Her Answer Will Always Be Yes!

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"No, no, no." I murmur against Harry's lips. "This is wrong. It's wrong, we're not a couple."
"We're not divorced, Bump, we - you - just broke up with me. Say the word and we're a couple again," Harry says. I pull back and shake my head.
"I can't because..." I take another step back and turn around. Harry grabs my waist and pulls me into his cold, hard chest.
"Because what, Bump? Tell me." He whispers in my ear. My eyes land on Louis. Subtly, he shakes his head.
"Because we're not compatible. Try to understand, Harry and stop making my life and yours difficult." I struggle against Harry's tight hold, but my efforts are in vain.
"You're a great liar, but I can see right through your lies. Tell me the truth." We're back at where we started.
"That is the truth. Now let me go," I tug again. Harry huffs and swivels me around to face him. His hands latch onto my arms, and he squeezes. However, his squeeze, or his death grip on my arms doesn't hurt me. Instead, it spreads a feeling of comfort and warmth through me. This feeling tells me that no matter how mad, or frustrated Harry is, he'll never hurt me.
"Oh, for the love of God!" Louis exclaims, throwing his hands up in the air. "Mus broke up with Harry because her being with him will harm his career. We don't want that, right? Neither does she." Harry eyes lock on Louis' face.
"What'd you tell her, Lou?" Harry asks, raising an eyebrow. His tone is dangerously low and calm. "You didn't..."
"Yeah, I did! I explained simple facts to Mus. Facts that she was unable to understand herself, Harry." Harry's hands leave my arms, and he takes a step away from me.
"Move away from me, Mus." Harry says through gritted teeth.
"Harry, don't." I say, shaking my head. I can see a murderous look in his gaze and I don't like it one bit.
"Step. Away." Harry doesn't take his gaze off Louis. Liam takes a step toward Harry. However, Niall clasps his hand, and tugs him backwards.
"Harry, he made a mistake. It's okay," Liam says. His eyes hold sheer panic and fear. Suddenly, Niall's eyes land on mine and there's a pleading, helpless look in them. He knows it. He knows that out of all the people in this room, only I hold the power to calm and control Harry. Therefore, I grab hold of Harry's arm.
"Harry, look at me. Listen to me!" I say, placing my other hand on his cheek. However, Harry's gaze stays locked on Louis.
"Bumper, I don't want to hurt you. Get out of the way," Harry warns. I shake my head.
"I know you won't. I also know that you're not a person who will beat his own friend. So please, count to ten." All my life I've heard my elders say that when you're angry, just count to ten. It doesn't work with me nine out of ten times. Heck, nine out of ten times, I don't remember to count when I'm mad. But maybe it'll work for Harry. He takes a deep breath and his eyes make contact with mine. "Spit out your anger, just not on my carpet."
"Bump, let me deal with Louis. This is not your problem," Harry says.
"Yes, it is because his words have affected my actions. It is my problem. Honestly, if Louis told me to jump off a building, I wouldn't. No one can make another person do anything forcefully just by saying a few words. What Louis said is right. I pondered over his words and came to the conclusion that us not being together is in everyone's best interests." Harry looks at me for a few seconds and then chuckles. "What?"
"Bump, do you actually think that our relationship could end my career?" Harry questions, an amused smile playing on his lips. I nod my head.
"Yeah, I do," I whisper. Harry lets out another bark of laughter.
"If my relationships had such a toll on my career then I wouldn't be standing here - a part of One Direction - today. I've dated so many girls in my career, far older than me. Yeah, the management didn't think it was good PR, but to hell with them. They can't rule over my personal life. I would hate this job if so. When I had a short fling with Kendall, management wanted me to stick with her because of her name. But I didn't. Because it was just a fling." Harry takes my face in his hands. "You, Bump, are the most sane and harmless girl that I've ever dated and I would like to continue dating you. I'm not ready to end this, Bumper." Harry takes one hand off my cheek and waves his hand between our bodies. "And I don't think you are either."
"Don't lie to her, Harry! You know how this will affect-"
"If you speak another word on the topic that almost got you killed, the only thing that will be getting affected is your face." Harry interrupts Louis. "Be grateful to Bump, because she saved your ass." I turn around to face Louis. He purses his lips.
"I'm sorry for causing so much trouble between you two," I apologize. I turn back to face Harry. "I still don't think we're good for each other. Look what I'm doing to you and Louis' friendship."
"You're doing nothing, Bump. He's the jerk who's ruining it." Harry says, eyeing Louis. Scoffing, Louis flicks his wrist and turns toward the front door. His boots thud against the wooden flooring, as he walks toward it. Yanking it open, Louis exits and slams it behind him.
"Harry's right, Mus. Our relationships have never affected our career, and nor will they ever. Sure, we can get negative or positive media attention because of them, but our careers can never end because of a bad relationship, or a girl." Liam says, smiling at me. "Don't torture yourself and Harry. Just kiss and make up." I turn my head to face Harry. He's wearing a hopeful smile on his face.
"I don't know who's right and who's wrong anymore!" I say, throwing my hands up in the air. They land against my thighs with a thud. Harry's smile increases.
"Is that a yes?" He asks hopefully. I don't think I'll be able to spend another happy day in my life, without seeing those green eyes. Without hearing that husky, deep voice. Without sitting on skinny, twig-like legs, clad in ripped, black jeans.
"Her answer will always be yes!" Kate yells, making me smile and nod my head in agreement.

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