On The Inside I'm Screaming

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"Waiting for somebody's call?" Sophia asks, sitting down beside me on the couch, a glass of water in her hand. I look up at her, furrowing my brow. "Mus, it's pretty obvious, you know. You've checked your phone for the hundredth time, since I came down after changing." Sophia's always been highly observant.
"Yeah, someone was supposed to call me. But I don't think he will," I say. Sighing, I get up and place my phone on the table. What's the point of waiting for something that'll never happen? He's busy today, that's all.
"He? Ah, boyfriend?" Sophia raises her eyebrows. I nod my head, biting the inside of my cheek.
"A very special one."
"Of course he's special. After all, Mus is dating Harry Styles." Rayan says, entering the lounge with a magazine and a glass of juice in his hands. His eyes sparkling with curiosity and amusement. "A fact that I had to read in a magazine."
"Rayan, if only you focused on studies as much as you focus on gossip." Sophia says, rolling her eyes. Her eyes land on mine, and I feel like she's reading all of the secrets inside them. "Harry Styles? That One Direction singer? The guy who you said you'll marry?" Her tone is questioning, but I know that Sophia knows the answer to them all. I nod my head, my teeth working overtime on the inside of my cheek. I feel the metallic taste of blood, so I let the flesh go. Sophia squeals, something I've never heard her do, and places the glass of water beside her foot. She grabs my hands, and squeezes. "Girl, you've done it! Wow, Mus. You always said that you'd date Harry Styles and...you have." I nod my head.
"I am dating him, Sophia and it's the best feeling in the world." I say, my gaze landing back on the black screen of my phone. "He's so...he's my prince charming." Sophia's grin widens.
"I'm so happy for you, Mus. You've found the guy and you're in love." I pull my hands out of her grip.
"N-No, I'm not." I stutter, hastily. "L-Love...not at all." Sophia groans and throws her head back.
"Mus, I know how you feel about love, marriage and children. But you're in love, so why deny the fact?"
"Because I'm not, Sophia!" I get up. "I'm not." She purses her lips. Sophia always knows when to stop and when to start with the same topic again. I won't be surprised if tomorrow, when we're having ice-cream, or while she's shopping, Sophia brings the same topic up again. I grab my phone and march out of the lounge. "I'm not in love." I murmur to myself. As I'm making my way into the kitchen, the front door clicks open and in walks a very flustered looking Kate, with Gregg close behind her heels.
"Hey, you guys!" I say, a smile spreading across my lips. Kate and I already made up in the afternoon, that's the beauty of our friendship. "Why're you here? I mean, I'm happy you are, but why?"
"Okay, so I guess you haven't seen it." Kate says, more to Gregg than to me. However, I know that I'm the person who she's supposed to talk to.
"Seen what?" I ask, raising an eyebrow.
"Ah, a party! All for me, sis. You shouldn't have," Rayan says, exiting the lounge. I smack his arm.
"These are my two best friends, Gregg and Kate. Guys, this is Rayan, as you already know." I introduce my friends and Rayan.
"How would they already know?" Rayan shakes hands with Gregg and Kate.
"Because of the numerous times Mus has mentioned you, Amaan, and Sophia. She talks about you as often as she speaks about her mom, and Harry." Kate explains, rolling her eyes. Rayan grins and looks at me.
"You're the best, Apps." Rayan says, taking a step toward me and then taking two steps backwards.
"Aw, come on, if you want to hug me, just do." I say, wrapping my arms around him. "Your favorite ice-cream's lying in the fridge. Go finish up the tub." Rayan pulls back and runs into the kitchen.
"You're seriously amazing!" Rayan yells, as I hear him open the freezer door.
"I know!" I yell back. Laughing, I turn to face my friends. "So, what was I supposed to see?" Kate bites her lip and takes hold of my hand, guiding me up the stairs. "What's going on?" I turn my head and raise an eyebrow at Gregg. He looks at me solemnly.
"Mus, we came as soon as we heard. Well, Gregg heard about this first and then he called me, and...now we're here." Kate says, as we enter my room. "Sit down." I oblige and stare up at my two cryptic best friends. Kate takes out her phone from the back-pocket of her black skinny jeans. "Don't freak out, but we've come bearing bad news. It's about Harry." My heart rate speeds up immediately.
"I-Is he okay?" I ask, concern lacing my tone.
"Yeah, he is!" Gregg says, hastily. "Though..." He trails off, leaving me in the dark again. Kate hands me her phone. I look down at the screen to find the website of 'E! News,' loading.
"Why're you showing me this website at ten in the night?" I say, looking up from the screen to Kate, and then back at the screen. Harry's name pops up in big, black bold letters. "What's this?" Below Harry's name are two photos. One is of him holding some blonde girl in his arms and the second is of him kissing her. I clear my throat, and read the article. The lump in my throat seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the second. The article is of him hanging around with some girl, one of his mutual friend's sister at night, in a club in London. My brain - for some reason - cannot digest this article. I read it once, twice, thrice and then as I'm about to start reading it for the fourth time, someone clears their throat. I look up to find Amaan, standing near my room door.
"Apps, can I get an extra pillow and blanket?" Amaan asks, looking highly uncomfortable. He hates being in the company of people who he doesn't know. Once upon a time, I used to be like him.
"Sure," I say. I get up and hand Kate her phone. She takes it, her eyes searching my face for something. "Thanks for showing that to me, guys."
"Please let me assist my family tonight. We can all have dinner tomorrow," I interrupt her. Gregg and Kate nod their heads slowly. On the outside, I'm putting on a pretty good show. On the inside, I'm screaming.

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