Suite Or Abnormally Large Apartment?

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"Here comes the girl of the hour!" Liam announces, the minute Harry and I enter the suite. My mouth falls open, as I take in the interior of the suite. This is not a suite, it's a billionaire's palace. There's a huge open kitchen concept toward my left, and toward my right is a lounge, bigger than the first floor of my house. Most of the couches are painted gold, though I wouldn't be surprised if they're made of gold. Intricate designs are carved into the side of each couch, mostly flowers in patterns. There's a rectangular coffee table in the center of the lounge, with a slender vase of blue flowers. Wonder what they are. Niall is lounging on the couch facing the television, his eyes glued to his phone's screen. He's wearing a blue Polo shirt, with khaki pants. This looks suits him. A black, leather golf bag is leaning against another couch. Probably Niall's. The television table is made of a dark wood, with cubicles carved into it. The tv, however, is flat screen, and wall mounted. A football match is being aired live on television. Niall looks up when Liam announces my arrival and a monumental grin breaks loose on his face. His grins are always contagious, and as always, seeing Niall smile makes me smile.
"Mus!" Niall exclaims, swinging his legs off the arm-rest of the couch. He jumps to his feet and jogs over toward me.
"Niall!" I say, with equal enthusiasm. He embraces me in a friendly, warm hug. Harry clears his throat from beside me, and Niall immediately steps back.
"Sorry," he mumbles, looking at the floor.
"Bumper must be tired, so I'll show her our room." Harry says, wrapping his hand around mine, protectively. Our, my heart flutters at the word. When will I get used to Harry saying he loves me, calling his room 'our' and when will I get used to the fact that this man is infatuated by me and he wants us to work. Never, I decide.
"Y-Yeah, that'd be a good idea. Bring her out for dinner," Niall says. He turns around and makes his way back toward the couch that he was previously seated on. Harry tugs me behind him, as we make our way past the kitchen and toward a narrow hallway. We pass by a bathroom, I know this as the door's open. Before I can have the pleasure of viewing the bathroom, Harry turns around and enters our room, I assume.
"This is our room!" Harry says, confirming my thoughts. It's pretty big for a hotel room. There's a king-sized bed in the center of the bed, with two bedside tables on either side. Parallel to the bed is a mahogany study table, with a stainless steel lamp lying on one side. Next to the study table is the tv table that holds a DVD player, and a small watch. The tv, like in the lounge, is mounted on the wall. On the floor, a shirt's thrown and a pair of jeans. Near the room's door lie a pair of gold boots. I smile the minute my eyes land on them. One can depend on Harry to be a fashion example, and the person who stands out from the rest in a room. No, he doesn't stand out just because of his clothes or dressing sense. He stands out because of this aura that's around him. He commands attention the minute he enters a room, or when he's onstage. Everybody just knows that someone important and extremely sexy is in their presence. Or at least I do.
"So, do you like it?" Harry asks, snapping me out of my train of thoughts. I smile and nod my head, glancing around the room once again.
"Like it? I love it! This is wonderful, Haz. It must cost a fortune, right?" I say, throwing myself on the bed. God, I love the feeling of hotel beds, blankets and bed-sheets. They're always so soft and different from the ones I have at home. If I could I would take them with me.
"No, not really." He shakes his head, making me roll my eyes. It's not a big deal for him, I'm sure.
"Harry, I'm hungry." I push myself up with my elbows and turn my head to look at him. "I'm going out to the kitchen." I get up and walk toward the door. As I'm about to exit, I turn on my heels. "Am I allowed to take anything from the mini-fridge?"
"Sure," Harry shrugs his shoulders. "Why not? We take food and drinks from there all the time."
"Right," I murmur. Of course they do, I should've known. As I'm heading down the hall, I stop in front of the bathroom door and take in the interior, as quickly as I can, before Harry, or someone else comes and names me a hotel-crazed person in their minds. The bathroom is made of marble and wood. The bath tub is made of marble, with a jacuzzi and a towel rack beside it. The towel rack contains more towels than four people - now five - need. Plus, I noted there's another door in Harry's room. So I'm assuming they all have ensuite bathrooms. I turn around and clutch my grumbling stomach. Airplane food usually doesn't suite me, so I try to stick to the safe food. Like fruit and bread. However, that is not enough to fill the black hole that's my stomach. An involuntary smile lights up the face, the minute I enter the kitchen. Even though it's an open-concept one can tell when they enter the kitchen, because of the change of floors. The kitchen floor is tiled. While the rest of the suite or huge apartment - because this is bigger than any normal apartment I've seen - has wooden flooring. I pass a finger over the kitchen counters, loving the smooth feeling. This is my dream kitchen. One day when I have enough money to make myself a house, as I please, I will make my kitchen like this. I hum to myself, as I open the fridge and bend down to view it's contents. The top shelf is covered with baked goods, such as muffins, cakes, cookies and chocolate bars. Definitely not provided by the hotel. The bottom two are empty and the side-racks are littered with alcoholic drinks, fizzy drinks and sodas. Only one bottle of water, how nice!
"Your fridge is full of unhealthy food." I say, grabbing a muffin and turning around to face Niall. He looks up from the tv, and shrugs.
"Unhealthy food keeps us going," Niall says.
"Not for long," I murmur. I take a seat on a couch that feels like clouds. The seats are not made of cotton, or leather that's for sure. They're made of a material that's so soft. It makes me want to stay here and never get up.
"So did you say yes or no?" Niall questions, making me stop stroking the seats immediately. God, I'm losing it.
"Say yes or no to what?" I say, furrowing my brows.
"To coming to the awards. Oh, did you not have the talk yet. Bloody hell, I'm doomed." Niall's eyes fill with panic and fear. "Don't tell him I told you, Mus." I chuckle at his ashen state.
"Don't worry, Harry and I already talked about it and no, I'm not going to come." I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly. "Not really my scene."
"Wasn't ours either. Still isn't," Niall changes the channel. "But we don't really have a choice. Not making an appearance is totally out of the question. So we go."
"But you guys gel in perfectly. I, on the other hand, will not." I take a large bite of the muffin.
"Of course you will." Harry says, wrapping his arms around me from behind. He hops over the back of the couch and takes a seat beside me. I want to scold him for climbing with his dirty shoes on a couch that smells so fresh and feels so new, and fragile. However, I don't, but I do have to bite my lip in order to do so. "Bumper, you can fit in anywhere." I scoff and shake my head.
"Not at an event like that. Hell, I didn't even fit into Gregg's party!" I say, taking another bite.
"You did and yet you didn't. Bumper, there's something about you that makes you stand out - in a good way." Harry adds, when he sees my questioning expression. "Alongside that, you fit in perfectly. Bump, you have an air of elegance and...I don't know, it's hard to explain." Niall's chuckle interrupts our little conversation.
"Full of praises, aren't we?" Niall says, laughing. "He's right, though, Mus. You do fit in perfectly and that's the best part about you."
"Thank you both for the heap load of praise that I don't deserve, but I'm not changing my mind. No, means no." I say, standing my ground. I finish up the muffin and chuck the wrapper into the dustbin that's lying behind the couch.
"And you've got a good aim." Harry and Niall say in unison, making us all laugh.
"Guys I got the items we ordered. Harry, why's there a dress..." Louis says, making us all turn around. He trails off when his eyes land on mine and his smile turns into a tight-lipped grimace. "Ugh, company." I roll my eyes and give Louis the most fake, yet sweetest smile that I can muster.
"Nice to see you, too, Louis." I say, and he groans.
"This dress will never suit her." Louis throws all of the dry-cleaning bags that he's holding onto the ground and makes his way toward the hallway where all of the rooms are located. "The whole day's spoilt." I make a face at his back, and from the corner of my eye I see Niall smiling, and I know he caught me red-handed.

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