Ever Be Able To Say Those Words Back To Him.

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"Bumper?" Harry says, making me open my eyes and stare in his green orbs.
"Yeah," I mumble. Harry and I are lying on the bed, my back pressed to his front. He's playing around with my fingers, while I'm tracing the tattoos on his arms.
"I talked to some friends regarding publishing and they're eager to read your manuscripts." My hands stop what they're doing, and I sit up. I turn around and look at Harry, not believing what he's just said.
"Really?" Harry nods his head, smiling.
"In fact, I was thinking that we could email them today. You told me that they're ready, but you haven't had the chance to send them out." Me, an author at eighteen?
"This'll be a dream come true, Haz." I say, throwing myself at him. I wrap my arms around his neck, and squeeze. "Thank you so much, Harry! You've no idea how happy you've made me today."
"I'm glad you're happy, but you're also killing me." I loosen my grip around Harry's neck and kiss him. "I'm happy that I can make you happy."
"You make me very happy, Styles." Harry wraps his arms around my back and turns us over, not removing his lips from mine. My fingers entwine themselves in his hair and he strokes the sides of my face with his thumbs.
"How do you always manage to taste so sweet?" Harry murmurs, as I let out a soft moan.
"We're back!" Rayan yells and it sounds like he's right outside my room. The doorknob turns. Thank God, Harry locked the door. Hastily, I remove my lips from Harry's, bumping my forehead against his in the process.
"Ow! This is the tenth time, Bumper." Harry complains, rubbing his forehead. However, his face carries a smile.
"You're an exaggerator." I say, rolling my eyes. I get off the bed, and take a quick look in the mirror.
"Apps, are you alive in there?!" Rayan yells, rattling the doorknob again.
"Yeah, one sec!" I yell, bunching my hair into a messy bun. Hastily, I make my way over to the door and unlock it. Rayan enters my room, his eyes sweeping across it. His eyes land on Harry and he raises an eyebrow.
"Is he causing you any trouble?" Rayan asks, arms crossed across his chest, his right foot tapping against the floor impatiently.
"No, don't worry, Harry doesn't cause me trouble." I say, laughing. Oh, my protective little brother.
"Yeah, he better not." Rayan glares at Harry.
"What do you have against me? You and Amaan, both," Harry says. Rayan shrugs his shoulders.
"We love you. We love One Direction. I remember when we were younger, Apps, used to make us listen to you all on her laptop and iPad. Amaan and I were crazy for you guys. We still are. But now that you're dating Apps, I need to fulfill a responsibility." Rayan explains, looking somber.
"Responsibility of what kind?" I take a seat beside Harry and take his hand in mine. I love the feeling of his cold metal rings against my skin.
"A huge responsibility to ensure that no one's messing around with her. So, Mr. Styles, are you serious about my sis?" Rayan takes a seat on the chair that's in the corner of my room, and cross his right leg over his left. "I think it's about time we have this talk." Harry bites his lip to suppress his laughter.
"Yeah, it is. I am, in fact, very serious about your sister. She means the world to me and I love her very much." Harry says, looking at me fondly, his gaze full of love. Every time Harry tells me that he loves me, I feel a twinge in my heart that I can't say those three little words back to him. I feel so bad, but I'm just not ready to do so. I don't even know where our relationship is going because I sure as hell am not going to marry anyone, not even Harry. Marriage isn't right for anyone. It leads to fights, and fights lead to hatred and hatred leads to divorces. I don't want to hate this man who is sitting beside me, holding my hand and saying he loves me. I don't want to ruin what we have by taking the next big step, as some people call it. And the worst part is, I know Harry won't stick around if even after being together for years, I don't want to marry him. Plus, I won't blame him if he'll want to break up with me when I will say no marriage, and no kids. Lord, what do I do?
"Bumper?" Harry calls, snapping me out of my reverie.
"Yeah," I say.
"Rayan's asking when we're getting married? What should I say to that?" Harry asks. Is this some sick joke that the universe is playing on me?
"Guys, I've got macaroons." Sophia says, entering my room. Oh God, she's my saving grace. Her eyes take in the situation of the room, and she smiles. "Rayan, I said no acting like the town sheriff." Pouting, Rayan gets up.
"I need to make sure that Harry's the right choice for Apps." Rayan defends himself.
"I think your sister is more than capable of determining that." Sophia winks at me. "Come on, guys, downstairs."
"Let's go!" Harry says, getting up. When he comes across the front of the bed, he takes my hand in his again. Harry kisses the side of my head. "God, you smell so tasty."
"Should I be worried that you are thinking of me like a food item, Mr. Styles?" I say, savoring the feeling of his lips as they travel down my head and onto my temple. I feel my knees turn to jelly and if Harry wasn't holding my hand, I think I'd fall. Harry's nose and lips brush against my cheek, as he trails them downwards, leaving soft kisses and transporting me to paradise.
"Harry, we need to go downstairs. Sophia and Rayan, must be waiting." I whisper, though there's no conviction in my tone.
"Hmm...we could stay in here for a little while longer." Harry murmurs, leaving feather-light kisses in the crook of my neck. I turn my neck to the right side, so that he can have easy access. This man makes me want to test my limits. He makes me want to cross a line that I shouldn't and don't want to cross right now.
"Harry, stop," I mumble.
"I don't think that's what you mean. I don't think that's what your body and heart are saying." I hum in approval. No, I need to stop!
"Mus! Harry!" Sophia calls from downstairs, breaking Harry's spell. I take a step forward, shaking my head to clear it. I turn around to find Harry smirking, looking like he's enjoyed himself. I did, too. But I'm not ready to sleep with him. Not yet.
"Next time, Bumper, say what your heart and mind want. Say what you want," Harry says.
"I hate you." I say, turning around and marching out of my room.
"Oh, but you mean something else." Harry chuckles. How can he always sound so sexy and seductive? How can he always make me feel things down there?
"Oh, but I mean what I say." I snap back, descending the stairs.
"Oh, but you don't." Harry says, imitating a high-pitched lady's voice. "I love you!" He yells, as I enter the lounge.
"I still hate you!" I yell back. However, he knows this as well as I do that I don't mean those words. Every time Harry says 'I love you,' to me, my heart skips a beat. I just wonder if I'll ever be able to say those words back to him.

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