Crystal Glasses

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"Gregg, can you check who's there?" I say, rushing out of the kitchen. Harry is coming to my apartment, and it looks...horrible. Sure, we've cleaned it up a little, but I don't think it's up to par. I lock the bathroom door behind me, and hastily wash my hands. My lenses have been annoying me since I woke up today morning. The ones that I wear aren't supposed to be worn while sleeping, but without lenses, or glasses I'm as blind as a bat. So, I had no choice but to keep them on. Once they're both out, I place them in their boxes, and wash my eyes with cold water. My red and white rimmed glasses are lying inside the cupboard that's underneath the sink. I put them on, and pass my hands through my hair once again. God, I look like I just woke up. I hear Gregg's laughter and someone else's, as I make my way down the hall and toward the lounge. Harry is sitting on a couch, one leg crossed over the other, the corners of his eyes crinkling up because he's laughing.
"Hi." I say, a little out of breath. Harry is wearing a dress shirt, with the sleeves rolled up till his elbows, and his usual ripped black jeans.
"Hey," Harry says. Smiling, I take a seat beside Gregg, opposite to the couch that Harry's seated on. "Nice pants." I look down at my white pants that have tiny, red hearts drawn all over them.
"Thanks, I guess." I don't know if it's a compliment, or if he's saying it sarcastically. Either way, I smile and fiddle with the turquoise ribbon-shaped ring that's on my ring finger.
"Nice place, Mus." Harry glances across the lounge. "I love the color combination."
"Thanks," I murmur. "I'll go get some drinks." I get up and march toward the kitchen. Why the heck am I so nervous? It's not like Harry will sue me if my house isn't up to his standards. What are his standards? I've never seen his house, so who am I to judge?
"Need any help?" I jump up at the sound of Harry's voice. I turn around, leaning against the counter and shake my head.
"I'll manage, thanks." I say, opening the fridge. "You can go and sit with Gregg."
"I didn't come to see him, I came to see you, remember?" I don't know what to say, so I just take out a bottle of Coke and place it on the counter. Suddenly, the whole house rings with the sounds of Nef's barks. I can hear her long nails - nails that she doesn't let the vet, or a groomer cut - hit the stairs, as she comes bounding down the stairs. My red little bundle of joy zooms into the kitchen and starts to sniff Harry's shoes. Subdued growls escape her lips, as she sniffs his shoes, jeans and then places her front paws on his knees to sniff the rest of his body.
"I didn't know you had a friend staying with you," Harry says. He leans down a little and Nef moves back, alert. "Hello there. What's your name?"
"Nefertiti," I say. "Harry, she's not too friendly with strangers. I don't think she'll..." I trail off as Harry's hand travels to her head, and she bows down a little, allowing him to touch her. I stare at the spectacle in front of me, open-mouthed.
"I love her color. She's a Miniature Pinscher, right?" Harry asks.
"Y-Yeah," I stutter. How the heck is she letting him touch her? Nef has never let anyone touch her other than me and mama. Harry gets up and Nef takes a step closer to him, begging for more affection.
"I've always been more of a cat person, and for ssome reason, Nefertiti reminds me of one." Harry bends down again and this time, she jumps onto his legs, and lays down.
"You can call her Nef," I say. I turn back and turn the cap of the Coke bottle. I open the cabinet where I keep the glasses and mugs, and for some reason, the white glasses that I adore seem too plain and boring. I guess it's time to take out the crystal glasses that I've guarded with my life. Jumping up on the counter, I hold the cabinet's handle for support and stretch my arm toward the back of the cabinet where I've stored my mom's crystal glasses. I take out one, bend down and set it on the counter, and then I do the same with the second. As I'm pulling out the third one, Harry clears his throat from behind me.
"Nice view," Harry comments. Startled, I take a step back and my foot misses the counter.
"Harry, catch the glass!" I hiss, as the glass leaves my hand and makes a beeline for the linoleum tiles. "Catch it!" I land flat on my butt, and groan. My eyes shut, I rub my bottom. "Did it break? Did it?" I refuse to open my eyes, scared to see mom's precious crystal glass set ruined.
"Open your eyes, Mus." Harry says, chuckling. I open them slowly, as if that will re-join the pieces of the broken glass. However, instead of seeing glass splinters everywhere, I find Harry crouching down with the glass balanced in his right hand. My mouth hangs open in wonder, and awe. He saved it! He did it! Squealing, I grab the glass from him, and hug Harry, knocking him backward.
"You're my hero, Harry. Thank you!" I say, loving the feeling of a perfectly safe, and alive glass in my hand. Harry laughs and when he pushes my hair back - so that he can see my face - I realize just how badly I'm behaving. He must think I'm a girl who's throwing herself at him, with the excuse of a glass. God, that sounds so bad in my head. Hastily, I get off him and place the glass on the counter.
"S-Sorry," I stammer. My eyes stay glued to the floor, as I pour Coke in the glasses.
"I didn't mind, Mus. Honest," Harry says. I nod my head. He can say what he wants, but I know exactly what he's thinking. "Mus, look at me."
"Harry, you should go and watch tv, or something with Gregg. I'll just join you guys," I say. I'm always making a fool out of myself in front of Harry and everyday I want to smack myself for doing so. I'm so stupid!
"Mus, I'll take the tray, you just...chill." Harry takes the tray off the counter and heads out of the kitchen.

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