Who's Really To Blame?

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*****Tony's POV*****

I sat there, on the side of my daughter's bed. I watch as she sweats and shivers at the same time. I'm going to kill that little bastard! Even though I know it was not his fault(at least not entirely), I feel like he is still to blame.

He should be 'sobering up' soon and he will most likely be an apologizing mess. I don't really want to deal with that.

Cora started to stir and I scooted closer to her bed. "Dad?..." she said turning her face towards me. "Yeah sweetie, it's me." She coughed a little and opened her eyes. I tried to hold back my tears, as I looked at her now bright blue eyes.

She must have noticed something was wrong because she got up and out of bed, wiped off the sweat on her face, and walked over to the bathroom mirror.

She screamed and I walked in and put my hand on her now shaking back. "Dont worry, it does not mean anything, you still have control over yourself. I have called the best S.H.E.I.L.D. doctors and they are on their may here to help us see if this can be fixed." She didnt seem to feel better so I moved her hands away from her face and looked her in the eye. "We will fix this, together."

She smiled and wiped her eyes. Her bright, crystal blue eyes.
~~~~~TIME JUMP~~~~~

The doctors came and took a look at her, they took some samples to take back to the lab and left.

A little while later I got a call from Pepper, saying that Anakin was here and wants to see Cora. I felt anger building inside me. ITS NOT LIKE SHE WAS SHOT, SHE JUST HAD HER EYES CHANGE COLOR, AND NOT TO MENTION IT WAS YOUR FAULT!!! I calmed myself and told her the could come up.

He entered and immediately started to apologize to me and Cora both. Cora and I, in sync, told him to shut up. He hugged Cora and promised that he would do everything in his power to help. I sat quietly in the corner as I watched him talk to her. She was still shaking and sweating, but not as much.

He stayed for about an hour before I calmed him over. "You, have messed with her life, even if not on purpose. I hope you don't make that mistake again because if you do I have a team of superheroes that will kick your ass at a moments notice."

He smiled a little but then that genuine smile turned into an angry grimace. "I was not the one who let her go into that room with a person who was unstable and clearly out of his mind." I balled my fists to refrain from punching him. "You, will NOT blame this on me! You have NO right to blame me when you are the one who broke into her brilliant brain and changed her eyes to scare her into thinking she would become one of his slaves. JUST LIKE HIS SON!" I said this a little to loudly because Cora noticed and jumped out of bed. "Anakin, it is time for you to leave, and Dad, please, you leave too".

I was taken aback by her request, but I obliged and left silently. Anakin stopped me before he got on the elevator. He asked one question that I will echo in my head forever. "Who is really to blame here Tony?. After that, he stepped into the elevator and left.


I lay in my fancy, rich person bed, next to Pepper, my beautiful wife, and yet I can't stop thinking about Cora...

What if the eyes changing color, had more to it than it seems?

My worse fears became reality within a day of thinking of it.

#####AUTHORS NOTE#####

Picture is of the color Cora's eyes are now.

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