A Smoke Filled Night

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Harry's POV
"Great times, indeed." I agree with Liam, waving at a young girl, who must be six or seven years old. Her grin widens and she waves back enthusiastically. "You're cute!" I yell into the mic.
"Thank you!" The girl yells back. Though I don't hear her, I manage to read her lips. I walk toward the other side of the stage, fist-bumping Niall on my way.
"Great show," Niall yells. I nod my head. Every show is great because of the thousands of people who come to see us and the thousand others that stand outside, just to get a glimpse of us. I swear if it were up to us, we'd hug, talk to and take a picture with each and every one of them. However, we can't. Sighing, I wink at another young girl, who seems to be ten. She waves at me with both hands, her hands and face covered with One Direction stickers. Suddenly, Bumper's squeals of delight fill my ears. I turn my head toward the left, where Bump is standing backstage, hollering at the top of her voice. Finally, she made it! Bump has been to eight concerts since we took off from Maryland. However, her yells are equally loud and they're all filled with excitement. Today, she was off with that Matt guy and now she's here. Thank God. In one piece. I've been waiting for her since the start of the show. Now I can continue in peace.
"Hi," I mouth to her. She waves back, grinning. "How was your day?" I mouth again, raising my eyebrows questioningly.
"Good," Bump yells, giving me a thumbs up. I nod, smiling. Inside, I'm frowning and punching Matt. I hope she didn't enjoy herself too much because that means she won't go again with him.
"Get your eyes off her and focus on the show." Louis says, coming over to me. He narrows his eyes at Bumper and then scowls at me.
"Fuck off," I murmur. Over the noise, I'm sure he didn't hear me. "Louis, stop showing hate to Bump. I will not have the same conversation with you again." I warn him.
"Harry," Louis huffs. "One day you'll be sorry."
"Yeah, sorry for punching you in the face if you don't stop glaring at Bumper." Liam comes over and pulls Louis, by the arm, behind him. I wave at Louis, giving him the most fake smile that I've ever put on. Liam begins another song, as I head toward the center of the stage, to fall into formation with the others. Sadly, we need to maintain formation for the beginning of each song. It's torturous. My head automatically turns toward Bump, and I grin at her. From the way her shoulders are shaking I can tell that she's giggling.
"Sing it!" I say, raising my mic toward the audience. A loud bang erupts from behind me. I turn around just in time to find a shower of sparks engulf the upper beams. Another spark and Dan drops his guitar. He ducks down just in time, as a black wire swings toward his head and flies toward the left side of the stage. My head jerks toward the left and my eyes frantically search backstage for Bump. All I can see is a cloud of grey and black smoke.
"Get off!" Pete yells from beside me. His hands grab my upper arm, tugging me toward the right side of the stage. I yank my arm out of his grip and run toward the left side.
"Bumper!" I yell, as a pair of strong arms yank me backwards. "Pete, let me go! Bumper's backstage."
"Harry, all the people on that side of the stage were moved into the crowd, so that they could exit." Pete says, pulling me toward the stairs that lead off stage. "Mus must be one of them, she'll be fine. Your safety is what matters."
"No, it doesn't!" I yell, trying to pry his fingers off my arm. God, the guy's strong.
"Harry, move!" Niall's voice enters my ears. I shake my head and jerk my elbow into Pete's stomach.
"I'm sorry!" I yell, running toward the left side. I wave my hand in front of my face to clear the smoke. However, it doesn't really help. Of course it won't! Another spark goes off and I stumble toward the corner. "Bumper!" As I enter the cloud of smoke, my eyes begin to sting. Coughing, I keep moving forwards. "Mus! Bump!" Panic is evident in my tone, even to my own ears. "Answer me!" Shrill yells fill my ears. God, I hope everyone makes it out alive and safe. Not being able to see anything is clearly not helping. I fumble around in the dark for nothing in particular.
"Harry, we need to exit!" Pete yells from behind me, just as I hear something clatter.
"No, I need to make sure Bump's not here." I insist, coughing harder. Pete grabs my arm, but I yank it away from him. "If you're so damn desperate to leave, then go!"
"Harry..." Pete gets a coughing fit. I stop in my tracks and turn around, fumbling in the dark for Pete's arm.
"Pete, I mean it, go! Don't wait for me," I say. "I will search the area and then leave if Bump's not here."
"Harry..." Pete begins coughing again. "I-I'll help, b-but I won't l-leave." Pursing my lips, I sigh, feeling as if a heavy weight is lying on my chest. Due to the smoke, my chest is starting to clog.
"Fine, but leave if the smoke gets too much." We both make our way through the smoke, me yelling at five second intervals. Pete begins to cough hysterically, and so do I.
"Harry, we're b-both going to faint-" Pete isn't able to continue, as a huge crash sounds from in front of us. We both hastily move backwards. My fumbling hands latch onto the a doorknob and I yank it open. A gust of cold, night air hits me in the face, as Pete and I stumble out onto the pavement. Without hesitating for a second, I search the area for Bump. She's nowhere to be found among the several bodies, some covered with blankets, others being treated to by paramedics.
"Bumper!" I yell, running toward Liam. He turns when he hears me yell, and makes his way through the crowd of injured people toward me.
"Harry, where the fuck were you?!" Liam yells, embracing me.
"Have you seen Bump?" I ask, still searching the crowd for my beloved. Liam's face falls, and he takes a step back. "What?"
"Harry, most of the people backstage didn't make it out." Liam says, his voice barely above a whisper.
"No," I murmur. I turn to face the building, finding an entrance.
"Haz, don't even think about it." Liam warns, but I'm already halfway toward an open entrance. Yes, it looks smokey and yes I'm being suicidal. However, I don't care. Bumper is the most important person in my life and I cannot just sit outside, waiting for the firemen to bring her out. A shudder passes through my spine at the thought. I inhale a deep breath, before making my way back into the burning building.
"Bumper!" I yell, coughing hysterically again. I've barely been in this building for five seconds, but the smoke is too much. My throat starts to feel clogged up and my eyes begin to shut. "No," I say to myself. "Bumper!" My voice cracks toward the end of her name, and I crash into a wall. Coughing, I loose my balance and hit my head against something hard. "No," I murmur, before landing on the floor in a heap of black, charred clothes.

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