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"Cora! I'm glad your okay!" Natasha said as Thor set me down in a chair near her. "I'm not really okay. I can barley move..." "Yeah..." she said. "What did you want to talk about Nat?" "What do you remember about how you got your injury?" "I remember a girl falling from the and Clint grabbed your weapons...and then everything was black. I remember a scream, and some sharp pain..."

"Okay, um...when that girl fell from the sky it startled us and we unholstered our weapons. That one girl who was unconscious or whatever came out of the side of the building and you started choking, I looked around and I just got so panicked I didn't know what to do I....I shot you Cora... I didn't mean to honest! I definitely didn't want to! But you were going crazy your eyes were black and I just couldn't...I don't know...I'm so so sorry..." She concluded crying. "Why did you shoot me and not her?!" I said feeling my face heat up not sure if I was going to cry or punch a wall. "I figured that maybe it would help you..."

"YOU TRIED TO HELP ME BY SHOOTING ME?!" I said standing up. I screamed as I felt pain shoot up my side and i collapsed back into my chair. " were...a monster..." "IM NOT A MONSTER! WHY ARE YOU PATHETIC HUMANS SO HUNG UP ON MY EYE COLOUR?!" I said turning around and looking at everyone in the room. Thor widened his eyes "Pathetic humans...CHECK THE VIDEO SURVEILLANCE! MY BROTHER IS HERE!" He said running out of the room.

Everyone ran around confused except for Dad who was looking at me confused. "Did you know this? Did you talk to him?" I felt a twang in my heart and i instantly felt better. "Yep. And he's long time by now you fools." I saw Dad to white and run out of the room. I stood up with, no pain, and walked over to Natasha.

"Make sure you add this-" I said touching where my wound was covering my finger in blood. "To that gushing red ledger!" I ran my finger across her cheek and ran out of the room. I made it almost to the end of the hallway before I felt my strength melt away and i fell to the floor and the pain came back, only slightly less. I felt tired and I wanted to cry.

"Don't cry. I'm the one that's hurting." Loki said walking up to me. "I got shot." Well you'll be fine in a couple more seconds." I looked at him confused and he smiled. "Look at the wound" he said. I looked down and saw that there wasn't a hole!! "The healing factor...." I said astonished. "Yeah, MY healing factor!" "Loki. I told you. I don't mean to use it." "Yeah, sure. That's so apparent." "Don't give me sass asshole!" "Or what moral?" "I'm not so mortal i?" I looked at him and i felt my face heat up. From the look on his face I know that my eyes had flashed black.

"I need to sit down..." He said before collapsing onto the floor. "Shit. Loki?!" I said shaking him. I didn't notice Steve standing there until he walked over and grabbed my arm. "Cora. Good Job. You knocked him out." He said smiling at me. 'He thinks I did this on purpose? Hmm' "Yeah. um. whats going to happen now?" "We'll take him to a cell and we will interrogate him on what he wants with you" I nodded but I felt a strange feeling in my stomach. I couldn't pin point it. "Thor, grab Stark, Clint, Banner, and Fury. Cora caught Loki."

Those words slammed into my brain like a car hitting a wall.

"No!" I said. Realizing what was going on. "You can't take him!" Steve looked at me confused. "Cora. We have to. He's dangerous." I thought about it for a minute. "He's not to me!" "Cora, you can't go in there, you know that..." "But he won't hurt me! He knows he can't!" "What do you mean a cant?" "Nothing. He just won't. Don't you trust me?" Steve thought for a moment. "I used to." Then he walked off to find the other Avengers.

I tried really hard to shake awake Loki but he didn't move. "No no no. I need to call Danny!" I ran to my room and grabbed my phone. "Danny!" I said as she answered the phone. "What's up C?" "You know Loki and i are connected right?" She made a weird grunt noise which I think meant yes. "Well, the Avengers have him and i dont know what might happen if they hurt him..." "Shit, this is bad" Danny said through the phone. "Ill call Meth and we'll get over asap and get this figured out." I said a meek okay and she hung up.

"Jarvis?!" I said looking at the ceiling. "Yes Miss Stark?" he replied instantly. "I need some air. Tell Dad I will be back." "Miss Stark, Your father has informed me you are not allowed to vacate the premesis." "Jarvis. I'm leaving." "Miss Stark. I will have to notify the Avengers." "Do what you must. Bye Jarvis." "Good bye Miss Stark."

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