I'll Be The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

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Gregg takes out a wine bottle, and a Coke can for me.
"Is there Vodka in there?" Harry asks, his eyes peering into the fridge.
"Yeah, you want some?" Gregg says, placing the wine bottle and can on the small round table in the kitchenette.
"No, I was just asking because you took out Coke."
"That's for me," I say.
"Mus doesn't drink alcohol in any form," Gregg explains. Harry turns to look at me as if I'm insane. I shrug my shoulders, and get up from the couch.
"Harry, can I step out into the balcony for a bit?" I say, pushing back the curtains.
"Sure," Harry says. As I unlock the sliding glass doors that lead onto the balcony, Harry and Gregg busy themselves into opening the wine bottle as carefully as possible, so as not to make a mess. I step out, and take in the city's view. I just love the way a city looks at night; lights on in every home, cars the size of thumbnails. From up here, the cars look like ants. I can see the theme park's rollercoaster up ahead. Along the floor of the sides of the balcony, there are different kinds of rocks set haphazardly. Some are gray, some are brown, black and some even have a tinge of red in them. This balcony is pretty long and I think it stretches out till Harry's room. The sliding door opens from behind me, and I turn to find Harry, holding a glass of wine in his right hand, and a glass of Coke in the other. He hands me the glass filled to the brim with Coke.
"Sorry, got a little carried away." Harry apologizes, smiling sheepishly.
"It's okay," I say. "This is a beautiful view."
"It is. You can see everything from up here." Harry takes a seat on the patio chair, and pats the one beside him, motioning for me to sit down as well. I oblige.
"I've never heard your name before. It's a pretty unique name, right?" Harry says after a few seconds. I nod. "What does it mean?"
"Smile, laughter," I say. "My grandfather named me."
"It's a beautiful name."
"For a beautiful girl." My eyes widen, and I start to suck on the inside of my cheek. I take a long sip of Coke, staring at anything, but Harry.
"W-Where's Gregg?" I finally say to break the silence.
"Inside, watching something on tv."
"We should join him." I'm about to get up, but Harry places his hand on my arm, stopping me from doing so.
"Let's sit here for a little while longer," Harry says. I gulp and nod my head. His hand is still on my arm, and my arm is littered with goosebumps. He better take that hand off before I get frostbite. "What are your hobbies?" What is this, some dating website?
"I like to read, watch movies, listen to music, I love anything that requires me going outdoors and I love reading." I say, turning to face Harry. Shit! Did I say reading twice? What the heck is wrong with you, Mus? Harry's staring at me with a small smile playing on his lips.
"Your personality is so...unique." Harry passes his hand through his hair. "I want to know more about you, Mus." My heart keeps fluttering and increasing it's beating. I think I'm going to have a heart attack soon, if Harry doesn't stop doing whatever the hell he's doing.
"Dinner's here!" Gregg yells from inside, and I jump up. I place my hand over my already rapidly beating heart. What the heck is wrong with my blood pumping machine today? I get up and make my way back into Harry's hotel room. Gregg has placed all of the dishes on the table in the kitchenette. He's set the table with napkins, cutlery and glasses filled with drinks. Mine has Coke, as always, and Harry and Gregg's glasses are filled with wine. Harry jogs over to the table before me, and pulls out a chair for me. I take a small curtsy, and sit down, smoothing out my dress.
"Thank you," I say. Harry makes me feel like a lady more and more each time he behaves like a gentleman. He nods and takes a seat beside me. Gregg sits down on my other side, and he lifts up the cover from his dish. Everything smells divine. The fish is fresh and well-cooked, with a side salad and a small bowl of rice. The same dish would cost ten dollars, maximum, in a food court, but here it probably costs a hundred bucks.
"So what field do you want to go in?" Harry asks me, after a few minutes. "In medicine, I mean."
"I want to be a cardiologist," I say. Harry's face scrunches up in disgust, and he fake gags.
"Heart surgeries." He looks at Gregg incredulously and Gregg just shrugs. "Yuck!"
"Hey, a cardiologist saves ten lives an hour!" I defend the profession that I - that my mom - wants me to specialize in.
"That doesn't make it less disgusting, Mus." I roll my eyes and place my focus back on my food. The doorbell rings, and we all look up, waiting for one of us to get up and answer it. In the end, Harry decides to get up, fork in mouth. Harry sees who it is through the peephole and then opens the door.
"I've got-" Before Harry can finish what he's saying, Liam, Louis and Niall come running into the lounge and jump onto the couches.
"It's party time!" Louis announces. They are so busy in dancing, and taking off their bath robes that they don't realize Harry has company. Bath robes! My eyes widen and I divert my gaze back to my food. Are they wearing anything inside? I know One Direction are famous for getting naked when they're alone, and the three hooligans who are jumping up and down think they're alone. Bloody hell!
"Guys, I have company!" Harry yells, but the boys don't hear him over their hollering. "Company!" His voice lands on deaf ears. I sneak a peak from underneath the curtain of my hair to find Niall and Louis in boxers, and Liam in shorts. My eyes widen and I focus back on my food. It is harder than I thought to keep my eyes on my half-empty plate. I'm a perv!
"I have fucking company!" Harry yells at the top of his lungs and this time the boys must've heard him because I don't hear them jumping and hollering anymore.
"Oh," I think Liam says.
"Shit, sorry. Embarrassing," Louis sings, no hint of embarrassment in his tone. "We'll just look decent."
"That would be a good idea," Harry agrees. I hear some shuffling, willing my eyes to stay glued to the plate. "They're decent now." I push my hair behind my ear and look up to find Harry's eyes directly on me. He smiles at me sheepishly, and shrugs his shoulders. I smile back at him, hoping that he understands it's okay. "Since you guys were so busy with the fans before, I don't think I introduced you to my two good friends. Scratch good, they're great! This is Mus," Harry introduces us. "And this is Gregg." He points to us in order. Liam gives me an awkward, embarrassed wave.
"Hi, I'm Louis." Louis says, coming over and offering me his hand. I shake it, and realize just how blue, yet grey Louis' eyes are. Photographs cannot and do not capture the depth in his eyes. The color contrast is so unique.
"Niall." Niall says, coming over and introducing himself next. Niall's eyes are a deep blue, as well. But his are just plain blue, yet they are so mesmerizing.
"Mus." I say, removing my gaze from their eyes. They, too, must think I'm some creep. Great, just great.
"I'm famished. What's for dinner?" Louis asks, rubbing his palms together.
"Nothing!" Harry says, sitting back down. Louis makes a grab for his plate, but Harry swathes his hand away.
"They're a funny lot." I whisper to Gregg. He nods his head, smiling.
"Yes, they are." Gregg agrees. I can see a glassy look in his eyes. Shit, he's drunk. Gregg takes another sip of wine, and I realize I will have to take care of him tonight. We better leave soon because I cannot be Gregg's leaning shoulder; I'll be the bloody Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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