Confusion Can Drive One Crazy

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I stare at the windshield and the advertisement for Colgate that's glued to the building in front. What did that kiss mean? This question and several others have been going through my brain since I entered this car. Why does a relationship have to be so complicated? Harry and I aren't even in a relationship, but still my mind's a storm. I let out a cry that's a mixture of frustration and a weird, distorted groan. I don't know how long I've been sitting in the car, with my hands around the steering wheel, but it feels like a long time. Maybe an hour. Suddenly, there's a rap at the window, snapping me out of my thoughts and making me jump in my seat. Harry's standing outside wearing a beanie. I unlock the car doors, and he opens the passenger door, getting into the car.
"Why'd you leave?" Harry asks me, frowning.
"I-I just had to," I say. "What was that for?" Harry looks at me, confused. "The kiss? What'd you kiss me for?"
"I wanted to." Harry says this sentence slowly, as if he's speaking to a three year old.
"Yeah, no, I knew that. But why?" Harry pouts and stares at me like I'm insane.
"Because I like you...and I wanted to. What else should I say?" I lose my patience and slam my palms against the steering wheel.
"Why me? That's what I mean, Harry! Of all the girls,, why me?" I cry out. "You've had a long list of ex-girlfriends, and they're much better than me, much prettier, and they have more money and respect. Then, why me?" Harry stares at me for a second and then he chuckles. He has the audacity to chuckle. I gape at him.
"Harry! Shut up." I want to punch the guy. How dare he laugh right now?! Huffing, I lean over him and push open the door. "Get out." Immediately, Harry's laughter comes to an end, and he shuts the door.
"Sorry, Mus." Harry says, smiling at me sheepishly. "I'm just laughing because you're saying such stupid things. Those girls might have money, but they're not more respected than you. Their looks don't compare to yours and neither are they better than you." Harry turns his whole body toward me, and cups my cheeks. "Mus, you can beat any of those girls, but you don't have to. Because they shouldn't have the honor to compete with you in anything. Plus, when you win their self-esteem will be crushed." I smile and feel the tension draining out of my body. Harry always knows the right thing to say to make me smile, and feel at ease. I place my hands over his which are cupping my cheeks.
"Thank you." I say earnestly.
"For what?" He asks, puzzled.
"For being so nice to me and bearing with me through my moments of insanity."
"You don't have moments of insanity, you have moments of being human which you are obligated to having." Harry leans forward and my breath hitches. "I will only do this if you want me to." Harry stops merely inches away from my face.
"I've always wanted to do this, since I was ten." I chuckle and smash my lips against Harry's. Our lips fit perfectly together. I haven't kissed a lot of men in my life, but Harry and my kisses are special and unique. Hell, we've only had two so far, so who am I to judge? We kiss for what feels like forever. Our kiss isn't urgent, but it's filled with passion and...a feeling that I can't describe. This feeling surges through me, or maybe that's just the tingly feeling that I'm getting because Harry's hands are roaming the sides of my stomach. He doesn't go too low, nor does he lift my shirt. I appreciate him for not doing so. Suddenly, there's a knock at the window, and I pull back. Harry grimaces and turns around to see who disturbed our moment. It's Kate, of course. I roll my eyes and lower the window, instead of opening the door.
"What?" Harry snaps. A small laugh escapes my lips at his irritation.
"Sorry Harry, but you don't have to be so snarky." Kate says, heading toward the back of the car and opening the door. "You know it's getting late and Mus and I have to attend college tomorrow."
"Oh," Harry murmurs. "Of course." He opens the door and gets out of the car. Since the window's still lowered, Harry bends forward, placing his hands on the window.
"Bumper, I'll call you later, okay?" Harry says, grinning smugly. He knows this name annoys the hell out of me.
"You call me that and I'll shut the phone." I warn him, though there's no conviction in my tone. Harry chuckles and takes a step back.
"I'll talk to you and I hope to see you soon." Harry gives Kate and I a small wave and turns around, heading back into the arena.
"Girl, you've got him wrapped around your finger like a bandage." Kate says, making me roll my eyes.
"Kate, he's not wrapped around my finger," I say. "Are you coming shotgun, or should I reverse?"
"No, I'm coming up front because I want to know how the hell you convinced him to get you onstage." Good luck to me. Kate changes seats and then I reverse, increasing the radio's volume. However, my efforts to block Kate out are in vain, as she lowers the volume.
"So, what'd you do Mus?" Kate asks me, and from the corner of my eye, I see her wiggling her eyebrows. "Did know, do something that involved touching?"
"What?! No, Kate. Oh God, get a filter." I know she doesn't mean it in a negative, judgmental way. However, just the idea of doing that with Harry to achieve something as petty as going onstage is revolting. "Harry dragged me out. I didn't even want to come up there in front of thousands of people."
"Harry seems to like you. A lot. After all, he kissed you in front of thousands of people, making your relationship official."
"We're not..." But I trail off, the thought suddenly popping in my head. Harry didn't say anything about our relationship.
"Oh, come on. You are definitely dating, Mus! Why else would he scoop you up in his arms and then kiss the life out of you right there in front of everyone?" I shrug my shoulders. Honestly, there's no logical answer to that. Other then the fact that he was announcing our relationship. As we stop at a traffic light, I slam my head against the steering wheel.

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