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Daughters (Part 2)

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***Cora's POV***
"Miss Cora?" Jarvis says over the speakers. I looked at the ceiling and put up a finger to Stephanie (Trainer) as if to say wait, "Yes, Jarvis". "Mr. Stark has gone for a flight and will be back in about two hours." I smile, "Thanks Jarvis!"

I look at Stephanie and put my fists up. "Let's go"


I lay on the ground out of breath. "You want to take a break?" Stephanie says offering a hand. "Please" I manage between breaths.

"You fight well." She says handing me a water bottle. "Thanks, but I still think that I need more training, my blocks aren't tight and my center balance is off." Stephanie chuckled at me and I gave her a confused look. "You are never done improving are you?" I smile. "No, when you are done improving you stop being good at it and someone else gets better than you."

"You are your father's daughter." I chuckle, "That was a compliment right?" "Depends on how you look at it. You are a little different though." "How so?" "You aren't as narcissistic as he is."

I smile and take another drink of my water, "That's for sure."

~~~~~TIME JUMP~~~~~

I was sitting on my bed looking out my window.

"Jarvis, how are the tides gonna be today." "Excellent surfing conditions mam" "Jarvis how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me mam. I am 16 not 34." "My apologies"

I wonder if dad will go surfing with me today?

"Miss, Your father has just arrived." "I guess that's a little better than mam, Thank you Jarvis." "Of course miss."

I make my way downstairs and enter the code to enter his lab/garage thing. (A/N I don't think it has an official name.)

"Dad?" "Over here hun" I trot over to where the voice came from, Dad is sitting there on his chair. Fiddling with the glowing magnet embedded in his chest.

"Did I ever mention how cool that is?" I ask looking at it for a little longer and then looking him in the eyes again. "It's not as fun as you think, when shrapnel tries to make it's way through your body and into your heart." "Well then, you know there was no need to get deep there right."

"I'm sorry I'm just a little nervous." I laugh a little bit to much and he looks at me with a very confused face. "Did the great all mighty Tony Stark just say he was scared?!" "No!" He said slightly laughing.

"Uh huh, any way, what are you nervous about?" "I have something to tell you..."

"Okay..." I reply as I sit down on a stool next to me. "Now, you know all of the Avengers right?" I smirked a little. "That was a stupid question."

"Well yeah but, anyway, there is a secret I have been hiding from you..." "Which is..." "You are not the only Avengers kid."

I contemplate his words for a couple of seconds until it hits me and I realize what he just said. "Who has what, what are the names, and how old?"

"We all have girls, Cap has Ashley,15, Bruce has Beth,15, Clint and Natasha have Crystal,16, Thor has Thumbelina,16, Colson has Danielle,15, and I have You,Cora,16."

I look at the floor for a couple seconds and then look at him, "Can I meet them?"

"Yes, I set up a party on floor 28 tomorrow for everyone to meet." "Okay, anything else?"

"Yeah one more thing...I love you" he said pulling me into a right hug.

I didnt reply before I get released from his grip and I went up the stairs to my room.

I sit there and think about the information that I was just told.

"Well tomorrow is going to be fun."

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