Meeting My Daughter

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***Tony's POV***
My doorbell rings and I drop my dumbbell on my foot. "FUCK!" I scream and punch the table. "Jarvis, answer the god damn door... please." "At least you said please, right away sir."

I hear the door open and I hear a woman's voice. It must bring that Dr. Lady. I put my shirt on and put my dumbbells up and walk upstairs. She looks at me and says, "Mr.Stark" "Yep, that's ma name" I say smiling. "Great, mister stark I have brought you the discovery we made, but it won't be what your expecting..."

Now she's worrying me. "What is it? Wait, please don't tell me there is a 12 year old kid waiting in the back of the car that I've never met." She smiles at me and countered something I didn't expect.

"She's 13".

My jaw drops, my heart jumps in both fear and happiness. "I have a daughter in the back of your car?" "Yes sir. Would you like to meet her and then we will talk about if you would keep her and I will also tell you why she is here." "Absolutely, uh,  what is her name?" "Cora Marie Lexington. Or if you take her, Cora Marie Stark"

I nod and I sit on my couch and wait for her to bring in my daughter.

"Jarvis, I want everything you have on a Cora Marie Lexington."

"Stalking your new found daughter sir?" I chuckle, "it's not called stalking as long as it's for a good reason."My AI, as always, replies with a witty response. "That's what they all say sir" I chuckle and reply with, one word, "Touche"

***Cora's POV (SHORT)*** 
After what seemed like an eternity Dr.Hansen came back out and opened my car door. She looked at me, smiled and said words I never thought I would hear...

"Are you ready to meet your father?"

***Tony's POV***
I saw two shadows make their way up to my door. I braced myself for the shock that was about to come.

The two figures walked in, one was Dr.Hansen and the other was a little girl, my little girl.

She walked up to me and smiled she reached her hand out and spoke in her little girl voice, "Nice to meet you, my name is Cora Marie Lexington and I am your daughter."

I shook her hand and smiled "Nice to meet you too I am Anthony Stark and I am your father."

She hugged me and I smiled. "Let's sit and catch up a little" I say she sits across from me and asks "where would you like to start?" I chuckle a little and reply with a simple

"The beginning"

#####AUTHORS NOTE#####
I hope you like it so far. I will be introducing The Avengers and they will all have children,(that the already know about). Thank you so much for reading! If you liked it please please PLEASE vote for it.  If you have any suggestions, private message me or comment, I don't care which,again thank you SO MUCH for reading, until the next chapter...BITCHFIST!!!!!

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