Give Myself A Break

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The minute my eyes flutter open, a contented smile lifts up my lips. I turn my head toward the right to find Harry - his head supported with his left hand - staring at me. He's smiling as well, his eyes filled with affection and joy.
"Creepy stalker," I say. He chuckles, and dips his head downwards to kiss me. Instinctively, I turn my head towards the left, so that his soft lips land on my cheek.
"What?" Harry whines, reminding me of a child, whose favorite car has gotten lost.
"I haven't brushed," I answer. Harry pouts and shakes his head.
"Big deal, Bump! I just want to kiss you." Harry tries again. This time, I kick my legs off the bed and stand up. He face plants onto the mattress, making me laugh.
"It's disgusting!" I exclaim. Haz's eyes travel down my body and back up again, in an instant. However, I catch his slight movement. I look down and find myself stark naked. Fuck!
"Oh, God." I groan, yanking off the blanket and wrapping it around myself. Harry smirks, and gets up from the bed.
"Nothing I haven't seen before," he comments.
"Just because we've slept together, doesn't mean we can walk around in front of the other naked, whenever we feel like." I retort, feeling warmth seep into my cheeks. Harry chuckles and makes his way toward me. I look at him warily, ready to jump back if he tries to kiss me again. However, he just cups my face and lowers my head, planting a soft, quick kiss on my head.
"Thank you for last night." Harry says earnestly, letting go of my face. I smile back at him, not really knowing what to say. It was amazing for me too! I don't regret a second of it and I don't think I ever will. Honestly, I'm just glad that I got to share such an experience in my life with Harry, of all the men out there. This'll always be ours to share - this experience. Our little secret. The thought makes me immensely glad.
"Bump, please brush your teeth quickly, so that I can kiss you." Harry says, stepping back and waving toward the bathroom. "I mean, I have no qualms kissing you with morning breath, but you're Ms. Hygiene." Harry rolls his eyes.
"Well, I do and yes, I'll brush quickly." Harry winks at me, a twinkle of excitement lighting up his eyes.
"Honest to Lord, Bump, after last night, I don't think I'll ever be able to keep my hands off you." Harry says, rubbing his palms together. I want to tell him that I don't mind that thought. But instead, I straighten my back, wrap the blanket around my body tighter and head into the bathroom.
When Harry and I step out of the bathroom, I feel as if everyone out there, in the lounge, will judge me for what I've done. I have a feeling in my gut that they know. Therefore, I keep my eyes trained on the ground, and walk out, fingers intertwined in Harry's. He squeezes my hand reassuringly, as if reading my mind. After I exited the bathroom, Harry and I went at it again. If it's even possible, it was better than last night. Harry said that we should give me a break today - as last night was my first time - but I couldn't control the desire that was raging inside me. Plus, his tone held no conviction and his actions spoke louder than his words. I smile to myself at the thought and the way Harry's personality transforms when we're in the bedroom, ready to have sex. He becomes a different person altogether - controlling, yet gentle. The perfect blend.
"Finally, some people are up!" Liam exclaims, upon seeing us. "We thought that last night's activities would keep you in till four in the evening." He grins and winks at me. Immediately, I divert my gaze towards the floor and start gnawing at the inside of my cheek.
"Liam, no." Harry whispers, shaking his head. His tone is dead serious and Liam gets the message, so he shuts up. Kate, on the other hand, acts like the bitch she is.
"So how was it? Is he as good as we imagined?" Kate questions me, wiggling her eyebrows. I can feel heat creep into my cheeks.
"You've fantasized about Harry?!" Liam practically yells, his tone frantic. Kate bites her bottom lip and mouths, "Fuck."
"No, of course not. But Mus has!" Kate exclaims, pointing to me. Oh, thanks a bunch, bestie!
"You've fantasized about me?" Harry questions, turning his head to pin me with his curious, yet amused gaze. I shake my head vigorously, letting the cat out of the bag. Harry bites his lower lip to control his laughter. However, he fails miserably and very soon, his shoulders are shaking with laughter.
"Shut up," I mumble, embarrassed.
"I'm...Sorry." Harry manages to rasp out, between convulsive fits of laughter. I narrow my eyes at him and shoot daggers into his chest. However, he's too caught up in the moment to notice.
"Don't worry, Mus, Kate's dreamed about me, too." Liam says, winking at Kate. It's her turn to blush now. I grin, satisfied with my friend's suffering.
"Are you guys just going to talk about fantasies all day long because I'm bored." Louis says, feigning a yawn. And there goes the fun atmosphere of the day. Harry snorts and wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me closer.
"Louis, can you please - for once - try to be nice? Just for me," Harry says. He stares at Louis pleadingly, making him sigh.
"I'll try." Louis sighs, as if Harry's asked him to go days without food and saunters towards his room. Liam rolls his eyes at Louis' back and pecks Kate on the cheek.
"So what do you girls want to do today?" Liam asks, his eyes shifting from me to Kate and then landing back on me.
"Explore New York!" I exclaim, excitedly. "The last time I visited I was fourteen."
"Then that's what we'll do." Harry murmurs, nuzzling his nose in my neck. I smile contentedly. For some reason, every instinct in my body wants to grab Harry by the collar and take him back into our room. However, I know that for right now, we've had enough sex and I need to give my body a break.

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