Outlaw Conference

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Danny, Meth, and I met up at our usual spot. "Cora what's going on? Why are you so pail. Also why are you limping?" "My healing factor doesn't really kill all of the pain." I replied grimly, "should be okay in a little while..." They nodded. "So what are we going to do?" Meth asked. "Well, i can either tell the Avengers or I can break him out. either way won't end good for anyone." "Wait, why do you say it as if it's only you going. We're the ones harboring a fugitive right now." Danny says turning and giving me a face of confusion. "Okay, fine, WE need to figure out what to do. What do you guys think?" Danny spoke first, "I think we should tell the Avengers. Or if anything tell one of them so they can help us."

"I don't want them to treat him like royalty because him harming himself could harm me. I just want all this to end with him either dead or in chains." I finish. They both looked at me. "Chains would be better. Id rather not take a chance of you dying." Meth laughed lightly. "I'll be fine. I'm sure it's only a one way connection anyway..." i mumble as I grabbed my fourth cup of coffee and finished it off.

"Cora, slow down on the coffee." "Why? It helps my brain work better" I shoot back. "Cora...chill. let me check your bandages." Meth said coming towards me slowly. I lifted up the side of my shirt and saw that the gauze was clean. Meth slowly pulled it off and gasped as she saw that my wound was gone. "THAT'S AWESOME!" She smiled. I nodded. "Loki is probably pissed at me though. He told me to stop using all his powers because apparently it drains him of energy also." "OH MY GOD!" Danny slammed her fist down on the table. "SO THAT MEANS OF WE HAVE YOU USE THE POWER HE CANT USE HIS?" "Sort of. He can but it just makes both of ours weaker and last a shorter period of time..." "Hmmmm" Danny said staring at the ceiling spinning in her swivel chair.

"We have to talk to Thor. He will the easiest person that we can talk to, to make understand this." Meth said. "But won't he tell the other Avengers? He doesn't really have a very good policy for keeping secrets..." I asked "I think Steve would be better." Danny said interjecting. "No. No Steve." I said standing up to go fill me coffee cup. "Why?" She asked confused. "I'm not dragging him into this. For that same reason no dad, also no Hawk or Widow. So...who does that leave?" "Thor, Bruce, Fury, Coulson." Meth said counting on her fingers. "No Dad." Danny said absent mindedly. "Sooo Thor, Bruce, or break Loki out. Hmm."

"Lets just talk to one of them, not break him out. That could and badly." "Statistically speaking it would end up with Miss Stark dead..." STU, my AI, said from my phone. "Exactly. Thank you Stu!" Danny said smiling. "No problem Miss Coulson." I shook my head in defeat. "Fine. Who are we gonna talk to?" I ask. Danny and Meth at the same time say different names. I nod. "Great. Stu?" "Yes Miss Stark?" "Statistically, who would aid us in our endeavor?" It was quiet for a moment before a hologram appeared in front of us. On it was pictures of Steve and Bruce and next to it was bars of their statistics.

"So from what I'm seeing...Steve?" I ask the other three people in the room. All of them say Yes at the same time. Followed by Stu saying jinx and getting a groan of anger from Crystal and Danny. "Okay. Steve it is then. Meth? Can you get a hold of him and Danny can you find a way to get surveillance into Lokis cell?" They both nodded and i smiled. "Give me your guys armor and weapons and I'll modify them while you guys are doing that." "Just like your Father." Stu said. "Stu, come up with all of the facts into a small PowerPoint to give to Steve when he arrives." "Yes Miss Stark." "Okay, we got a plan?" I ask my best friends. They now and smile. This is gonna be fun...

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