Sting And Stay

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"I love this life!" Gregg yells, throwing himself on the couch. His right cheek is squished by the couch, and one leg is in the air.
"Yes, we heard you the first time." I say, grabbing his legs and placing them both on the couch. "You don't have to repeat yourself ten times."
"Well, I want to." Gregg scowls, and tries to sit up, but I push him back.
"No taxis, or hotel cars are available at this moment." Harry says, entering the room. I turn around to face him, hands on my hips. Niall comes in behind him, and furrows his brow.
"But you didn't even-"
"Niall, it's late and I know you're tired. Why don't you head on up to your room?" Harry turns to face him.
"I want some more fish and chips." Before Harry can push Niall out, he runs toward the table where a plate is filled high with fish and chips, and grabs it. Then, Niall jogs over to the door, and opens it.
"It was a pleasure meeting you, Mus." Niall says, with his innocent smile.
"The pleasure was all mine," I say. The boys have been in a competition as to who will be the greatest gentlemen of them all. Throughout dinner they made me laugh. One Direction are officially the funniest guys in my funny guy book. It's hard to believe, but they're even funnier than they are on tv.
"Hope to meet you again." Saying that, Niall shuts the door behind him. Sighing, I fall on the couch in front of Gregg's feet. He's out like a light.
"So, Gregg's asleep." I say, as if it isn't the most obvious fact in the world.
"Yeah," Harry says. "Drank too much, eh?" I nod, glancing around the room.
"I'm going to grab a glass of water and head out onto the balcony, and then leave. If that's okay with you?" I'm already half way into the kitchenette.
"The balcony part, yes. The leaving part, no." I pout, as I'm pouring water into a glass.
"Because I can't let you venture out into the dark, at two in the morning, alone."
"Oh, please, I can take care of myself." I turn around, and do a fast walk towards the balcony. Being in the same room with Harry for more than five minutes, alone, with Gregg snoring like a wart hog, does weird things to my heart, and brain. My brain gets clouded, and my heart starts beating rapidly; it's unhealthy. Hastily, I exit the room and shut the balcony door behind me. Not even five seconds pass by, when the balcony door slides open and Harry walks out.
"Sorry, had to grab a beer." Harry holds up a beer can and takes a seat on the patio chair beside me, like before. "Mus, I can't let you leave at this hour. You will have to stay here for tonight."
"Harry, you cannot dictate over me!" I snap, without meaning to. All my life I've been told what to do, without a say in anything. Sure, I voiced my opinions, but in the end others won; other's got their way. Therefore, if anyone tells me what to do, I hate it. I know I shouldn't have snapped at Harry, but his tone implied that I had no choice in the matter, whatsoever.
"I'm sorry." I apologize, closing my eyes and inhaling a deep breath. " sorry." Explaining the reason behind my snappy behavior is not possible. It's hard for people to understand me.
"Mus, I don't want you to get harmed. Walking home from here will take all night and even if you do find a taxi, how do I know the guy's not going to turn out to be a rapist. Haven't you watched movies?" Harry says, sounding the least bit affected by my outburst. He always knows how to make one laugh, even in the worst of times.
"Harry, I have seen such movies, but our life isn't a movie." I roll my eyes and take a sip of water.
"Movies are based on real-life events." He raises an eyebrow at me.
"Are you always this argumentative?" I ask.
"Usually," Harry shrugs his shoulders. "It's quite charming, isn't it?" He winks at me, making another laugh escape from my lips.
"No, it isn't. You're behaving like a stubborn child," I disagree. "A very annoying, stubborn child."
"You're staying Mus, and that's final." Harry's tone has a hint of finality in it. I purse my lips, deciding to spring it on him that I'm leaving once we're inside. I don't want to spoil our perfect evening by arguing with him.
"I win." Harry says it so softly that I wouldn't have heard him had it not been so silent out here.
"Shit!" I curse, placing the glass beside me on the floor and rubbing my eye. I have no idea what just went in, but it stings.
"What happened?" Harry asks, concern evident in his tone.
"Something...went in." I say, as I rub at my eye vigorously.
"Oh, let me see." From the eye that isn't burning as if someone has stabbed me with a hot iron rod, I see Harry get up, and place his beer on the floor. He takes his place in front of me, and bends toward my face. "Move your hand, Mus, you'll make it worse." I oblige, squeezing my eye shut. Harry's face is so close to mine that I can feel his hot breath on my face. It smells like wine. I've never tasted wine and I hope I never will, but I've smelt it, and Harry's breath smells the same. In a good way, of course. Harry leans into me even more, if that's even possible and blows on my eye.
"I'm just going to lift my shirt to place it on your eye. Don't punch me in the stomach," Harry says. I nod my head, my breath caught in my throat. He lifts his shirt up till his torso, and places it on my eye. Then, Harry places his lips on top of his shirt which is on my eye, making my heart rate increase, and plunge at the same bloody time. What is this man doing to me? Harry blows hot air onto my eye, and I can feel the sting lessen.
"I think I'm good now." I say, moving my head back an inch, because I can't move it any further.
"That's good." Harry says, not making any move to take a step away from me. Before anything can happen, I get up hastily. However, because Harry's face is so close to mine, our foreheads bump.
"Mus, you've got quite a tough skull in there." Harry says, rubbing his forehead.
"Y-Yeah," I stutter. I rush inside, and slam the sliding door shut behind me. I grab my purse, and make a bolt for the door.
"Mus, wait up!" Harry yells from behind me, just as I shut the door. As quietly as I can, I make my way toward the elevators because I know everyone's probably sleeping by now. Somebody grabs ahold of my hand and I swivel around, ready to kick whoever it is in the stomach. My eyes land on green eyes and my kick stops mid-air. Harry lets go of my hand and takes a step back, holding out his hands.
"Either you're a spy whose life is always in danger, or you're insane." Harry says, staring at my leg nervously. "I'll go for the latter." Licking my lips, I lower my leg, and smile at him sheepishly.
"Sorry." I say, not meeting Harry's gaze.
"Mus, just for that, you have to stay. Please." Harry takes my hand in his and a tingle shoots up my arm. Before I know it, my head is moving at it's own will, nodding.

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