New Enemies

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"Cora, you have the floor." "Thank you, Director Fury. Everyone. I have had you brought here today to tell you about what is happening. Loki is back, but not as full strength. I only know this because he seems to think I am taking his energy." Everyone looked around confused, "How the hell are you doing that?" Clint said. "I cant tell you...I kinda have to show you..." Fury whispered something to Natasha and she just looked more confused. "Okay, show us." Nat said. I turned to the corner of the room and focused. A hologram of me popped up and everyone gasped. "What the hell!?" Steve said but Fury held him back. "Wait Captain, watch." I unfocused on the hollogram and it disappeared. I looked at the table and saw a coffee cup sitting on front of Bruce. I focused on it and it slowly lifted into the air. Bruce looked at me bewildered "CORA ho--" "Shhh" I interrupted him. I slowly put the cup back down and then looked and the table. I hang down grabbed the leg and picked it up. After I set it back down I looked at the expressions on the faces around me. Everyone was either confused, amazed, or about to cry. " is amazing!!!" Bruce said breaking the silence. Thor smiled, "You possess the powers of Asguard Mini Stark!" Thor said. I smiled at Bruce and laughed a little at Thor. "Yeah, I guess...Dad? Are you okay?" Dad looked up at me, tears in his eyes, "I---"


A loud beeping interrupted Dad. Nick jumped over to the button console that was on the side of the table and pressed a couple keys causing a large hologram of the tower to appear. "Sector 7 security breach, Tony and Steve, suit up." Steve stood up immediately but dad just say there. "Thor, go with the Captain." Thor nodded and followed Steve out of the room. "Meeting dismissed. Natasha, Clint, make sure to be ready unless Thor and Steve need back up. And take Miss Stark with you." They looked confused but obliged and grabbed my shoulder as they ushered me out of the door. I caught a glimpse of Dad crying before the door shut.

~~~~~10 MINS LATER~~~~~

"STEVE REPORT!" Natasha screamed into her ear piece as we ran (or in my case flew) through the halls of SHEILD. "Natasha, I'm going to go ahead of you guys and see what's up with Cap." They gave me the okay symbol and i sped up flying though the halls.

"STEVE?!" I screamed as I came up to where Steve was lying on the floor not moving. "TALK TO ME STEVE" I said pulling my mask up revealing my face. I put my head on his chest to listen for his heart beat. 'He's still breathing. Thank god.' I said to myself as I looked around for Thor. I heard a loud clank outside and I ran out to see Thor surrounded by five figures.

One was a shorter girl, with short grey hair with blue tips and from the look of it she had brownish green eyes (hazle? idk). Next to her was a semi tall woman with super long and wavy auburn hair but she had a hood on so i couldnt see her face. Next in the circle was a shorter girl in a suit kind of similar to mine other than it didn't have a hood or mask, and it didn't have as many weapons or as heavy of armor. It was aquamarine colored and it matched well with her eyes and her bouncy short blonde hair. Next to her was a tall girl with darkish skin and dark brown hair that went just below her shoulderblades. Also, her hands were glowing... The last was a blonde girl with bright blue eyes.

Their fighting styles were amazing! Almost up to Thor's standards! Thor was battling fiercely but was obviously wounded on his left hip. "DEATH! AQUA! COMPOUND ATTACK!" the hooded one said. To my amazement the one in the suit jumped and shot a water spear at Thor. Thor blocked it but as he focused on the water he saw the girl that they called Death come flying over the Aqua girl and land next to him.

I looked down at Steve again. He looked like he had lipstick on his looked very familiar. I looked up in time to see Thors eyes go white as Death kissed his cheek and they both collapsed onto the floor.

The hooded one grabbed her arms and dragged her back behind a wall. I put my mask down and flew towards the attacking group. The glowing one saw me first and lunged at me. I caught her in midair and pushed her back against a wall. She then launched a ball of fire at me and I barley dodged it. It flew paat me and nearly hit Aqua but she blocked it with a water wall and screamed "WATCH IT HOTHEAD!" I chuckled a little but didn't have time to savor it because the Hooded girl, obviously the leader, walked out in front of me, opened her arms, and whistled. All of the rest of them stopped and turned. "Your not ironman because you are too small, hense you must be his child. Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Hood, and this is my team." I looked around at them and then looked at Thor who was lying on the ground. I looked around for the Death girl but she wasn't there. "She is recovering. It takes alot to take the consciousness out of someone." I looked at her then I heard footsteps behind me. "CORA?! REPORT!" I heard my earpiece scream. "Stand down." "What?!" they both said at the same time. I looked up at Hood. "Stand down. if you follow me make sure to holster your weapon. I have the situation under control" there was a moment of silence and then a "Roger that"

I looked at the team standing before me. "Why are you here?" "We were sent here, but we do not want to fight you." I looked at Steve and Thor. "Thats apparent." "We didn't want to hurt them they have us no choice." "How about the giant ball of fire that was thrown at me?" Hood looked behind her at the girl Aqua called hothead. "I apologize for Gurnaz. She has an anger problem..." I nodded. "CORA?!" Clint and Nat screamed from behind me. "What?" I asked without turning around because they had all drawn their weapons. "Who are these kids?" "The Hood and her team. I don't really know the rest of their names." "I am the Hood, the girl that is recovering, her name is Kiss Death, the girl in the battle suit is Laura Aqua, the one with the glowing hands Gurnaz, And that is Blue." she finished pointing up at the sky. I looked at her questioningly and i saw a girl fall from the sky and land effortlessly on the ground. I heard Natasha and Clint grab their weapons and Gurnaz instantly jumped and her hands started heating up ad glowing. But it wasn't her who made the first move, it was Kiss Death.

She had woken up and jumped out from the corner of the building and held her hand out at me. I started chocking and I heard a gunshot and i felt myself being able to breathe again. I was in my knees gasping for breath when it kicked on. That dark part of my brain that was linked to the God of Mischief. I flew to re corner, disengaged my suit, stepped out, and went to work.

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