A Visit From Nick

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***Tony's POV***
It had been 3 days since the party, Cora made a connection with a few people. Danny and Crystal were the ones she would usually hang with though.

"Dad! I can't find my curling iron!" I turn to see Cora standing in the doorway with a beautiful outfit on and makeup that makes her look like a model.

"Wow, you look great, what's the occasion. Did I miss some info on a press conference?!" I start to panic until she eases my nerves. "No, I'm going out to dinner with a friend." I smirk.

"Boy or a girl friend?" She smiles, "Do you care..." "Only if that dress comes back ripped and you have handcuffs on!" "Sadly, nothing that crazy father." I chuckle.

"Can I have a name or age or hair color or something?!" I say as she attempts to leave before further questioning. "Anakin, 17, Black. Better Mr Curious?" I smile at her.

"I love you!" I scream after her as she walks out of the door. "Me to you as well!" She replies shutting the door. She still has not said I love you to me, I wonder why but have never got the balls up to ask.

My phone goes off and I look at it. 'EYEPATCH MAN' lights up my screen. I answered "Hey Eyepatch!" "Hello Tony. Are you at the tower?" "Yeah, why?" I reply questioningly. "We need to talk, assemble everyone else." I chuckle at that last part and put my phone down.

"Jarvis, I want you to go through Cora's text messages and find out who this kid is." "Right away sir" I pick my phone back up and type in Steve's number.

~~~~~ TIME JUMP~~~~~

We were all sitting at the table piled with case files in the 32 floor of the tower. To my left was Steve and to my right is Nick.

"Alright, now that everyone is here, I have important news, Loki...Has a kid..."

we all sat there silently, not knowing what to do. Finally Natasha broke the silence, "Is he following in his father's footsteps?" "He has been spotted talking to Loki in the asguardian prison, we know this thanks to Thor. We don't know how he gets from asguard to earth but he keeps doing it". Thor adds, "Like clockwork, every Monday and Wednesday at 7:00pm"

I looked at Nick, "Do we have a picture that I can have Jarvis run through the systems?" Nick smiles and hands me a picture.

"That's weird, what's his name?" "Anakin." I jumped out of my seat startling else, I grabbed my phone and called Cora.

"Whats going on?" I hear Bruce say in the background. I turn around after the call goes to voicemail, "Cora is on a date with Loki's kid."

I say and then run down the stairs on my way to my suits. "I'm coming Cora." I say as I step into Mark 42.


Hey my bitches! I saw the movie and I feel like my head is going to explode with all this new information and plot twists, I am trying my hardest to not give secrets away. You should DEFINITELY go see it. THANKS FOR READING, PLEASE VOTE AND COMMENT!

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