WHAT? Part Four

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*****Tony's POV*****
I am standing in the corner of the room because they told me I couldn't be near Bruce while he was... fragile, I guess.

I was still thinking about Cora, and how she was acting. It wasn't her. I kept going over the scene in my head. Her nice, sweet, smile turned into an evil and cold grimace. I just don't understand, ever since her whole eye changing incident, she has been so, I don't know, diffrent.

"Tony! Could you come over here and help us explain this shit!?" Fury screams knocking me out of my thoughts. "Coming!" I say as I saunter over. "Your daughter. Has been in contact. With Loki. And you didn't know about it?!" Steve said slamming his fists on the table. "You train with her every day, you didn't see a difference in her behavior?!" I yell back. I hate having to defend myself. "Steve, Tony, calm down, there is no need to get upset" Natasha said even though the look she gave me said she was really pissed. "Thank you Miss Romanoff. Tony, I need you to see if you can figure out what Loki said to her. It could be important. Banner, when Cora comes back, I want you to put her in the cell and I want you yo examine her for any sign of mental issues, she has been acting weird lately. Natasha, I want you to assist Bruce, she may like the fact that there will be a woman in there. Thor, I want you to figure out where Loki is. Loki is back people, let's track him down."

*****Cora's POV*****

I look down at the beautiful city below me and watch all the people scurry around and live their normal lives. I wish I could do that. Instead I have a superhero father and dead mother, the god of mischief has a direct pipeline to my thoughts, actions, and emotions, and not only that, I'm sitting on a rooftop with a bunch of pigeon crap. I get off of my ass and step into my suit.


I snuck into the tower and got my shit together. I put a note on my bed that read. 'Out storming a Hydra base. Be back at about 7am. Bye! Love you!' I pull out my phone and text Crystal that I'm ready. But, just as I was gonna leave, Bruce ran in and grabbed me. "Cora, no." I struggled against his grip. "LET ME GO BRUCE!" "Cora, you know your mind isn't in the right place, please don't make this hard for me..." I struggled even harder. "Im. Fine. Bruce. Now. Let. Me. Go!" "NAT!" Bruce screams. Natasha runs in the room and grabs my arm and flips me on my back pinning me down. "Sorry Cora, it's for your own good." Those are the last words I hear before Nat presses a nerve on my neck and I pass out.

I wake up in a very bright lit room. I look up and see a circular ceiling above me. I stand up and look around. I know exactly where I am. The Hulk cage... the same one Loki was in in the footage. Holy shit...

Natasha walked in followed by Bruce and Fury. "Hows our favorite pain in the ass?" Fury asked as he walked up to the glass. "Fine, how about you eyepatch?" He chuckled. "Banner has to take a look at your mental state. Is that alright?" I thought for a moment and then a thought hit me. "No, I want Nat to do it. Shes a girl and I feel more comfortable around her." "Very well, Mrs Romanoff..." she grabbed some stuff from Banner and walked into the cell. Bruce and Fury left the room and I was left with Natasha. "Cora...I know your more comfortable with Bruce than with anybody, why do you want to talk to me?" I smiled, "No reason. So, what do I need to do?" She pulled a band out of the bag she was holding along with a scanner. "Hold still real quick." I did as she asked for a little while, but when she said "last one Cora." I knew what I had to do. "So, how's you and Barton going?" I asked as she strapped a band onto my bicep. "Fine. Why?" "I was just wondering, i heard some things but since you said that i guess they arent true." "What did you hear Cora?" I smiled. "Nothing much. Just that you and Loki had a bit of a run in about Barton and that Barton found out what you said to Loki about him." She stopped. "What do you mean?" I smiled. "And I believe you said something along the lines of 'love is childish'?" "Cora..." "And I know in great detail what he said to you... would you like to hear it Natasha?" "No...Cora, I don't know how you found out about this but..." "Wasnt it something like, I won't touch Barton. Not until I make him kill you..." "Cora..." "Slowly, intimately, in every way he knows you fear..." "Cora..." she started to read up. "And he'll wake just long enough to see his good work, and when he screams..." "STOP CORA!" "I'll split his skull!!" "How...Why...Cora, why, why are you acting like this?" She said through her sobbing. "Think about that the next you pin me to the floor." "FURY!!!" she screamed as her voice cracked. Nick ran in and looked from me, to Nat, then to me again. "What happened?" he tried to whisper to Nat. "I simply reminded her of the last time that she tried to cross someone standing in this cage." Fury groaned and escorted Nat out of the room. After that he returned to the the safe outside of the cage. "Cora...Deep down i know what just happened wasn't you and i know you are trying really hard to fight the bad things swirling around in your head, but please... try to come back to us. We're trying our hardest to help you, but need some seriously help from your end to help us. First, i need you to let Bruce take an analysis of your mental state. Second, i need you to try to tell us or write down what Loki said to you. It is very important to stopping him. Third, i need you to please, PLEASE, stop taking down my agents. Mentally or physically. We need them all working on this and its really hard to do if you aren't willing to help. I hope you get better soon baby girl. We really cant lose you..." he said as he walked away and out the doors. i started laughing at what he just said and then i realized i felt something deep down inside that was asking me to please consider what he had said. i laid down against the walls of the cell, and as tears rolled down my face, i fell asleep.

#####AUTHORS NOTE#####

Sup my Bitches! Hope you liked it. I'm sorry it took so long to update! I was really excited tho when I got the idea to use Lokis line from the movie. I promise that the Hydra base with Crystal WILL happen, it's just gonna be put in delay for a while. So anyway, until next time...BITCHFIST!!!!!

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