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"I'm all done!" Harry announces, shutting the suitcase. I look up from the book that's in my hand.
"Good. So, you're leaving tomorrow, right?" I ask, shutting the book and making my way over to the bed where Harry's lying like a dead man.
"Yeah, tomorrow." He sighs and straightens up his left arm, so that I can place my head on it.
"You know, whenever I place my head on your arm I remember my grandfather." Harry's face scrunches up.
"Yeah, because when I was young he, just like you, would spread his arm and I would place my head on it. After about an hour, he would complain about how heavy my head is. I would just laugh and not move because that was my happy place. It was a place of comfort for me."
"So, is this a place of comfort for you? Your happy place?" Harry asks, placing a small kiss on the tip of my nose.
"Well, your arm's skinnier than his, and more bonier. But it'll do," I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly.
"Excuse me, Bump! My arm is not skinny, or bony. It's perfectly muscular and tattoo filled." Harry raises his other arm in an attempt to convince me that he has muscles.
"Sure, whatever you say," I mumble.
"Bump, these muscular arms have dragged you onstage, they've picked you up and trust me, I can do a lot more with my hands and arms." Harry's tone turns seductive and hoarse toward the end, making my breath catch in my throat. I clear my throat, trying to clear up my fogged up brain.
"T-Tea, Harry?" I say, clearing my throat again. He smirks and eyes me.
"Great change of subject," Harry says. He turns his body toward me, and nuzzles his nose in my hair. "Mm...your smell is..." Harry sighs. "I've been using your bathroom for the past couple of days and I smelt your shampoo. However, I didn't get the same fragrance that's in your hair. What's your secret, Bump?" Harry wiggles his eyebrows.
"Well, it's a secret that I'm not telling." I push myself up with the help of my elbows. "Gregg and Kate will be coming over around five. They want to bid you farewell." Harry groans.
"Thanks for mentioning them. You and I have to go to the arena and collect some of my stuff. Plus, I need to say bye to everyone there, too." Harry gets up as well. "Thank God, you mentioned them, otherwise I would've forgotten altogether."
"Okay, so I'll just change and then we'll leave." Harry nods his head.
"Thank you so much for everything. It was a pleasure working with you," Harry says. He shakes the employees hand and a smile lights up the man's face. Harry's been doing this for the past half an hour, going around, shaking everyone's hands and then hugging them. It seems so well rehearsed and I would've thought so too, had it not been for the genuine smile and look in Harry's eyes. He truly appreciates everyone who he's worked with at this arena. As I watch him, a wave of sadness hits me. He'll be gone tonight. I still haven't brought up the subject of me doubting a long distance relationship and I don't want to. I want my last hours with Harry to be filled with kisses, small talk and anything but a sad topic. Bottom line is, I'm a coward who doesn't want to bring up the subject because we might argue over the matter.
"Bumper, let's go." Harry says, coming over and wrapping an arm around my waist. I turn around to face Gideon.
"Bye, Gideon. It was great having you tail me everywhere," I say, laughing. "No, honestly, I'll miss having a double shadow." Gideon holds out his hand to shake mine. However, instead of taking it, I lean forward and embrace Gideon. "Hope to meet you again some time."
"It was an honor to trail you, Ms. Mus." I pull back and raise an eyebrow. "Mus. I mean."
"Yeah, it's good you remember our conversation." I wink at him and let Harry turn me around and guide me toward the exit of the arena because I cannot for the life of me navigate through this place. It's the most complicated maze in the world.
"It's nice of you to, you know, say goodbye to all of them like that." I say, nodding my head in the direction of a staff member.
"It's not nice of me, it's nice of them to work so hard while we're here. I really appreciate their efforts and hard work, Bump. The worst part is, I feel that they're often taken for granted. Like people don't actually understand they are humans too and they're sacrificing their time to be here till three in the morning. Martha - the cleaning lady - has a family of five waiting for her at home. Yet, she stays here till two each morning and cleans up, making the arena presentable for us to come and rehearse, or perform."
"That's tough," I murmur.
"Sure as hell is," Harry agrees. "Bumper, when we reach home, I want to have one last cup of the delicious tea that you make." I nod my head, laughing.
"Yeah, don't worry about us missing our flight!" Louis yells from the car. I roll my eyes at him.
"I'll call you everyday and if you don't pick up even one of my call, don't be surprised to find me at your doorstep." Harry says, moving his thumb soothingly along my cheek. I nod my head, smiling a very weak smile. I don't want to smile right now, I want to cry.
"I'll make sure to pick up," I whisper because my voice keeps breaking if I speak in a normal tone. It takes a lot more effort to suppress tears than one can imagine.
"Don't cry over me, Bump. I'll face-time you, so it'll feel like I'm not even gone."
"It better, Harry." He envelopes me in his long, warm arms.
"God, I'll miss you." Harry murmurs into my hair.
"Me too," I nod my head.
"Harry! We're already late," Liam announces. I pull back and push his shoulder lightly.
"Go, before you actually miss the plane." I say, wiping at my right eye. Don't cry. Don't cry.
"Okay," Harry takes a few steps backwards. "Take care, Bumper. I lo...I'll miss you." Harry gives me a small wave and then turns around and gets into the car, in which the boys are waiting for him.
"Bye!" I yell, sitting down on the front steps of my house. Liam lowers the window and waves at me. Harry's head is bowed low and if I'm not mistaken, I think he's crying. I shake my head. No, it can't be. But then I see him sniff and suddenly, I'm not so sure.

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