The Night!

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"Guys, we're going to Trump Tower tonight. Want to join?" Liam asks, coming into our room. Harry and I look up from the tv screen and frown.
"Why?" Harry questions, screwing up his face in disgust.
"Because, dumb ass, the bar is great! Haven't you heard of the Trump Bar?" Liam looks at Harry, as if he's dumb. Harry shakes his head, clearly blank.
"I've been and it's an okay bar, actually." I say, popping two kernels of popcorn into my mouth. "But yeah, we could go." I shrug my shoulders, and get up. "The whole crew's going, right?" Liam nods his head and grabs a handful of popcorn from the bowl, which is lying next to Harry.
"I mean, now that you're going." Liam says, nodding his chin toward me. "I'm sure Harry isn't going to say no." We both turn our heads toward Harry, who grins knowingly.
"Of course I'm coming and it isn't only because of Bump." Harry says, getting up as well.
"Oh, sure." Liam scoffs and exits the room. He shuts the door behind him, leaving us to ourselves, again.
"What should I wear?" I ask Harry, sifting through the clothes in my suitcase. My hand lands on my favorite black dress - the same dress that I wore to One Direction's concert. The same dress in which I met Harry for the first time. It feels like an year ago. But it's only been a couple of months. I'm wearing this, I mentally decide.
"I don't know, something casual, yet a little evening-ish." Harry says, going through his own suitcase. He takes out a black t-shirt and holds it up. It's all crumpled and quite plain, to be frank, but once he irons it and puts it on, I'm sure he'll look like a God in it. "Should I go for this?"
"Do you even have to ask?" I say, rolling my eyes. "I know this as well as you, that you'll look perfect no matter what you wear." Harry throws his shirt at me.
"Are you ironing your dress?" Harry questions, yanking out a pair of jeans.
"Yeah, and I'll do yours, too." I open the cupboard and take out the heavy ironing board.
"Whoa, let me help you with that." Harry says, immediately coming to my aid.
"It's an ironing board, not the mother ship. I think I can handle it on my own." Harry fixes it and puts the plug into the socket.
"I know you can, but I want to help. Let me help," Harry pouts like a child.
"Yes, Superman." I take his face in my hands and give him a quick peck on the lips. "Thank you." Harry grins and scrunches up his nose.
"That was too short of a thank you." Harry whines, squeezing my hands.
"You'll get more of it tonight." I wink at Harry, as I turn to face the ironing board. I spread his shirt on it and get to work.
"Mus!" Harry yells, knocking at the door. "Can I come in? Are you ready?"
"Yeah," I call back. I pass my hand over the bottom of my dress and then look at myself in the mirror. Yeah, I look fine. The door opens and I hear Harry walk in. I turn to the left, to face him.
"So?" I ask, raising my eyebrows. Harry looks up from his phone and an involuntary gasp escapes his lips.
"This is the same dress you wore when we first met," Harry says. I nod my head, an ear splitting grin adorning my face. God, he remembers! It's small things like this that make me love him even more. "And, if it's even possible, you look even more gorgeous in it."
"Thank you," I say earnestly.
"T-The boys are waiting," Harry stumbles over his own words. "L-Let's go." I nod and grab my phone. I walk past Harry and his hand brushes against mine.
"Fuck, I'm starstruck." I hear Harry whisper, as I exit the room. Kate and Liam are already all over each other and they haven't even had one drink yet.
"Guys, get a room!" I exclaim, shielding my eyes playfully, from the horror that's unfolding before me.
"Now you know how we felt when Harry and you used to always be sucking each other's lips off." Kate says, as I remove my hand from my eyes. I laugh and wave my hand, gesturing for them to continue.
"I rest my case. Go on," I encourage. Kate grins at me and blows me a flying kiss. Liam chuckles and places Kate on the couch beside him, then gets up.
"Where's Harry?" Liam asks.
"He's coming. I believe he's starstruck." I murmur the last line to myself. The minute the words escape my mouth, strong arms wrap around my waist from behind. I tilt my head to the side to be met by sparkling green orbs.
"I believe I am," Harry whispers seductively. Instantly, my heart rate spikes up and I can feel goosebumps rise on my arms.
"Everyone in the car!" Liam yells, yanking open the suite's door. I'm the first one to release myself from Harry's strong grip and rush out of the suite, as if my ass is on fire. As I turn around and wait for the others, my eyes land on Harry, who is grinning cheekily. Asshole! I scowl at him, flip him off and stomp towards the elevators.
"And what would you like, Ma'am?" The waiter asks, coming over to me with the notepad, on which he's noted down everyone's others.
"A glass of Coke and the Tender Pops," I say.
"Thank you." Smiling, he gives a small nod of his head and heads toward the bar. My eyes fly over to where Harry's palm is resting on my thigh. I think he's doing this unconsciously. However, I'm hyper aware of his every action and move that's directed toward me.
"No, but it'll have to start sooner or later." Harry continues his conversation with Louis. I zone them out and glance around the bar. Kate and Liam are taking pictures outside, and then they'll re-join us, Louis and Harry are in some work related conversation and Niall is in the bathroom. Trump Bar is not that full. However, there are a decent amount of people occupying the seats around the bar, near the windows and beside us. But so far, no one has asked the boys for an autograph, or a pic. Guess the people here believe they're celebrities too. Suddenly, my eyes land on a guy, who's looking at me. He gives me a flirtatious smile, when he notices I've caught him and I offer him a shy smile in return.
"We might not be a proper couple, but I'm still your boyfriend." Harry whispers in my ear, making me scowl.
"You can't be my boyfriend, if we're not a proper couple." I argue, turning to face him. Harry narrows his eyes at me, and grunts. The man actually grunts! God, he's unbelievable.
"Fine, then let's make ourselves one." Harry's hand wraps around the back of my head and he pulls my face toward his. My eyes widen, as Harry's tongue slips into my mouth, without warning, or permission.
"Fuck, your lips taste good." Harry murmurs into the kiss, as his hand leaves my head and lands on my other thigh. He gets to work on them and rubs them, affectionately and with a certain level of urgency. I moan, as my whole body ignites on fire. I want more. I don't want to keep the boundaries, that are our clothes, between us anymore. All I want to do is feel Harry's skin against mine - every single inch of it. The passion in our kiss doesn't diminish, if anything, it increases. By the time Harry pulls back, I'm panting and so is he. He grins at me; a grin filled with mischief and desire.
"Let's go." I say, reading his mind. Harry nods desperately and takes hold of my hand.
"Louis, tell the others we retired early." Harry says, helping me into my coat. The guy sitting at the bar gives Harry a disgusted look and grimaces. Harry, on the other hand, doesn't even notice. He's just trying to hurry up our escape process. Today's the night. A night that'll change my whole perspective on intimacy, and will probably affect Harry and my relationship positively. People always say that once a couple has sex, they become closer to each other. I hope that applies to us. I'll finally know what romance authors have been describing and what movies have been displaying with so much passion, and detail. Harry hails a cab and ushers me in. Throughout the ride, he's staring out of the windscreen, a smile playing at the corners of his lips. We finally arrive at the hotel, after what seems like forever.
"Go on." Harry says, handing the key to me. I nod my head and practically hop out of the cab. I find it hard to walk in a straight line, as I head toward the elevators. Another feeling that's creeping me out is the fact that I feel as if everyone's looking at me, as if they know what we're up to. I keep my eyes on the elevator doors, as I wait for it to reach the floor I'm on. It finally arrives and I get in. Throughout the ride up, my feet are moving around on their own accord and so are my fingers. They can't seem to stop fiddling with each other. What is Harry expecting me to do? Why did he ask me to go on first? Does he expect me to whip out a Victoria's Secret lingerie set because I don't have one and honestly, I never want to go in and choose one. These thoughts make me even more nervous. Hence, making my palms sweaty. I unlock the door and leave it slightly ajar, so that Harry doesn't need to ring the bell. After sliding the key into the lights slot, I saunter toward our room. For a few seconds, I just stand in the doorway, wondering what to do next. Maybe I should just go and sit? Yeah, I'll do so. Taking a deep breath to calm myself, I take a seat on the edge of the bed and wait for Harry. I hear the front door open and then click shut. He's here. The thought makes butterflies erupt in my stomach. I can hear Harry's boots thud against the linoleum floor, as he makes his way toward our room. My eyes drop down toward my feet on their own accord. Even though I can't see Harry, I know he's here - standing in the doorway - boring holes into me. Suddenly, Harry comes into my line of sight, as he lowers himself onto the floor, in front of me.
"You know I love you," Harry says. His tone is low and seductive. I moisten my lips and nod my head. "And I'll always be gentle where you're concerned. You have nothing to worry about." Just like that, he gets up and leans into me. Reflexively, I lean back and soon, my back hits the soft mattress. Harry cups my cheek and showers me with light kisses, along my jaw. My eyes seal shut, as desire pools down there. Here goes nothing!

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