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Harry's POV
I grab my jacket off the back of my chair, making it clatter to the ground. Liam walks into our little writing space with a mug of steaming hot coffee.
"Harry, what's wrong?" He asks, concerned.
"Where are the keys to the Jeep?" I question, shoving aside papers, and pens that are scattered all over our work table.
"Harry, what's wrong? Is it Mus?" Liam questions further. I slam my fist on the table, trying very hard and failing horribly, to calm my nerves.
"Just tell me where the fucking keys are. I don't have time, Liam!" I yell, dropping Niall's iPad, in my haste.
"Harry, they're on the wall, as always." Liam says, placing the mug on the coffee table. I turn around and sure enough, the rack that carries all our keys is also holding the Jeep's key.
"Thanks," I mumble. What the heck's wrong with my mind? I know of the rack and I also know that we hang all our keys there when they're not in use. Then why the fuck...God! I run down the corridor that leads out back, where all of our cars are parked. I shove the door open with so much force that it hits the wall, making a loud noise.
"Harry, where are you going?" Niall yells, but I don't bother responding, as I get into the Jeep. I start up the engine, reverse and slam into Liam's car.
"Fuck," I hiss. I've put quite a visible dent on his bumper. Slamming my foot on the gas, I speed out of the parking lot. I try calling Mus again, however, she doesn't answer. I clench my fist around the steering wheel tightly, anxiety, and worry coursing through my veins. I'm going to kill that fucking bastard who laid his hands on my Bumper. Who the hell is he to rule over our lives? I make a sharp turn onto the main road. It's a one-way road and I'm driving in the wrong direction, so drivers keep honking at me, yelling curses and showing me the middle finger. However, I don't care because this is a shortcut. I turn into a narrow alley, the sides of my mirrors skimming the brick walls. Trash cans and dumpsters become target to my rash driving. I turn on the main road, and the mall that Mus named looms in front of me. The car jerks to a stop in front of the main entrance of the mall. For some reason, there's barely anyone in the mall and around it, so I'm not subject to more curses, as I slam the door and run toward the sliding glass doors. However, I have a feeling Mus isn't inside. If she was, then surely someone would've heard her cries for help and defended her from the attacker. I fish out my phone from my back pocket and call her again. The chorus of 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go?' rings in my ears. That's her ringtone for me. She's somewhere near. The call ends, but I call her again. Following the sound of the ringtone, I near an alley. The figure of an unconscious Mus - lying on the floor, surrounded by blood, and mud - looms in front of my eyes. Hastily, I place my phone in my pocket and run towards her.
"Oh God," I murmur, as I turn her over. I place her phone in my pocket, which is lying beside her, and then I lift her up in my arms, bridal style. I lower my ear toward her mouth, only to find soft, calculated breaths. Panic clutches at my heart, making me quicken my pace. I get into the car, keeping her on my lap, supporting her back with the door. She looks so fragile and breakable right now. Unlike the Mus that I know. The girl that I know is a fighter; she is stubborn and argumentative. However, this girl, who's lying unconscious in my arms right now, is fragile and hurt. The man, or woman who has done this to her will pay. I will make them pay.
"Any news?" I ask, entering the waiting lounge. Liam shakes his head, lips pursed. Kate is sitting beside him, her hands in his lap. The minute Liam heard about Kate being attacked, he arranged for her to fly here, and spend the rest of the winter break with him. However, he told me not to mention this to Bump, as Kate wanted to talk to Bump herself. Now, Kate sits here in anticipation, like the rest of us. Louis, of course, didn't turn up. However, Niall and Liam are here to show me support and so is Kate. She looks up at me, straight into my eyes with fear and reassurance.
"Mus'll be fine, she's a fighter." Kate assures me, sounding confident. Maybe a little too confident. I nod my head curtly. There's not much I want to say right now. I feel as if every word that escapes my lips adds a tonne of weight on my shoulders. Kate's a strong woman. She's clearly been in such a situation before, where one of her relative, or close friend has suffered some serious injury. Because Kate is perfectly composed and calm. Yes, I see fear in her eyes, but she's like our supporting pillar. Making sure everyone's eating food and keeping themselves hydrated, calming us with her positive words. I'm glad she's hear.
"Sir, may I talk to you for a second?" I turn around to find Xavi standing at the entrance of the lounge, looking at me expectantly. I nod my head and follow him out, and into another hallway. This hallway is much quieter than the rest of the hospital, which is full of doctors, nurses and patients.
"Any leads?" I question, my voice deflated.
"Not really, Sir." Xavi says solemnly, looking at his shoes. He looks and sounds ashamed at having to convey this message to me. "The CCTV cameras only caught a hunched figure in a beige raincoat, and a blue hat, walking out of the alley that Mu- Madam Mus was found in." He looks up at me apologetically. "We can't really tell if it's a man or woman, either. I'm sorry." I know that Xavi's as concerned about Mus's health as the others. I could see the concern in his eyes when he came racing down the hall of the ER and questioned us about her well being. Xavi and Mus have become good friends. He's another victim to her amiable nature and charm.
"Don't be. Thanks," I whisper.
"Sir, if you get any news-"
"Yes, I'll inform you about her health." The doctors say that she took hard blows to the stomach and her head was hit pretty hard against the wall, as well. They say she might've fractured her ribs, as the person who hit her used a bat or some sort of a rod. A shiver travels up my spine at the thought. Feeble steps lead me back into the waiting lounge: a polished brown and white colored room that carries the powerful smell of a hospital, more so than the hospital itself. The room itself makes me want to throw up. It gives off a wrong impression; an impression that everything will be fine, when at times it's not.
"Louis, shut the fuck up for once." I hear Liam say. I look up to find him standing in one corner with Kate. Their backs are toward me, and Liam looks seriously worked up. "You know, Harry's right, you're a dick." I'm in no mood or shape to hear this conversation, so I turn back around and trace my steps. Xavi is still sitting in the hallway, his palms joined together, as if he's praying. I walk past him, toward the exit of the hospital. I need to get out of here before I have a nervous breakdown. I hate hospitals. They're such a place of loss and grief. Suddenly, I remember how Mus has a new wish for each day of the year. Her yesterday's wish was for me to listen to her and have warm milk with honey. One complain about my throat feeling itchy and she's handing me a Panadol and making me warm milk with honey. I smile at the thought. Of course in the end she got her way and I had to drink a huge glass of the disgusting drink. I can never say no to her and that's my weakness. Today I have a wish; please God, heal my girl. I take a seat at the steps of the hospital, and raise my eyes to the sky. I've never feared anything in my life. Heck, this feeling is scaring me. It's like my whole body is switching off part by part. The world around me seems to be losing color and feeling. I feel like a projected image; I'm here, but not. I can't seem to enjoy the chatter, taste the food I had for lunch, or express myself anymore. There's a void that's filling my whole body.
"Harry, there you are!" Niall exclaims, taking a seat beside me. "The doctors are shifting Mus to a private ward in half an hour. Room 107, third floor." The heaviness in my heart seems to lighten a little, and I smile in hope.
"Thank you, Niall." I say gratefully. Before I can comprehend what I'm doing, my arms wrap themselves around Niall, and tears begin to soak into his shoulder. "I've never been so scared," I choke.
"Yeah, I know." Niall says solemnly, wrapping me in a bear hug. "You're lost without her."
"I am," I agree.
"Harry, I also asked the doctors if she's okay to fly tomorrow. They said she is, as long as she has her medicines on time, and takes rest. A lot of it." Another good news!
"That's great! I already told Mum that we're not flying in, so let's not tell her about the change of plans. It'll be a nice surprise." Niall nods his head in agreement.
"Yeah, she's really concerned and worried about Mus. So is Gemma," Niall says. The boys have been giving my family updates regarding Mus' health and mine.
"Let me go in and check if everything's going smoothly." I say, getting up. "You coming?"
"No, I'll be...going to the hotel because Lou is leaving." Niall says hesitantly. Of course, Louis' leaving tonight.
"Okay." I purse my lips and head into the hospital. Whenever one of us heads home for a break, we always drop them off. However, this time Niall and Liam can go, but I won't.

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