The Blades?

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The first thing I did, I launch at Hood at an intense rate of speed and jumped over her. I was trying to see what she would do but she sent react. just stood there. I couldn't focus on her lack of fighting, though I should have, because the rest of her team was running at me. Gurnaz was the first to attack. She shot a large firestream at me and I dodged it easily. I pulled out my dagger I keep in my boot and pushed it towards her. She grabbed the metal and held it, smiling. Before I knew it she was bending the dagger and grabbed my hand, making me scream. "CORA!" Clint yelled as he ran over. "STAY BACK" I yelled turning to him. He saw my eyes and went pale. I turned can around to see Death standing in front of me. She raised her hand and I felt my head start to hurt. I recognized the pain, it's what happens when someone tries to take control of your mind... I ran at her grabbed her arm and flipped her. I heard screaming behind me and saw Aqua running at me. She threw water at me and I duplicated myself so that she didn't know which one to hit. She stumbled around confused before I jumped on her back, pushed her pressure point in her neck, and she fell unconscious. I heard a gun go off. Natasha was the only one with a gun so I didn't think much at the time. I felt a sharp pain in my ribs and I as I reached for the pain I saw it. The crimson liquid pouring from the wound that I just received. Nothing computed as I fell to the ground. I heard screaming, I saw a helicopter, Nat and Clint were holding me, then it all went black.

~~~~~TIME JUMP~~~~

I woke up in a cell. As I looked around I saw that it was a relatively small cell that i didnt recognize. I heard a cough and turned around to see The Hood standing at the cell door. "Follow me" she said and walked away. Confused I followed her down dark hallways that eventually led to a large dark room. I looked around but it was too dark to see anything. The lights turned on and my stomach lurched into my throat as I saw all the Avengers, except for Dad, including Coulson and Fury, tied up and standing next to eachother in a line. I ran over and tried to remove Steves binds but he just laughed. I turned to The Hood and yelled "UNTIE HIM NOW!!!" "I will untie him if he is the one you choose." "What do you mean, if he's the one I choose?" "You have a choice. There are 7 people here. Choose 6, and the last one dies. If you choose him to die everyone else will live and you can go home." I opened my mouth to protest but Steve stopped me. "Cora, choose me." I turned on him "NO!" "Cora..." "Don't Cora me. I will get us all out of here alive." "I forgot one little thing. In the back we hold your father, Tony Stark. If you try anything funny we will kill him and the rest of you." I looked around confused. "Cora. Do it, I volunteer as tribute" (AN: Yes I put it in there, no I'm not proud...) "Steve. No. Please." I heard a gun slide across the floor and stop at my feet. "Kill him" The Hood said from behind me. "Please don't do this." I said looking at her. "I do what I want." She said. I turned back to all of my friends who were all shackled to The walls, all looking scared. "I cant..." I said closing my eyes. "Cora" Steve replied. "I. Can't." I said feeling my heart start to beat faster. "KILL ME" "I CAN'T I CAN'T I CAN'T!!!" I screamed.

"Man, and I thought you were brave..." was all i heard until I felt a click inside me. I grabbed the gun, put it to his head and pulled the trigger.

~~~~~END OF DREAM~~~~~

I woke up screaming. I had a massive headache and I was covered in sweat. I looked over and saw Anakin sleeping next to me. "What the fuck?" I whispered to myself. "You don't remember?" I heard a familliar voice say. "Loki? What are you doing here?!" I said whisper yelling. "Its okay, Anakin isn't going to rat me out, shake him awake." I turned over and shook him "Hskdkdbdz" he mumbled and say up. "What is happening?" he said suddenly very confused. He looked from me, to Loki, to me again. "Did we?..." "NO!" I said quickly. "Dad?" he said turning his attention to Loki. "Hi, Anakin. I see you two were comfy..." "It wasnt like that! I don't think, I honestly don't remember but I am pretty sure we didnt..." Loki chuckled a small bit. "Mortals and DemiGods, both have a minority when it comes to education." i sighed. "You didnt answer my question, Why are you here?" Yesterday i went to go use my powers and nearly collapsed from exhaustion, would you like to explain that?" "Dad, I'm sure she didn't mean to---" "Quiet, let the girl speak" "There was a team, I was attacked, then everything went black..." I concluded, just realizing the huge headache I had. "You need to figure out what happened so that it doesn't happen again, if I get caught by the Avengers, remember that were linked, who knows what that could do to us..." He stood up, walked over to the door, and disappeared. I looked over at Anakin, "What the hell?" I said getting out of the bed, before I could I felt the worst pain I have ever felt in my side and I screamed. Anakin instantly jumped up and held me steady. "I remember..." Anakin whispered in my ear. "I will be back later, they are coming." with that he jumped out of my window and Dad walked in my door followed by Thor and Steve. "Cora?! we heard you scream! are you okay?!" Dad said running over to me. "Yeah...yeah...what happened?" "It wasn't important you sustained an injury, that's all." "Okay... What about the other team?" "The Blades? They are in the cells" "Blades? Really?" "That's what they call themselves." "Pretty crappy name..." I smiled. "Cora, are you okay to get up? We can get Thor to carry you if you need..." "Why do you need me?" "Nat needs to talk to you." I nodded as Thor walked over. "Hold on Little Stark." I got my lip not to scream as Thor picked me up. I looked up at him. God he was goregous. *mentally slaps self* 'Cora, he is like 30 stop. I laughed at myself. Ugh...I wonder what Nat has to say?

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