The Call

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***Tony's POV***
"Jarvis, can you notify Pepper and tell her to order pizza?" "Right away sir." My computer's British accent replies back to me. I continue working on my suit, I need to modify the thrusters. "Jarvis, do you remember the file I told you to put in the 'NOT TOP SECRET' file?" I say grabbing my phone and looking at Peppers text. "I'll pull it up right away sir."

I open up the messenger and I see her text.

Pepper~There is a girl on the phone for you...

Me~Is she hot?

Pepper~Not funny Tony, and no, but you need to answer it.

Me~Who is it...

Pepper~Hear for yourself...

#####END OF TEXTS#####

My phone lit up with a phone call. I answer it and hear a voice I don't expect. "Hello?" A child's voice comes through the speakers of my phone. "Listen kid, what charity do you want me to fund, because I'll give you money if you don't call me again." I heard a chuckle over the phone. "What's so funny?" I said slightly annoyed. "Your just funny, that's all, and anyway, I don't want money I want to tell you something..." "Okay... I'm listening" I said slightly nervous. Just then I got another phone call.

"Hold that thought kid, I got a call coming in." I answered the phone and a woman answered.

"hello Is this Mr Anthony Stark?" "yes who's asking" "I am Dr. Maya Hansen, I talking to you on behalf of a discovery made. We are getting it and will be bringing it to you later tonight." "Alright, clear it with Mrs.Pepper Potts." "Alright, thank you Mr Stark, I will be seeing you soon." "Bye." "Bye."

I opened the other call with the kid but she didn't answer. "Well okay then." I said hanging up. I wonder what they found...

~~~~~AUTHORS NOTE~~~~~
I hope you like it so far and I hope that you are excited for the next chapter. I think I am going to alternate POVS throughout the chapters. Tell me what you think. THANKS FOR READING, PLEASE COMMENT AND VOTE FOR THIS CHAPTER!!! Until next time...BITCHFIST!!!!!

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