Who Am I To Give Relationship Advice?

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Harry's POV
Thanks to Mum and Gemma, I'm very fortunate to have just gotten to dance with Bump. However, the way she just ran off makes me feel that I've made things worse. This breakup - temporary, as it is - is extremely hard for both of us. Being friends doesn't give one the same feeling as being in a relationship with a person. Bump can date anyone she wants right now, and I won't be able to do a thing about it. However, I also have enough faith in my girl to know she won't do something like that. She needs to have enough faith in me as well, to know that I won't want to date anyone other than her. She's it for me. Suddenly, a kid comes running toward me, and tries to climb the stool beside me. Since he's short, he's unable to do so. I lift him up, and place him on the stool. He has two dolls; one looking like Anna, from Frozen and the other looking like Flynn, from Rapunzel. I roll my eyes at my own level of knowledge about dolls. This is all Liam's fault.
"Thanks," the kid says. He doesn't look at me, as he holds both the dolls together.
"You a fan of the movies?" I ask, jerking my chin toward the dolls. He looks at them and then looks at me, confused.
"Who's not a fan?!" The kid exclaims. "I'm not allowed to talk to strangers, so..."
"Oh, okay." I murmur, turning around and grabbing my drink off the bar.
"Drinking isn't healthy." The boy says, though he doesn't look at me.
"Well, I'm sure your Mum and Dad, are drinking as well." I practically snap. God, why am I being so rude? The boy, however, remains unaffected by my outburst.
"No, they aren't." He states adamantly. "Mum's strictly against drinking. But Keisha insists on having a bar at every party." He stretches 'every', as if it's such a headache for him.
"You know Keisha?" I question, eyebrows raised. The boy nods. Throughout this conversation, he hasn't met my gaze.
"She's my big sis," the boy explains.
"Well then, we aren't strangers. I'm a family friend of yours," I say. The boy scoffs and finally looks at me.
"And why should I believe you, Mr?" He questions, making me feel very stupid. He's right, though. Why should he believe me? I could be an axe-murderer, for all he knows. "You look sad." I'm taken aback by his observation. I think he sees the disbelief on my face, for he smiles. "Mum says I'm a good emotion-reader. I can tell when someone's sad." Kids these days. I want to roll my eyes at him. Instead, I smile.
"Oh, and could you tell me why?" I ask, taking another sip of my drink.
"Must be a girl," the boys says. Damn, he's good!
"Yup," I whisper. I lift my gaze toward the marquee's entrance and right at that moment, Bump walks in.
"Is that her?" The boy is looking at Bump, too. I nod my head. "She's beautiful."
"Yeah, she is." I agree. Tonight, Bump looks so mesmerizing that all I want to do is rip that dress off, and make love to her all night long. However, she doesn't know what I want. Neither will she give it to me because Bump has already told me that she wants to wait. What she doesn't know is that I'm getting more and more impatient, as the days wear on. Of course I'd never cheat on her, but what I'm feeling inside cannot be controlled. We've been sharing a room for so long now and every time she saunters into the room in her short-shorts and tank tops, my patience is really tested. However, I'd never touch her without her permission or do anything to her that she doesn't want to. That's just wrong. Bumper walks toward Gemma, who's sitting with Keisha, watching the couples dance. The minute Gemma sees Bumper's expression, she gets up and embraces her. Then, arm still wrapped around Bump's shoulders, Gemma guides her out of the marquee.
"You screwed up bad, Mr." The boy says, getting off the stool. What?! How old is that kid? Who's he to tell me what I've done. But of course he's right. Sighing, I fish my phone out of my pocket to see that I've received five missed calls from Liam in the past hour. God, I hope everything's alright. Hastily, I call him back and he answers on the second ring.
"Goddammit, Harry!" Liam yells. His voice is filled with panic and despair. "What's the use of keeping a phone if you won't answer when someone fucking calls?!"
"Sorry," I say. "But what's the emergency?" There's no point in asking if everything's alright because his tone tells me it isn't.
"Kate has given me an ultimatum." I hear something clatter in the background. "She knows what we're doing is wrong, after all I am cheating on my actual girlfriend. And so Kate doesn't want to hang out with me - date me - in this manner. She's told me that if I don't break up with Cheryl in a day, then I can forget about her."
"So? Kate's right, you know." I say, matter-of-factly. "You knew from the starting that shit would get real and the situation would come down to this."
"Yes! And I sure as hell knew what we were doing is wrong, but Cheryl and I have been together for what - 4 years - or something. It's going to be hard breaking up with her."
"Liam, you've got to choose, mate. One can only have the best of both worlds for so long."
"Ah!" Something else clatters.
"What the fuck are you doing?!" I ask, getting off the stool.
"Trying to figure out how the fuck I messed up so bad. I screwed up, Harry. I screwed up bad," Liam's tone is apologetic. I want to console him, but there's no way to do so.
"Liam do the right thing and listen to your heart. After all, that thing in your chest in pure gold." I smile at my own joke. There's a pause.
"Yeah, you're making sense. Thanks." The line ends, as I step out of the marquee into the cold air. Who am I to give relationship advice, when I have screwed up my own love life?

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