WHAT? Part Three

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I woke up and saw a bright light above me, I squinted until my eyes adjusted. I looked in the corner of the room to see Clint sitting there with a Nerf gun aiming at my window. He made a target in expo marker and was shooting at it.

I sat up and Clint looked at me wide-eyed. I have never seen a look like that, it was fear. I stood up and we tensed, "What?" i said, annoyed by his actions. He didn't answer me, he just simply pulled out his phone and called someone. "She's awake, no, why would i do that?, ugh okay" then he hung up. He grabbed my arm carefully and escorted me out of the room. I was gonna protest, but i want to find out where he is bringing me.

I was brought to the lower lab, the one below dad and I's. When we got there, i realized that all the Avengers were in the room, in pretty rough shape, i couldn't help but smile at the fact that i did that. The smile was wiped off my face when i saw director Fury walk into the room. Even better he walked over and sat next to me at the little round table that barley sat all of us.

"Cora, i assume we know why your here." I smiled and nodded. "Why are you smiling, you just took out a team of super heroes, that is not something to smile about." i opened my mouth to awnser but my dad cut me off. "Isnt it? I would be smiling too if i took out two master assassins, a scientist, a super soldier and a god." I smild at my dad, but fury didnt like his response as much as i did. "SHE NEARLY TOOK OUT OUT ALSO STARK!" Dad rolled his eyes and smiled at me. "Well, i'm proud." I laughed but stopped immediately when I got stares from everybody.

"Listen guys, I'm sorry. I didn't know what I was doing, I guess something just snapped in me. After that call from Loki I..." I shut my mouth, realizing what I had just said.

Everyone started screaming instantly. The only one I heard was Nick who was yelling "YOU DIDN'T TELL US THAT THE MAN THAT NEARLY KILLED YOUR FATHER CALLED YOU?!?!" I realized that I now had the upper hand. I smirked and looked at Nick. "Yes, and I would love to stay and chat but I have to go meet Crystal and Danny at the cafe." I stood up and started to walk out before i had Thor, Steve, and Nick blocking my the door way.

"Excuse me." i said smiling. They looked down at me, Steve was the first to say anything. "Cora, you cant withhold information on something like that. He could kill thousands of people." i shrugged, "So could Banner, that doesn't mean we need to kill him." I saw Bruce tense and i saw Steve look over at him concerned. "Calm down Bruce, shes just being a smart ass." I laughed at this. "No, i was serious, this guy didn't really help prevent the destruction of the city." I smirked and made a gesture with my hands for them to move. Nick pushed the other two men out of the way, knowing that if i said anymore that i could definitely get Bruce to go Code Green.

I left realizing what i had just done, i didn't even mean any of that, and i'm not sure why i said any of those things. I put my suit on the ground and as it unfolded i realized that i was gonna be late for our Pre-Break into Hydra meeting. I stepped in and took off.

~~~~~AT THE CAFE~~~~~

I sat down in the booth where we always met when we needed to talk. I sat there for a couple of mins before i saw Danny and Crystal come in the front door, putting their hover-boards into their backpacks. i waved as they walked over and sat down.

"Sorry we're late" Crystal said. "Danny's board wouldn't start up." i smiled. "Its alright, i literally just got here also. So, tonight is it then?" Crystal nodded and smiled. "I'M SO EXCITED!" she said a little to loudly, getting a few satres. "Shh! its alright Crystal, we know." Crystal smiled and turned to me, "You have the serum from the lab still right?" I sighed and gave a small smile to the wide eyed Danny. "I ASKED YOU IF YOU TOOK ANYTHING! YOU PROMISED!" A lot of people looked over at her angry words but Danny didn't seem to notice, I, on the other hand, could feel my anxiety levels rising slowly. "Technically you asked if I took any test tubes of stuff. I took little cups full of serum..." She just stared at me.

Crystal broke the awkward silence, "Anyway, Cora, you have the ones I asked for?" I nodded. "I also brought a couple others that I took that I think may be able to help us." Crystal smiled, "That works! Alright, Danny, your pretty well connected to S.H.I.E.L.D. Did you happen to get a couple of agents to agree to our cover story?" She laughed, "Did you have a doubt?" I shook my head. "Alright!" Crystal said, "Meeting adjourned! I will see you girls tonight outside this cafe and we'll go there from here! Bye guys!" "BYE!" Danny and I said in sync. I walked out and put my suit down, it unfolded and I stepped in.

I realized that everyone at the tower was probably still upset with my outbursts that I seem to keep having, so I decided to fly around for a while and then go home and prepare for the quickly approaching night.

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