Best Interests

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Harry's POV
I rock back and forth on my heels, trying to clear my thoughts. I've been sitting out here for almost an hour, and a cobweb is still spun in my mind. Louis left, Liam and Kate have been watching tv, since God knows how long and Niall has set off to get us lunch. I heard Mus come out, and ask to speak with Kate in private. However, I haven't heard her after that. I hear the balcony door slide open behind me, and then slam shut.
"Oops, that was loud." Liam says, taking a seat on the concrete floor beside me. The cool part about this balcony is, it has no tiles. Just spread out cement. I kind of like the concept and I'll surely do this in my home, when I go back to London.
"What're you doing out here?" I ask, still gazing at the office building in front of our hotel.
"I've come to give you company and help you, if you need any." Liam explains, his tone full of concern and understanding. I turn my head to face him, and offer him a faint smile.
"Thank you for caring. But I don't think anyone can sort out my thoughts right now."
"Try me," Liam challenges.
"Okay, fine! Brace yourself," I turn my whole body towards my friend, who's staring at me expectantly. "Bump and I are in a complicated situation right now. The whole thing is so complicated that she can't even put a name to what I am to her. Also, my beloved - girlfriend - whatever you want to call her, doesn't love me. Or can't say so because she gets repulsed at the thought of love, marriage and kids. There!" I huff and shake my head, disbelievingly. When I speak about our relationship out loud, it sounds a hundred times more messed up. "I don't see a future to us, but I still don't want to throw the towel in. Now, tell me, is there a solution to my dilemma? Huh?" I throw my hands into the air and they land on my thighs with a thud. "I mean, she's engaged and Bump's right, we're cheating. We're having an affair, but it doesn't really feel like it because we all know that if she had a choice she'd quit her relationship with Carter. Actually, it's not even a relationship! She and I have a relationship. With him there's nothing, nada! But if there's no future to us - Mus and I - then what's the point of this all? I want kids! I want a family in the near future and marriage, but I also want her." I'm practically whining towards the end of my rant. I hear some doors slam shut inside the suite, but I don't care to look back.
"What does your mind and heart truly say? I mean, do you want a future with another girl, or do you wanna just find your way in the dark, with Mus?" Liam questions, hugging his knees to his chest. I purse my lips and stare across at the office building. I bet everyone in there knows just what they're doing next year and the year after. I bet that's the way my life should be, but its not because I like the way it is with Bump. But for how long? I mean, for how much longer should I just grope in the dark; stumble and then grab onto something? I frown, as I realize that Bump and I are actually going nowhere. The terrace door opens behind me and I turn around to find Kate standing in the threshold, staring at the floor - deep in thought.
"What happened to you?" I ask her, raising my eyebrows. Kate looks up at me, startled. Wow, Kate's deep in thought; where'd the sun rise from today?
"Um..." Kate begins, clearly grasping for words. She looks at Liam and gives him a subtle nod. Understanding shines in his eyes, and he moistens his lips. Liam's eyes land on me, as he places his hand on my shoulder.
"Harry..." Liam trails off, his eyes landing back on Kate. He removes his hand from my shoulder and gets up. Liam takes a few cautious steps away from me, as if I'm going to lunge at him at any second. I get up as well, raising my eyebrows questioningly.
"What's going on, you guys?" I question, shifting my eyes from Liam to Kate and then fixing them back on Liam. He holds his hands out in front of him and steps backwards into the suite.
"Harry, I know you're going to hate me for what I did, but Mus asked." Liam says, beckoning for Kate to join him inside. She marches over to him and places herself behind his back, shielding herself with his body.
"You're scaring me, what have you done?" I question, wariness and irritation creeping into my tone.
"Mus left," Liam practically whispers.
"What?!" I exclaim, striding into the suite and marching over to my room. I shove the door open, making it bang against the wall. Sure enough, Bump is not in there. I yank open the closet doors - empty, except for my clothes and suitcase. Where the fuck did she go?! I tug at my hair, as I exit the room and trudge over to where Liam and Kate are standing. I grab Liam by the collar and tug him closer to my body.
"Where the fuck did she go?" I spit, glaring at him. He places his hands over mine and stares at me, calm and controlled.
"She left, Harry." Liam answers simply. As if this is a simple matter!
"What the fuck do you mean, Liam?! Don't give me half-ass answers because I'm in no mood for them."
"Let him go, Harry!" Kate yells, grabbing my arm. As if she is strong enough to save her boyfriend. I scoff, and shake her hand off my arm. "Mus left, okay? She couldn't take it anymore." I narrow my eyes at her, releasing Liam.
"What couldn't she take? Me?" I can feel anger, irritation and panic bubbling inside me, all at the same time.
"Yes, you! You and her, in fact. Harry, she felt guilty, okay? Mus is simple and she doesn't like or want all this drama in her life. So she left," Kate places her hands on her hips. "Mus knew you wouldn't let her go, so she decided to leave without saying goodbye." Wow, that's it! That's fucking it! Just cause Bump was scared of a goodbye, she just left? What the fuck is going on?
"And you helped her?" I ask, turning to face Liam. I scoff and flick my wrist. "Didn't expect this betrayal from you." I turn around, my eyes landing on a navy-blue vase that's lying, looking perfectly serene, on the kitchen counter. Before I know what I'm doing, the vase is lying on the ground, my foot having kicked it off.
"Fuck!" I scream, tugging at my hair once again. "How dare you?!" I turn around and grab Liam by the collar, shoving him into a wall. He doesn't even fight back, just stares at me.
"You both were fooling no one, but yourselves. It's better this way, Harry." I purse my lips and punch the wall beside Liam's face. Before I hurt him or Kate, I should leave. I turn on my heels and stride over to the front door.
"Where're you going?" Liam calls out from behind me, but I just ignore him. I'm on the verge of choking that bastard to death. I don't know where I'm going, or why? I just know that if I stay in this hotel for a minute longer, I'll blow. Instead of taking the elevator, I decide to take the stairs. Releasing my energy, is the only way for me to calm down and become slightly level-headed. Fuck! I hate it when Mus takes all these rash decisions herself. I mean, doesn't she ever think about me? Is she so blind that she can't see my love and affection for her? A tear unwillingly slips out of my eye. I wipe it off, shaking my head. What the heck's wrong with me?! I don't cry! I'm not weak. No, I will not sit here and cry over Bump, when she can't see my love for her. Maybe all of this is really in our best interests. Yeah, I'll be better off without her. I've dated before, been heartbroken, but then there's always the next girl. And time will make me forget about Bump; make me love another. I frown and stop in my tracks. Will I be able to love another? I've never loved anyone with as much strength as I have Mus. Can I find another girl like her? No, why like her? I'll find a different, better girl. Someone who's of my age and doesn't act so stupid. I take out my phone from my pocket and dial Louis' number.
"Yeah, mate?" Louis says, picking up on the third ring.
"We're going to a club tonight. I have a feeling we're going to get lucky," I say.

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