back of my mind. I know the guy has standards regarding girls, and even though Harry says that what I'm thinking is untrue, he's wrong. What he wants me to do and what I want to do are two totally different things. I can't take that step with him yet. It's too early.
"...Right, Bump?" I look up at Harry questioningly. Obviously, I've missed the conversation that's been going on.
"Great, now she's dumb and deaf." Louis says, rolling his eyes. He leans back and crosses his arms across his chest.
"Don't speak to her like that." Harry says through gritted teeth. I squeeze Harry's hand, trying to comfort him. However, his body remains tense.
"Oh, so now you're going to fight me because of her?" Louis points an accusatory finger at me.
"Yes." Harry and Louis are glaring at each other, shooting daggers. "She's important to me and you're being a jerk."
"Fuck you!" Louis yells, pointing a finger at me. He pushes the chair backwards, making it scrape. Heads turn to face us and I hate the attention. Louis begins to march toward the exit of the restaurant, but then he turns to face us. "Your relationship is toxic and it will harm all of us." Louis gives me one last glare filled with disgust and hatred and then he storms out of the restaurant.
"Fuck!" Harry curses, placing his head in his hands. "I'm so sorry, Bump. Louis needs to show you respect and I'll make sure of that."
"Harry, it's okay, I didn't mind. Trust me," I assure him, even though Louis' words hurt me.
"No, it's not! After all, you're my future..." Harry trails off and his head jerks in my direction. He's looking at me as if I'm going to get up and flee right away.
"I'm your future what?" I ask Harry, amused. I shouldn't be enjoying myself, it's definitely the wrong time. However, I want to hear Harry complete that sentence.
"N-Nothing. Let me go and talk to him," Harry gets up. I place my hand on his arm. Harry turns around and looks at me questioningly.
"Don't start a fight, please." Pursing his lips, Harry nods his head.
"I'll try my best, Bump." Harry promises, leaning down and placing a kiss on my head. I watch Harry leave the restaurant, and then I turn to face Niall and Liam. They're both eating the garlic bread that's lying in the bread basket.
"Don't kiss anyone tonight," I say. Niall and Liam chuckle.
"We've got no one to kiss," Niall says. "Bachelors." I look at them, trying to figure out how they're acting so calm.
"Why are you guys so calm?" I ask them, since my brain isn't coming up with a reasonable answer.
"Because we know just how strong Louis and Harry's friendship is. They'll sort everything out and in about ten to fifteen minutes, Louis will come and apologize." Liam says and then he shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly.
"He doesn't have to." And I mean what I just said. Louis doesn't need to apologize. I'm used to hearing hurtful words. Somehow, along the way, I've gotten immune to hurtful words and they've stopped making me feel bad, or hurting me altogether.
"Of course he does!" Niall exclaims. "Harry...is very serious about you. I know you're a fresh couple and you've barely been dating for a few days. However, Harry's...feelings toward you are unique." Niall's words bring a smile to my face. Harry's feelings toward me are unique.
"Mus, but I'm warning you, relationships with us are very hard to maintain." Liam says, holding the bread basket toward me. However, I decline it. "We go off for months...sometimes a year, or so."
"God, you're making us sound like soldiers." I laugh at Niall's remark.
"Even now, after a week we're leaving for our Europe leg of the tour." I nod my head.
"Yeah, I know," I whisper. The thoughts upsets me, so I don't want to think about Harry's departure until the last minute.
"I'm sorry." All three of us turn our heads toward the source of the voice. Louis is standing beside me, looking down at his hands. "I-I was out of line," Louis continues. "I'm sorry." Harry's standing a few feet behind him, looking satisfied.
"It's okay, Louis. You don't have to apologize," I say. Harry furrows his brow and stares at me.
"How can you just brush off what Louis said?" Harry asks me, stepping forward. "He insulted you, called our relationship toxic and you're just forgiving him?"
"Yeah," I say simply. What's so complicated or bad about me forgiving Louis? Yes, he was out of line, but it doesn't really affect me.
"You're...unbelievable." Harry sits down on his former seat and places his hands on either side of my face. Before I can ask him if I'm a good unbelievable or a bad unbelievable, Harry smashes our lips together. "I don't understand you." He murmurs against my lips.
"Get a room," Louis says. We both turn our heads to face him, but this time instead of seeing hate for me in Louis' eyes, I see softness and a twinkle of mischief.
"Get a life, and stop staring at us make out." Harry says, joining our lips again.

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